New Cisco ability aids force Arm of IP of newest and advanced shift inchoate implementation of the person that use flows successfully piece

Think of the design of science and technology and platform of test and verify and DesignWare interface IP newly, optimized PPA and accelerate a product to appear on the market


•The new Cisco skill that uses Fusion technology designs platform to make design implementation more quick, make the PPA of Arm nucleus gets optimizing.

•QuickStart Implementation Kit (QIK) , include script and referenced guideline, can use at using the Arm Cortex-A76 processor of 7nm engineering technology at present.

•Verification Continuum Platform of new Cisco ability quickened the astringent of test and verify that is based on Arm design and quality.

•The physical layer that DesignWare Interface IP includes USB, DDR, PCI Express, MIPI and mobile memory and controller, OK and rapid development is based on the mobile equipment SoC of Arm.

Provider of solution of design of automation of the biggest chip reachs the whole world the global leader of safety of supplier of IP of interface of the biggest chip, information and software quality thinks the whole world newly science and technology announces, arm is newest and advanced floating platform (include Arm®Cortex®-A76, Cortex-A55 and Arm Mali™-G76 processor) inchoate the person that use, design platform, Verification Continuum™Platform through using the new Cisco skill that includes Fusion technology ™ , and DesignWare® interface IP, realized SoC successfully to flow piece. In addition, the QuickStart Implementation Kits (QIKs) of Cortex-A76 and Cortex-A55 already appeared on the market now, can accelerate appear on the market time optimizes function, power comsumption and area (PPA) .

New Cisco ability designs Deirdre Hanford of general manager of career ministry whole world to express: “Arm is as inchoate as what think of science and technology newly it is the advanced and floating platform with newest Arm with thorough collaboration (include Arm Cortex-A76, Cortex-A55 and Arm Mali-G76 processor) the shedding that the person that initial stage is used realized to succeed piece. The platform of design of new Cisco ability that uses Fusion technology, Verification Continuum Platform and DesignWare interface IP cooperate each other, provided optimized function, power comsumption and area, quickened the product that is based on Arm to appear on the market time.

 The new Cisco skill that uses Fusion technology designs platform to be able to obtain optimized design to come true to new-style and mobile kernel:

•Use Design Compiler®Graphical and IC Compiler™II layout and wiring system undertake the design of 7nm and node of the following craft comes true.

•Use automatic density control and sequential drive layout to acquire taller property.

•Clock of whole technological process and data access (CCD) synchronism is optimized get lower power comsumption.

•The ECO that Signoff astringent uses PrimeTime® to be based on PBA, belt to have power comsumption recover and the function that much horn of sexual PBA and StarRC™ recovers end at the same time.

•Pass the RedHawk in IC Compiler II™Flow of drive of Analysis Fusion Signoff, offer inchoate acceleration power source integrality and dependability design are optimized.

The QIK of Cortex-A76 and Cortex-A55 (include to design implementation script and referenced guideline) the PPA with use new Fusion technology to offer better and faster turnaround time. QIK uses the Arm Artisan that processor moved to optimize in the light of Arm below 7nm engineering technology®POP™ technology. To help design staff fast, a person’s mind having a letter achieves their design goal, new Cisco ability is based on rich experience to offer “ hard nucleus to change ” (Hardening) the design of Arm processor serves; The sclerotic ” of processor nucleus “ that practicable service includes to come true to make the key from QuickStart design.

Arm is brand-new and advanced of floating platform inchoate the person that use sheds a project in its in the Verification Continuum solution that uses new Cisco skill extensively, include:

•The prototype of new Cisco ability devises a solution, include to apply to the Virtualizer of Arm processor™Develop kit (VDK) series, introduce Arm fast model, can use at Cortex-A76 and Cortex-A55®, and the archetypal design that HAPS® is based on FPGA.

•Apply to Arm Cortex-A processor, use fine granuality to the Synopsys VCS® of collateral technology is emulated and apply to Arm AMBA®The IP of test and verify of interconnection.

•Think of ZeBu of science and technology newly®Hardware is emulated.

Of the new-style and advanced floating platform of Arm inchoate the person that use, the IP of interface of high quality DesignWare that uses new Cisco skill develops mobile equipment SoC quickly. The controller that the DesignWare IP that faces mobile market contains supportive USB, DDR, PCI Express® , MIPI and mobile memory port and physical layer, market shipment volume already was amounted to up to now a few.

Arm vice-president holds Nandan Nayampally of client business general manager concurrently to express: “Arm and new Cisco ability cooperate, through inchoate participate in us research and development of new product of advanced and mobile IP, the person that we let initial stage use can apply make the design is pushed quickly flow successfully to the market, solution that optimizes power comsumption, function and area at the same time piece. ”


The QuickStart Implementations Kits that applies to new Cortex-A76, Cortex-A55 and processor of class of other and main Arm Cortex-A (QIK) already can pass visit Https:// to get now.

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