KP3310- – contracted not simple, block allows step-down terminator

The product of small home appliance in the tradition (be like young fan, straight hair implement, dynamoelectric razor) in, a lot of small home appliance wait for a reason as a result of bulk, cost. Power source plan uses block to allow the program of step-down more. Although cost is cheap,block allows step-down, but its have inherent drawback: 1) the impedance current limliting that block allows step-down to use CBB capacitance to fall in labour frequency, through stabilized voltage the canal gets outputting voltage, because current limliting is constant, in bide one’s time moment, need wastes this part energy, output voltage to be able to be not stabilized otherwise. If 2) inputs occurrence clutter, criterion CBB is equivalent to short circuit, cause voltaic mutation likely, at the back of direct burn-up parts of an apparatus. After 3) CBB capacitance uses time to grow damply, cause service life short.

KP3310 solved afore-mentioned problems completely not only, its still can get better output performance, most crucial is the step-down of look following block that cost also can do is close to. Surely easy

KP3310 uses particular patent design, periphery simplifies extremely, communication inputs 90~264Vac, direct changeover becomes 3.3V, 2.7V or 5V 3 kinds of voltage, voltage of these 3 kinds of output adopts SEL foot set, SEL foot is impending, output 3.3V, SEL foot short circuit, output 2.7V, SEL foot receives 100k resistor to reach the ground, output 5V. Convenient and quick.

Surely easy
Surely easy
Surely easy

Volume is minorrer than 1 yuan of coin

KP3310 and BOM of periphery of block look step-down are comparative:

Surely easySurely easy

Comparative KP3310 and block look step-down are inputting voltage change to fall (176V~264V) , output the span of voltage.

Surely easy

KP3310 is almost invariant, and when block look step-down is inputting 176V, output cannot have worked normally.

Note: In checking data, block allows store can capacitance uses 470nF/630V, inputting low to 176V when, belt carry 30mA, already cannot work normally, if want to make sure low pressure works, need increases CBB electric capacity, this also means the addition of cost.

Comparative KP3310 and block look step-down are below change of output electric current (0mA~30mA) , output the span of voltage.

Surely easy

In outputting the process from 0mA~30mA, the output voltage of KP3310 is almost invariant, block allows step-down to have the change of 0.1V.

KP3310 makes total pressure application.

Surely easy

Inside limits of total pressure input, KP3310, below 90~264Vac, output voltage is very stable also.

KP3310 need not periphery EMC parts of an apparatus, can check through crossing EMC directly.

Surely easy

Superior product performance, service life of train in excess specified length, extremely simplifying periphery design, those who replace block to allow step-down not 2 gods implement, what are you still waiting for? Issue sheet quickly.

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