Pass SamSung to close domestic plant again, manufacturer of Tianjin mobile phone will be shut

The SamSung of predicament encounters in Chinese market, be exposed to the sun to begin to consider to shut the mobile phone manufacturer that is located in Tianjin.


Korea media way says, because sell acute to decrease,add labor cost to rise, samSung electron is considering to suspend manufacturer of mobile phone of limited company of technology of Tianjin SamSung communication run, this company is one of base of mobile phone production that SamSung electron is in China.
To this, samSung electron response says: Because “ is added situation put delay, whole smartphone market faces difficulty, the company of Tianjin communication technology of SamSung electron plans side overweight to be able to increase the activity of competition ability and efficiency. ”
SamSung China respect did not give out to be responded to further.
The manufacturing plant that SamSung mobile phone is in China basically is two: One is the limited company of technology of Tianjin SamSung communication that is located in Tianjin, another is limited company of electron of benefit city SamSung.
SamSung manufactures 36 million mobile telephones every year in the factory of Tianjin, benefit city plant produces 72 million every year.
The report of Korea media is at present medium, did not involve next destinies of plant of SamSung benefit city.
Look forward to is checked check data to show, limited company of technology of Tianjin SamSung communication is established 2001, hold of SamSung electron company limited 90% equity, limited company of group of information of electron of the annulus in Tianjin is held 10% ; The scope of operations of this company includes terminal of mobile telephone of development, production, sale, product of data communication multimedia, receive equipment of network communication system, the broadband is integrated equipment of business figure network, new-style electron yuan parts of an apparatus, phone, portable microcomputer, camera.
SamSung considers to shut one of setting that Tianjin factory message comes out, it is SamSung mobile phone is in China in recent years of market sales volume glide.
As the whole world the biggest smartphone produces business, samSung mobile phone encountered the puissant challenge of native land brand in recent years in Chinese market.
Recently, strategy Analytics of market survey orgnaization releases report of market of smartphone of China of the 2nd quarter said 2018, sell only in China when Ji Sanxing gave 800 thousand smartphone, be located in the 12nd.
This year after Galaxy S9 is released first quarter, samSung picks up for a time in the portion of market of Chinese mobile phone 1.3% , but arrived the 2nd quarter drops again time 0.8% , and the fourth quarter kept balance 2017. And before 5 years, samSung still is as high as 20% in the portion of Chinese smartphone market, share of many nowadays market by China for, OPPO, Vivo, millet and brand of other China mobile phone are held.
If Chinese market cannot digest a factory,produce can, add production cost to promote, samSung seeks pair of China factories to adjust it seems that not fathomless.
This year April, samSung closed the company of SamSung electron communication that is located in Shenzhen. This factory is in charge of manufacturing CDMA mobile telephone originally, transition produces network equipment later. But this factory dimensions is lesser, total staff has 300 people only.
In recent years, samSung all the time low end manufacturing industry is mixed to the country such as southeast Asia and India the area is migratory. It is reported, samSung adds up to family planning every year to produce 240 million mobile phone in two factories of Vietnam. Not long ago, samSung just announces in India the suburb in new moral character opened the smartphone plant with the biggest whole world, this factory predicts to will become an exit center.
The another setting that SamSung adjusts in Chinese business distribution is, industrial structure of China upgrades.
A SamSung interior personage expresses, a few low end make business be adjusted somewhat, do not mean SamSung to be opposite Chinese market ignored, a few high end make business can continue to invest in China, upgrade in order to comply with Chinese industry trend.
From the investment of SamSung domain looks, chinese Xi’an is town of military importance of SamSung semiconductor investment. This year March, samSung (China) semiconductor memory chip 2 period the project is in Xi’an is formal start working. This is afterwards after 10 billion dollar invested first phase 2012, samSung is in China of the market another invest with great quantity.
Besides semiconductor chip, batteries of the liquid crystal face plate of SamSung, car waits high-tech business a moment to there also is significant position in China.
At the beginning of this year May, samSung vice-chairman plum in early or late with Biyadi president Wang Chuanfu, China wait for person meeting for Shen Wei of Lei Jun of CEO of president Ren Zhengfei, millet and Vivo CEO. According to Korea media coverage, include chief of business of Jin Jina of SamSung electron CEO, memory Li Dongxun of indication CEO of Kang Renye of controller of business of LSI of Jin Qiaoyong, system and SamSung inside many SamSung core manages a layer, also follow plum in come to Shenzhen together.
The personage inside course of study thinks, samSung sends the key of force to will change the upriver industry cable length that has advantage of more powerful technology in Chinese market next.

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