MOSFET demand lasts driving, ying Feiling says partial product is handed in period more than 26 weeks

Information of Peng rich company says, ying Feiling plans to buy ST semiconductor, the intermediary outside occupying reports, both sides already held inchoate talk. 2017, ying Feiling battalion receives 7.063 billion euro (about 8.2 billion dollar) , battalion receives meaning law semiconductor 8.3 billion dollar. If both is amalgamative will be born the semiconductor tycoon of 16.5 billion dollar, surmount rich to connect, make the whole world conductor of the 6th most designs a company.

It is reported, ying Feiling had begun to try to buy last year, invite French Paris bank to hold the position of adviser, spent 3 months to consider to be bought this case. Still just not be clear that ST semiconductor is in what traded to this last year to accept a manner at present.

But personage of know the inside story expresses, french government is one of the largest stockholder of meaning law semiconductor, still object latter and Ying Feiling incorporating now. Semiconductor of law of governmental hope meaning is dedicated at large order, is not undertake dilate through closing.

After the message comes out, parisian time on August 1 afternoon at 3 o’clock, the share price odd-numbered days of ST goes up 2% , but clinch a deal finally price rises only 0.2% , meanwhile Ying Feiling’s share price drops 3.1% . The financial department of Ying Feiling and ST does not grant with respect to this matter buy is judged.

Last year when August, ying Feiling is in with ST semiconductor arrange with before, ever had wanted to abandon for a time. Message personage also expresses, because of both sides these behavior never are announced, so both sides has not negotiated further.

It is reported, ST semiconductor is had a few can as complementary as Ying Feiling asset, ST semiconductor is one of the biggest suppliers of the smartphone manufacturer that includes an apple inside, and Ying Feiling has an advantage in car chip respect.

According to the data statistic of IHS, ying Feiling is in power parts of an apparatus, intelligent card business ranks the whole world the first, and car electron is next to NXP, rank the whole world the 2nd. And ST is in power parts of an apparatus, intelligence blocks business, car electron domain distributes a line the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th. But the business look of ST is more broader than Infineon, the company ranks the whole world in MCU industry the first. Be in at the same time MEMS, imitate chip domain also has extremely strong industry position. So the amalgamative powerful powerful combination of both, the advantage is complementary, adumbrative European hopeful will be born the semiconductor tycoon of a world-class.

Interest rate of wool of season of the 3rd money grows Ying Feiling 38.2% Be benefited demand growth and dollar go high

Company of Ying Feiling science and technology held water formally in German Munich on April 1, 1999, it is one of semiconductor companies with lead whole world. Its predecessor is the semiconductor branch of Xi Menzi group, became independent 1999, appeared on the market 2000. 2017 money year, ying Feiling realizes battalion to receive income 7.063 billion euro, amplitude is as high as 9% , operation profit margin from 15.2% rise 17.1% .

Ying Feiling season of the 3rd money, and photograph of the corresponding period grew 1.941 billion euro from 1.836 billion euro than accrual last year, increase rate 6% . The profit that the abidance of the demand of constant growth and dollar took tall to promote each business section grows, industrial power controls career ministry (IPC) , intelligent card and safe facilities ministry (CCS) be, power source management and ministry of diversity market facilities (PMM) still have department of car electron career (ATV) . The wool interest rate of the 3rd quarter grows 38.2% , and the data of the 2nd quarter is 37.1% , this data included to buy, in installment liabilities totals with a few other expenditure 18 million.

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Additionally season battalion received Ying Feiling in June for 1.941 billion euro, grow 6 % compared to the same period. Gross profit is added to 742 million euro, wool interest rate is 38.2% , summary prep above is how-to. Because demand is exuberant, the order keep long in stock of growth causes order shipment rate for 1.5. Battalion of the fourth quarter closes predict to will increase 3%±2 percent.

Screen snapshot 2018-08-02 afternoon 11.02.15.png

Battalion of department of Ling Sida business received Ji Yingfei in June circumstance: Car electron (ATV) battalion closes for 836 million euro, grow 3% compared to the same period, total battalion closes occupy than 43.1% ; Industrial power is controlled (IPC) battalion closes for 349 million euro, grow 9% compared to the same period, occupy than 18% ; Power source management and diversity market (PMM) battalion receives 580 million euro, grow 4 % compared to the same period, occupy than 29.9% ; Intelligence blocks chip (CCS) battalion receives 1.75 euro, drop compared to the same period 2 % , occupy than 9% . From the point of product classification angle, company majority battalion closes come from power parts of an apparatus, 65% what power parts of an apparatus occupies total battalion to close

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Cycle of certain product delivery exceeds power parts of an apparatus 26 weeks

Suffer upriver material in short supply, other product line to elbow out circle of 8 brilliant to produce can, and international conformity component (IDM) exit consumptive sex electron and PC demand a large amount of in the multiple element influence such as low-pressure MOSFET market, global MOSFET is supplied be critical, the price also violent wind goes up.
To MOSFET and IGBT hand in period with value circumstances, ying Feiling states in certain product domain delivery time may exceed 26 weeks, order affirms the page is the longest can amount to 52 weeks, order delivery time increases greatly. When demand is very high, rising in price is very common. This is to depend on demand, current requirement is very driving still.
Occupy stage intermediary story additionally, after accompanying resurgence to communication wins American lift a ban and restart battalion carries, drive mainland system mill comprehensive commentate give MOSFET urgent sheet, the person that have halfway job still is willing to increase price again 2 into sweep money in a large-scale. Arrive to grab now enough produce can, the person that have job even leaves piece than market price tower above 2 become prices sweep money, to MOSFET supplier, should come into stock only can go out, battalion closes reach gain profit to be able to grow naturally considerably.
MOSFET is in all the time for goods since this year be critical condition, main reason depends on including Ying Feiling, power world (Vishay) , meaning law, Ansenmei (ON Semi) wait for international IDM big plant to be added without enlarge in last few years produce newly can, but the new application such as operation of net of couplet of car electron, content, high in the clouds includes since last year, use up MOSFET to produce in great quantities can, bring about the MOSFET that applies in the 3C product such as computer and wisdom mobile phone to offer goods inadequacy, the price is successive already also 3 quarters attune goes up.

Custom duty is not big to Ying Feiling influence

About the custom duty issue that trade war brings, ying Feiling states the amount that imports the United States directly from China is very limited, in car electron domain, ying Feiling expresses to did not see immediate to OEM impact, because Ying Feiling’s business is to be aimed at one class to make a supplier, this is average the influence of each OEM. On the other hand, ying Feiling has very good whole world base, the potential change that may produce between each OEM won’t produce intense effect to us. The total amount that wants a car only and typical structure won’t be affected, ying Feiling won’t be affected. At the same time the order shipment rate of this quarter is 1.6, this is very so small to the practical effect of Ying Feiling business.
To main electric home appliances<gj, ying Feiling's current market share is inferior still, did not see major breakthrough in this respect. Did not see order is allowed why to be affected, the market still is in strong position. The power source of main electric home appliances<gj may be not specific Yu Ni to change implement electric home appliances<gj. Although number declines, the per cent of inverter electric home appliances<gj may continue to rise.
(small letter of international electron market conditions is numerous fair number ID: Esmcol, the article enrols business electron integratedly, money signs up for Ying Feiling, peng rich company)

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