Look forward to of Internet big plant, newly established, car, china do nobody drive who will seek hegemony a large number of heroes?

Unmanned vehicle is company of science and technology of numerous a gleam of and newly established parvenus stare at the future that go up, of ChinaDrive automaticallyThe domain is talent many likewise, no matter be Internet of BATJ a gleam of appears on the market company, alone horny animal industry, newly established enterprise and traditional car look forward to, the strategic layout in unmanned vehicle is little not. Article general is mixed from the 3 enterprises type of unmanned vehicle 5 domains technology differentiates comparative and current of China drive automatically enterprise.

China may make the biggest unmanned car market

2017, china sold 29 million new cars, exceed the total of the United States, Japan and India. Assume year of increase rate for 3% , predict to new 2025 car sales volume will achieve 37 million (conservative estimation is 3% , because of what go 5 years compound year increase rate is 8.57%) .

The scale of new car sale of 2017 main countries (Source: OICA)

How many is there to have in these 37 million cars drive automatically function? Released last year according to Chinese government ” long-term development plans in automobile industry ” , to 2025, the new car of 25% will become 2 form or 3 class drive automatically car (all level that allude in the article all are SAE standard) . Level-4 and Level-5 drive automatically the car will begin to enter the market.

Tremendous market potential attracts more and more companies to enter drive automatically automobile industry. Tycoon of science and technology, poineering company and original equipment manufacturer hope to driving automatically car times produces crucial effect. Who is letting us see them, and their present expression how.

Tycoon of science and technology

Baidu, Tecent, Beijing east with drop drop what the government announced them is automatic drive car project, the subordinate dish bird thing in A flows to also be in development drives automatically robot, it is its storehouse and deliver goods service likely most. Besides technical natural resources and engineering qualified personnel, it is another of tycoon of science and technology significant advantage to the control of high-definition map business. What Chinese high-definition map has in Baidu and A is the biggest two: With Baidu map; Tecent map also is in high heart map in force of hair of of people of talent.

Baidu is considered as China extensively to drive automatically the leader of the car.

Baidu drives automatically at beginning to develop 2013 car, company of very rare at that time China shows strong interest to this one domain. Current, it is checking its to drive automatically in Beijing and California city car, the target is to arrive by 2020 drive automatically in the implementation on freeway and certain town road.

Baidu unmanned vehicle milepost

April 2017, baidu announces Apollo, drive automatically the platform opening a source of the car. The target of Apollo platform is to be company of OEM, newly established, supplier and research organization to build an ecosystem, mix with integrated resource share data.

Construction of Baidu Apollo platform

The list that shares Apollo platform plan grows ceaselessly. A year in, 100 partners joined Apollo platform.

In March 2018, baidu becomes the first to try on Beijing highway permissibly drive the company that drives oneself.

Baidu unmanned vehicle checks in Beijing road surface

Tycoon of other science and technology also is chasing Baidu quickly.

Drop drop drives automatically at announcing 2017 car project. One year in, it obtained letter of Chinese high-definition cartography. Feburary 2018, 3 cities that drop drop begins to be in the United States and China check his to drive automatically motorcade.

Drop drop unmanned vehicle

2016, tecent held water to drive automatically in Beijing car lab, develop 4 form / 5 step are voluntary road-sense. Tecent is driving automatically actively for its engineer of car laboratory invite applications for a job, the target is the engineer 2018 the number adds 150 people from 50 people.

Unmanned vehicle is in Tecent on the road of Beijing

Regard an electron business affairs as the company, beijing east deserved to send a robot to be interested very much and throw force of a lot of research and development to driving automatically. Since 2016, beijing east drive automatically in China all the time consign of low speed of the development below the help of IDRIVERPLUS of car poineering company deserves to send a robot. 618 when a little unmanned deserve to send a car to had been used in investment.

Beijing east deserve to send a robot

Poineering enterprise

Of China drive automatically car poineering company basically is with technical direction cent the following 5 domains: Complete inn solution Full Stack SoluTiOn, AIChip, lidar LiDAR, computer vision and electric car EV.

01 Complete inn solution

Be engaged in complete inn the newly established company of the solution can divide it is two groups: Dedicated mix with the car at multiplying dedicated at commercial vehicle.

The company that although take the market that use a car,goes up is very young (most company is in the) that held water inside two years in the past, but they had raised money a large number of capital, company of wh some of which had established partner relationship with OEM. The Waymo with Gu Ge is similar, baidu also is facing the challenge that holds its tip talented person. Pony.ai of pony wisdom travel, holomatic of much science and technology of Jing Chi Jingchi.ai and standing grain is by before Baidu staff founds.

Although commercial vehicle market does not resemble taking the market that use a car in that way absorbing ”(sees “ only the capital) that these two groups raise money, but of the first success drive automatically Motor Corporation can come from commercial vehicle market probably. Drive automatically in deploy car has overt economic value with reducing driver cost respect, and be built in controlled environment drive automatically car should drive more automatically than building taxi motorcade is gotten easily much. Haven road sweeps car and lorry may be before two when China uses automatic road-sense perpendicular industries.

02AI chip

Horizontal robot Horizon Robotics andThe CambrianCambricon of science and technology is two capital enough (all be 100 million dollar) poineering company of chip of Chinese artificial intelligence.

BaiduDeepness studyFather Yu Kai left Baidu 2015, founded horizontal robot, development is used at video monitoring to mix drive automatically of the car embedded computer vision processor. After 2 years, horizon announces to roll out a money to be used at driving automatically the Journey of computer vision chip of the car. To 1080p video, itinerary can amount to 200 objects with 30 Fps identifying, wait like signal lamp of line of motor vehicle of pedestrian, car, blame, driveway, traffic.

The Cambrian also is developing chip of more and general AI, can use at typical AI application, be like computer vision, Speech recognitionWith Natural Language Processing. This company still is used at driving automatically in development the chip of the car, but did not announce when this product face city.

A of these two companies main challenge is chip of production car class.

03 lidar

All LiDAR poineering company has a problem to want to reply: They how with drive automatically the American company Velodyne that dominant place takes in car LiDAR market competes, own the market share of more than 95% , and can one produce 1 million LiDAR every year build a plant? Fortunately, to Chinese poineering company, still have an opportunity. Because China is at present right the demand of LiDAR is inferior, chinese poineering company still has time to development leaves generation product and enlarge scale of production.


04 computers vision

As the newest progress of deepness study, came 2013 a lot of computer visions appeared to do poineering work during 2015 company. A lot of poineering companies hope to become the MobilEye” of “ China, but the great majority in them is reached very hard with OEM trade. Business soup SenseTime is an exception. As AI alone horny animal, business soup established partner relationship with this cropland, joint development drives automatically car. Another exception is MINIEYE, poineering company of electric car of it and China is small roc car Xpeng cooperates.

05 Electric car

Company of electric car newly established thinks automatic road-sense is the key with successful tomorrow. However, because they are faced with,shift the car the enormous pressure to the market as soon as possible, they await ready-made of 4 class technology without ability. The original equipment manufacturer that resembles a tradition is same, company of EV newly established chooses to begin from 2 class, is not to develop 4 class car directly. December 2017, colourful comes car NIO rolls out ES8, this is China has 2 class the first times to drive automatically functional car. Be worth what carry is, ES8 deployed Mobileye EyeQ4 chip, can upgrade to upgrade the car to 3 class through OTA.

Car manufacturer

Regard China as the biggest OEM, steam is in on with its technical partner cooperates cheek by jowl, with ensuring its are driving automatically car times holds lead position. This company plan the company that 2018 the bottom becomes China to be in China the first times to roll out 3 class car.

Other OEM is trying hard to catch up with. Mix besides wide steam auspicious (this company bought Wo Erwo company 2010) besides, participating in Apollo project is one of traffic equipment manufacturer welcome choice, with starting them drive automatically car development. Wide steam decides with the pony the top engineer of wisdom travel cooperates. Auspicious choice and Autoliv cooperate. In April 2017, autoliv and Woerwo established a joint ventures that the name is Zenuity, joint development drives automatically car.

Drive automatically be born 6 big setting

The applied setting of unmanned vehicle, in countrywide each district the plan without number of fast be born. Be in China, each adjacent region that drive automatically to be less than in your expect are fast be born, begin to serve the public.

01 Unmanned express car

Unmanned express car, this may be the unmanned vehicle that serves the earliest for people. The quickness of electric business and express market grows, having a character to shed a car is to rise to deserve to send and be born of last kilometer. For instance, content of ET of bird of the dish in A sheds a lab nobody deserve to send car set, Beijing east cochlea of the person that intelligence of X career ministry deserves to send car, wisdom travel is amounted to surely – nobody deserve to send content to shed content of car, Su Ning to shed unmanned content to shed science and technology of car, Jia wisdom.


02 nobody sweep the floor / exercise car

Nobody sweep the floor car, look for a good helper for workers of insolation drench environmental sanitation. Current, each district nobody sweep the floor the car already was beginning to move, finish effectively sweep the job, be like intelligence of road of Autowire.ai (celestial being) 6 meters long large and clean car, already edified short for the Jinghe River of water transport river in Shanghai loose river (Zhongshan) moving exercise tries inside garden of science and technology, wisdom series of Ω” of cochlea of “ of the person that go – unmanned road sweeper already ran operation inside the park of Beijing.

03 garden area goes sightseeing&Ferry car

This kind of low speedNobody driveCarry person car, it is to be in at present be born operation is the fastest hold a person nobody drive project. Ferry e.g. the “ airport of drive situation science and technology unmanned sightseeing car waits science and technology of ” of car of intelligence of tornado of “ of car ” , Tian Sun, Qingzhi a moment.

04 Drive automatically bus

Drive automatically bus, this may be future nobody drive when the times arrived in the round, your use frequency is highest nobody drive car. The Shenzhen intelligence that “ brushed screen ” last year drives bus—Alpha cling to it is an example, besides, still garden of Beijing garden rich drives automatically unmanned Xiaoba car waits the G200 of bus, green flying intelligence a moment.

05 Civil multiply with the car

Use at present drive automatically by what do with the car plan is high speed setting mostly nobody drive plan, car by sedan, SUV, house car changes his costume or dress and become even. A lot of nobody drive the newly established enterprise of the car is driving nobody to drive quickly be born of high speed setting.

06 lorries&Van

The truck undertook the whole thing almost the whole world is all of harbour container onshore carry, in international trade crucial, however because carry cost, problem of road unobstructed sex, the truck chooses mostly in before dawn ~3 nodded start off at 0 o’clock. Current, graph dark has ongoing hair nobody drive freight truck plan, the group of freight platform full gang of 1.9 billion U.S. dollor also will plan the financing after the course is amalgamative this year in April extend freight traffic nobody drive domain.

Epilogue: The ode can drive automatically, force of testimony China AI rises abruptly. Drive automatically to be in thrive of earth of an ancient name for China, china nobody drive force rises abruptly quickly. In April 2018, national print and distribute ” test of road of car of intelligent network couplet administers a standard (try out) ” , drive automatically the test will be allowed to undertake in countrywide various places. Drive automatically the period is forthcoming, let our wait and see what happens.

Final attach nobody drive source of data of odd TOP40 (of a list of names posted up: Because of the fruiter)

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