Photoelectricity of wave of luck of new show of chip of high-power semiconductor laser obtains 65 million A annulus financing

” China is made 2025 ” the requirement raises inside the report, to 2020 self-sufficient rate should obtain Chinese chip 40% , should achieve 2025 50% , since 935 ” of “ , make as China 2025, Internet + wait for national strategy to come on stage with new generation IT swift and violent development, industry of parts of an apparatus of our country photoelectron also welcomed significant progress opportunity, but circumstance of disequilibrium of progress of chain of not strong, industry still retains ability of innovation of weakness of relevant foundation research and development, industry in, parts of an apparatus of photoelectron of core high end (for example laser chip) the level already became the bottleneck that restricts industrial development relative to lag.

Recently, seldom count as home dedicated the limited company of photoelectron of Shenzhen luck wave at research and development of chip of high-power semiconductor laser and production just finishs You Saifu fund and achieve greatly cast get jointly cast, beijing innovates in coordination fund of Beijing blessing investment follows the financing of 65 million yuan of A annulus that cast.

This also is the first round of financing that afterwards of lucky wave photoelectricity finished after angel annulus 2012, VC of epicycle star class enters to also indicating jointly one of fields that laser chip domain already made capital height pay close attention to, and report already became Ruiboguang to be provided quite in this domain undoubtedly representative start a business newly.

As we have learned, limited company of photoelectron of Shenzhen luck wave held water 2011, it is the high-tech business that pursues research and development of chip of high-end semiconductor laser and production by what academy of Shenzhen Tsinghua university, global technologist establishs jointly, have from design of extension of semiconductor laser chip, material, workmanship, enclose to chip, the technology of complete set core such as token test, can supply chip of laser of semiconductor of high-power of high-powered, high reliability to the market, enclose module and test token equipment, can offer research and development to seek advice from a service.

The technical threshold of high-power laser chip is extremely high, lucky wave photoelectricity just solved the fine rate of chip and dependability difficult problem through dedicated research and development of 5 years, produce at the quantity succeeding by 2016, the chip product form that at present company capacity produces includes sheet to be in charge of chip (Single-emitter) with Bar, power arrives from made of baked clay class hundreds made of baked clay class, wavelengh enclothes visible light to arrive close infra-red wave band, wavelengh includes 635nm, 808nm, 880nm, 905nm, 915nm, 940nm, 976nm, 1470nm/1550nm to wait, output power all reachs domestic banner level, chip of laser of replaceable entrance high end; Enclose a product to include C-Mount, COS (Chip On Submount) , BOS (Bar On Submount) wait with CCP;

Lucky wave photoelectricity another large dominant position is own research and development token of laser of much money semiconductor tests equipment, rate of phyletic and all ready, automation is high, include Bar integral performance of fiber-optic coupling module checks laser of machine of machine of machine of integral performance test, test of Full-bar integral performance, test of COS integral performance, semiconductor ageing of parts of an apparatus of chip of laser of semiconductor of machine, high-power / life test machine, these equipment promote a product property to lucky wave photoelectricity, safeguard dependability and life respect have very main effect. Produce line application besides lucky him wave at present outside, lucky wave photoelectricity begins to face downstream client and person of the same trade to begin to sell, promoted the technology of whole industry and test the standard greatly, the development that is an industry contributed his force.

At present product of lucky wave photoelectric applies extensively at hairdressing of industrial treatment, smooth communication, medical treatment, laser to show, the domain such as national defence of radar of laser range finding, scientific research. The development target of the company is fill China the blank in domain of chip of high-power semiconductor laser, become the world’s top-ranking semiconductor laser supplier, be produced for our country modernization and consider scientificly to make contribution.

At present product of lucky wave photoelectric is in the situation that demand exceeds supply in the market, produce the demand of far insufficient and can contented market, financing general basically uses A annulus at augment to produce can mix with the development of new product development.

Regard Ruiboguang as electric epicycle get cast square, sai Fuji gold and achieve greatly cast was sure lucky wave photoelectricity is be expert at the contribution in course of study and value. Its copartner thinks, from the point of investment strategy, doorsill of hi-tech of attention of investment orgnaization key, tall growing sex, and hopeful grows the project that is enterprise of place industry head. The technology of core of chip of high-power semiconductor laser that lucky wave photoelectricity has own development and craft, broke majority of chip of domestic high-power laser to depend on the current situation of the entrance, the market that put an amount has tremendous entrance to replace an opportunity; Prospective intelligence is made, lidar, 3D passes feeling, laser to show, the new application certainly will such as biology medical treatment is ecbolic new to laser chip requirement, , we develop a space to have hope very much to lucky wave photoelectric.

CEO of lucky wave photoelectricity Dr. Huhai points out, intelligence is made, the applied market that photon of lidar, consumption and laser medical treatment are attention of key of future of lucky wave photoelectricity. He thinks, these burgeoning application markets will raise taller requirement to high-power laser chip, the craft with lucky particular wave, patent and test technology will make core competition ability. While applied client is paying close attention to product function and dependability, odd to ordering also consign, custom-built change a service to raise more requirement. Hu Hai also points out, epicycle financing will promote lucky wave to have greatly produce can, enhance order consign ability, also can enhance resource of lucky wave research and development and power effectively at the same time.

When the development of refer future enterprise plans, hu Hai expresses, lucky wave photoelectricity will be finished inside 3 years produce can last times increase a plan, develop domestic and international distribute network. Also disclose lucky wave photoelectricity to will throw the construction of IT system construction and talent respect continuously at the same time; In respect of research and development, will not use every year at new product development under the budget of 20% , the chip of high-power semiconductor laser that photoelectricity makes Jiang Ruibo precede for the whole world is professional manufacturer.


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