Need Yixin is tasted | Segregation of blame of KP126X(C) tall PF is not had stick a capacitance

Capacitance double rose in price! As the bitter fleabane of car electron and smartphone industry suddenly develops, the price that sticks a capacitance is gone forever along with wind, leave my generation apprentice to hurt Bei only. One when be indifferent to formerly sticks a capacitance, wanted presence is attached most importance to especially in becoming BOM to express nowadays, real experience you are indifferent to me yesterday, I let the counterattack that your make friends with a man of higher position does not remove today, become engineers of LED power source in the heart faint painful.



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How to encounter difficult problem to do? It is to search of course surely easy! We need easy urgent everybody the engineer’s place is urgent, rolled out new product not carefully again, should become should become ~


Surely easy

Leave not happy, stimulate not excited! Feel the life was full of a hope again! IC of drive of segregation of tall PF blame goes VDD goes Comp capacitance plan so by need easy belt arrives beside you understandingly–KP126X(C) , for young associate people settle a pressing need. Come, follow we are decreased for your BOM together reduce weight!

Product brief introduction

KP126X(C) advocate hit tall PF to be not segregation market, like old product KP106X(C) , have inside buy 500V/650V MOS and outside seal controller version, the design requirement; that can satisfy your place have rendered great service to lead class is on-the-spot odd winding inductance, need not assist winding; to exceed the fast <300mS that start, high power factor > 0.9, as good as of; of precision of ±3% constant current at taking OVP of the buy outside the surge function; of VDD capacitance plan a resistor, can realize high accuracy OVP to protect power supply of functional; high pressure to reach inside buy annulus road adjusts, leave out starts resistor, VDD and Comp capacitance, implementation acme is concise design.

Compare with traditional plan

So what window does KP126X(C) photograph have at plan of segregation of blame of traditional tall P relatively?

1, without VDD capacitance. Because Buck has the presence of dead band, input voltage lowest not under output voltage, reason KP126X(C) gives IC power supply; by the voltage after the bridge directly

2, without Comp capacitance. Road of annulus of the buy inside KP126X(C) adjusts, the slow be surrounded by mountains that implementation does not have Comp capacitance is tall P adjustment;

3, OVP resistor. KP126X(C) is on-the-spot framework, OVP cannot use traditional float ground cent to press control. But surely easy have inside buy OVP controls a technology, even if inside buy OVP also can accomplish accurate control, and need; of an OVP resistor only

4, in all framework. In all framework relatively float ground can realize more advantageous EMC character.



Surely easy


Use example

Product objective pursues

● product model: KP1262CSPA

● inputs voltage: 100–265VAC

● outputs voltage: 72VDC

● exports electricity: 180mA

Surely easy

Plan principle pursues

Leave out VCC capacitance and COMP capacitance, OVP resistor has only, make circuit whole very concise, save a space to go to the lavatory again already Layout.


Surely easy

Actual measurement data

External characteristic

100~265VAC inputs limits, satisfy linear regulation requirement, efficiency is made an appointment with 90% , PF>0.9

Surely easy

EMI expression

Conduct and radiation has larger surplus

Surely easy

Well-known, the stability that KP106X(C) series depends on its OVP is reliable, it is under the support of broad engineer friend, the KP126X(C) series that already made the students surpasses the teacher of hot star product; on the market is sure to continue legend, become tall PF to be not segregation domain more the nova with dazzling bright!

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