Person Lan Wei Xiamen of settle of 22 billion project

On August 17, 2018, new city of south of 05-12B of area of sea dark blue piece area Nanhai road and 3 Nanhai industrial land of H2018G02G of side of southeast of 5 across mouth (electronic parts of the computer, communication and * of manufacturing industry of other electron equipment makes) , trade in resource of mineral products of our city land hang out his shingle on market network clinch a deal, clinch a deal news is as follows:

(Xiamen land market)
Always invest Xiamen of settle of project of microelectronics of 22 billion yuan of taxi orchid
Person Lan Wei electron
Low 2017, government of district of dark blue of Xiamen city sea and Hangzhou person Inc. of Lan Wei electron signs agreement of strategic collaboration framework jointly in Xiamen. Press consultative agreement, person Lan Wei electron and limited company of group of Xiamen semiconductor investment plan to invest 22 billion yuan jointly, circle of brilliant of craft of characteristic of two 12 is built in Hai Cang product line and product line of an advanced compound semiconductor device. This is afterwards since opening rich microelectronics project, hai Cang is compositive industrial project another qualitative leap.
According to the agreement, the project of round product line of characteristic craft brilliant of 12 90~65nm plans to invest 17 billion yuan, product fixed position is semiconductor device of MEMS, power and relevant product. Among them, product line of craft of characteristic of the first 12 plans to produce can 80 thousand / month, carry out grading, earlier program is produced can 40 thousand / month. Area of sea dark blue appoint Zhang Chunjie of members of standing committee, standing deputy warden introduces, this product line not only fill the blank of domain of domestic relevant technology, also established city of area of sea dark blue, Xiamen and even me to visit the place in industry of Chinese integrated circuit, area of dark blue letting the sea realizes tortuous path overtake in respect of craft of integrated circuit characteristic, can saying is those who have milepost sense is strategical project, it is area of sea dark blue carries out the “ in 19 big reports to accelerate construction to produce power, accelerate the strong move that develops ” of advanced manufacturing industry.
Since 2016, xiamen municipal Party committee, municipal government published integrated circuit industry to develop a program 10 years,

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