Numerous win a times intelligence of formal settle Fuzhou is umbriferous industry ” Silicon Valley ” be vividly portrayed

Fuzhou, also be called to have the state of “ blessing ” . Because Fuzhou is not only the celestial being of hill is angry, shui Zhiling is angry, return the happy lot of somebody. Be in a such happiness, auspicious blessing ground, shenzhen is numerous win limited company of times science and technology (“ of the following abbreviation is numerous win times ”) open small the new page that joins an enterprise.

A few days ago, according to network of news of Fuzhou evening paper, Fuzhou, Fuzhou a few authoritative medium such as bureau of business affairs of new and high region and orgnaization report, numerous the project joint trial that wins tall newly-added district of city of beatitude of move of times general headquarters has been passed, headquarters building construction predicts to be in in June 2020 complete, first phase total investment predicts to exceed 1.2 billion yuan.

(Fuzhou is new and high technical development)

Before long future, numerous win a times to still will plan to be in Fuzhou is new and high technical development Hai Xiyuan 4 period build base of property of intelligent video innovation, make global intelligence ” of Silicon Valley of umbriferous industry “ .

Old and dedicated small join an enterprise eventually Cheng Zhengguo

Numerous winning a times is home enters intelligent miniature the earliest one of companies of umbriferous industry, when in mobile phone and intelligent hardware the industry is immersed in the Red Sea, take the lead in be aware of small the latent capacity that sends the market, and ground of honor permits no turning back devotes into this career in the center. Come for years, numerous win a times to do —— of a thing only dedicated small cast technical research and development. Although had taken a few roundabout way, jump over a lot of hole, but depend on right small the passion that joins an enterprise, and the longing of mobile to new generation indication technology, numerous win a times to did not abandon from beginning to end.

(Shenzhen is numerous win limited company of times science and technology)

Of course, hold to for years, also let numerous won a times to reap gain. Several class research and development is devoted, let numerous won a times to master intelligence quickly technology of video industry core, broke through intelligent miniature successfully the brightness of umbriferous industry, medicinal powder boat of hot, add bottleneck of 3 old techniques, take the lead in rolling out the whole world first 120 lumen are umbriferous mobile phone, made the whole world “VVETIME” of brand of the first umbriferous mobile phone, can calls domestic intelligence the ” of “ a dark horse of video bound.

(Umbriferous mobile phone of 120 lumen VVETIME, establish small cast industry new surveyor’s pole)

End at present, numerous win a times to be had in market of umbriferous mobile phone rate be as high as 90% , market of umbriferous mobile phone has house whole world rate the first, already obtained China the mobile, bank that enrol business, life-insurance wait for brand client to approbate.

More than hereat. After obtaining above positive result, numerous won a times to still put the view new generation shift to show a technology to go up, devote oneself to miniature umbriferous make new generation general and mobile indication technology, the transition that promotes traditional indication industry and change.

(VVETIME umbriferous mobile phone lets exhibit property more relaxed and efficient)

Also absolutely, numerous the favour that gained a times to obtain Fuzhou high new developed area, became government of the Fuzhou City in making strategy of ” of “ number Fuzhou, one of the mainest core high-tech businesses.

With new generation mobile indication technology assists construction of ” of Fuzhou of force “ number

2001, the Fujian Province formulated strategy of ” of “ number Fujian. Here the strategy falls, unremitting of the Fuzhou City advances construction of ” of “ number Fuzhou, increase the informatization infrastructure such as platform of government affairs network, computer room, cloud and fundamental database to build strength ceaselessly. And recently, fuzhou municipal Party committee, municipal government formal print and distribute " ” of “ number Fuzhou builds 3 years of actions to plan (2018-2020 year) " , to ” of “ number Fuzhou construction undertook deploy.

This file made clear one of main tasks that 3 years the action plans ” of “ number Fuzhou is “ adds ” of core strong hold: Accelerate electronic information manufacturing industry to fill chain strong chain, the key advances semiconductor chip, new-style show, ; of intelligent terminal industry advances ” of famous city of characteristic of “ China software to build; to form development of dual-gripper of hard ” of “ soft ”“ truly in the round.

(” of “ number Fuzhou builds one of main tasks cartography of center of Fuzhou daily new media)

Among them, new-style showing is “ adds the one annulus with the most crucial ” of core Jiang Bing. And intelligent miniature is umbriferous the technology because its are big screen, environmental protection, managing wait for times sex characteristic, by industry accepted for new generation shift demonstrates one of skills, also be known as is the country below new era is heavy implement, got Fuzhou takes seriously of municipal government highly.

Develop new generation shift to demonstrate a skill, can enhance actual strength of Fuzhou core technology not only, also can pull move local economy growth. Numerous the person basically be driven that wins a times to regard new generation as mobile indication technology, high new developed area of formal settle Fuzhou, to ” of “ number Fuzhou construction is having the sense that hold the balance.

Make intelligence Silicon Valley of umbriferous industry “”Create better life for people

Besides high new developed area of headquarters settle Fuzhou, numerous win a times to still plan to be in Hai Xiyuan 4 period build base of property of intelligent video innovation, make intelligence the ” of “ Silicon Valley of umbriferous industry, realize development of group of miniature LED umbriferous model and industrialization. In the meantime, the intelligent light shadow with the center of research and development that plans to build international to precede inside base, banner international tests intelligence of level of center, state innovation of smooth shadow of production factory of terminal of family of smooth shadow lab, wisdom, intelligence does poineering work give aid to fund, develop the industrial innovation activity that is based on intelligent smooth shadow, give aid to the innovation of associated industry, development.

(Fuzhou is new and high technical development Hai Xiyuan 4 period airscape)

After building, this base will be the miniature with the greatest whole world area of garden of umbriferous indication industry, for the whole world small cast indication estate development to offer prop up, also master new generation shift to show core technology offerred a condition for the country.

The development experience of mobile phone industry tells us, if do not have the core skill that masters an industry, can make the country plans to go up in the development of this industry, be in passivity and pursuant situation. And intelligence is umbriferous of ” of industrial “ Silicon Valley make, can make us fast razzia small the blockhouse that pitchs core technology, firmly holds an industry to carry end position buy on the head. This not only can the blank of course of study of fill home small go into operation, still can help a country move in new generation when indication industry erupts in the round, hold absolutely and active advantageous position and control advantageous position, receive bonus of industry of industrial a place with a draught, results better.

(VVETIME umbriferous mobile phone lets the life become more good)

In the meantime, intelligence is umbriferous of ” of industrial “ Silicon Valley make, also can drive quickly small pitch indication technology gain ground, let everybody can experience the big screen glamour that demonstrates a skill to new generation shift, everybody of true implementation “ has a projector, domestic home has the great dream of ” of a cinema, bring more good intelligence for people video life.


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