Malic A13 processor stage accumulates electric sth with is in the bag-sth certain of attainment

After negotiable securities of afterwards heart volition, another foreign capital holds out a stage to accumulate report to seize order for goods of processor of A13 of next year apple! Liao Guanghe of analyst of industry of negotiable securities semiconductor points out Maigeli, intel (Intel) Cheng Yanchi of 10 pay the metric system, fan of conformity of stage accumulating report goes out model brilliant round class is enclosed (InFO) build high threshold to let Korea SamSung cannot be caught up with, order of malic A13 processor is a sth with is in the bag-sth certain of attainment that accumulate report, battalion receives second half of the year of contributive next year 14% .

The stage accumulates report

The stage accumulates report and SamSung to be originally on order of malic application processor, short all the time arms has sex, contention order proportion, apply processor to begin from malic A10 like that, the stage accumulates report to cast off SamSung to pester gradually, begin to solely pocket order even, if be like foreign capital to encircle a makings really next year, continue a person of extraordinary powers takes order form of A13 application processor, the stage accumulates report to supply the position in catenary in the apple, do not have almost but shake.

It is early when last year, zhou Lizhong of analyst of industry of semiconductor of heart volition negotiable securities is forecasted, the stage accumulates report from this year the 2nd season rises, can begin to enter collect 7 accept rice + make Cheng Chu pace try produce A13 application processor, till 2019 make one’s bow tries produce level, and the order proportion that place of stage accumulating report seizes, be 100% .

After Maigelijia holds out a cavalcade of the hold the belt that accumulate report into force, the market more scan widely stage accumulates report 2019 order state, liao Guanghe thinks, the chip order of high-end intelligence machine, will go up into share price of stage accumulating report attack edge tool. This also is represented, the stage accumulates report at last the way says the meeting is medium, commentate give excel of high-end smartphone demand to anticipate message, the industry is made in foreign capital place confirm is obtained in investigation.

On applied processor order of the apple, adversary of all along of stage accumulating report thering is no lack of is puissant compete, come from SamSung respect, heart volition thinks, because of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) the library builds difficulty, samSung lack aims the core Know-how of art of design optical science and technology 4 times oneself, this technology is the key that cost of Cheng of 7 pay the metric system optimizes, accordingly, the stage accumulates electric control 7, 7 accept rice + the developmental dominant position that makes Cheng, pull big the difference with SamSung.

Come from the competitive respect of Intel, maigeli points out, come Intel and stage accumulate report to gain profit the goal is different, target of former wool interest rate is made an appointment with 60% , stage accumulating report is about 50% , the menace that Intel snatchs malic order in a large-scale is not tall; Moreover, defer of Cheng of 10 pay the metric system goes to Intel next year, stand in the footing that the apple ensures shipment is smooth, expose order more unlikelily in the risk.

Estimation of wheat style texture, connect next generation brave dragon high order of 800 series chip will rise in the 4th season, with stage accumulating report quantity of Cheng of 7 pay the metric system is produced, can contribute a battalion of the next year that accumulate report to close 8% ; Connect high occupy a battalion that accumulate report to receive proportion, criterion by 7% these two years, times add for 15% 2019.

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