N-MOS pilot USB-C identifies chip set

USB-C uses product market, in in recent years the market is accepted degree rise gradually, main reason is transmitted for data of frivolous exterior, high speed, the application of high-definition image sound, conformity that reachs the character such as ability of 100W of top power source, make product application interface simplifies onefold USB-C, in order to obtain a product frivolous model the end that change.
Power source power supply uses a part, USB-IF association place makes USB-C in relevant standard, USB-C interface butt joint (after Attached) , of by CC(Configuration Channel) ” identify or agreement ” function, in order to distinguish a Source (DFP) end and Sink(UFP) end, also affirm power source place bears the weight of at the same time or the ability of power supply, after the identifying that passes two end of USB-C or agreement, open USB-C to output the diverter switch on power source VBUS, provide power source formally.
In competition intense product market pressure falls, “Product profit and cost consider ” the main topic for discussion that is each competitor forever. USB-C diverter switch is main cent is P-MOS or N-MOS is controlled two big a group of things with common features group, n-MOS of P-MOS price outclass a lot of. Connect fine science and technology to grasp holding a client to be honour spirit of enterprise, on application of product of power source of 15W 5V/3A USB-C, the relevant P-MOS that afterwards rolled out in the past controls LD8200S of set of USB-C identifying chip, LD8200A, LD3103 (compositive P-MOS) after waiting for a product, roll out N-MOS pilot USB-C to identify chip set LD8201 once more, LD3103A (compositive N-MOS) wait for a product, with what because should compete,market of intense USB-C power source needs.
N-MOS pilot USB-C is newest identify chip LD8201 and introduction of LD3103A series product to be as follows, LD8201 uses the SOT-26 of miniaturization to pack, suit the application of N-MOS of dinkum and exterior control. LD3103A compositive N-MOS, enclose except traditional SOP-8, consideration market ” the product is frivolous model change ” trend, also offer TDFN3X2-8, its height is only 0.7~0.8mm, long make an appointment with 2.95mm~3.05mm, wide make an appointment with 1.95mm~2.05mm, by simplifies whole circuit board PCB ” board size ” reach ” spare parts amount ” , make power source charger applies (Charger / Adapter) obtains a product frivolous model the requirement that change, more the first class of USB-C wire wire at orgnaization dimension Yan Ke applies applicable.
More concerns the information of LD8201 and LD3103A, ask webpage of product of referenced Leadtrend government.

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