It is ministry of career of Ixia of heart science and technology is released ” 2018 year safety reports “

   On August 6, 2018, beijing —— is heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) announce ministry of its Ixia career was released now ” 2018 year safety reports ” , the application that key discussion is heart science and technology and minatory information (ATI) the great and safe discovery that the research center achieves in going one year. Regard a banner technology as the company, it is heart science and technology provider of help enterprise, service and government innovate quickly, create the world of a safe interconnection. Hand in workload increasingly as the enterprise finish by high in the clouds, the network safety risk that they face also increases increasingly, this report undertook labor in the light of this one trend.

   ” 2018 year safety reports ” regarding as is the year safety report that heart science and technology issues the 2nd times, made full use of the rich experience that the company tests an aspect in network safety, and finish finally to the dedicated research that network and Yun Ke inspect a gender. Expand as the border of traditional business the cloud, the network atttacks a face to also increase greatly. Use the professional technology that is heart science and technology, can undertake comprehensive analysis to this.

   It is Jeff Harris of vice-president of sale of plan of heart science and technology expresses: “ enterprise often is at present in Yun Zhongyun travel key business applies and serve, why to because this reports the key talked a business this,need to change its to protect the way of data and application. The operation that is based on the cloud brought about safe requirement to produce change. The enterprise needs a powerful safe mechanism, include to last among them test and the insight that include form to data deep, before making they can affect business in baleful behavior, discover and control it. ”

   ” 2018 year safety reports ” main discovery includes:

    •The first class important or urgent business that cloud security and consistency were 2018: An investigation of Ixia shows, protecting data and applied security was 2018 the issue that communal cloud needs to solve most. The cloud obtains dominant position to had begun to affect safe group, because they need,try to be in the ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, mixture environment that should need and changes offer effective safety to defend.

    •The breach between cloud operation and safe operation is expanding: A research of Threat Stack discovers, the communal cloud example of about 73% has one or more safe configuration to appear serious mistake. On one hand, the cloud is in constant growth; And on the other hand, safe configuration appeared a large number of serious mistakes, this is meant meeting occurrence more is safe 2018 flaw, and the cloud is an element.

    •As the ceaseless gradual progress that the network atttacks, the enterprise ought to pay close attention to more can inspect gender and detect: According to Ponemon a recent research, the enterprise is on guard in effort thinking of change of the need when safe flaw, once appear,safe flaw can be aware of instantly, especially now. Current, the network is atttacked from inbreak to be detected to come out to achieve 191 days on average.

    •Network crime will be an exceedingly meaning (to network convict character) : 2017 is a year when blackmail software to run rampant, and 2018 will be to dig mine to hijack a year when be popular. AdGuard researcher report says, more than 500 million computers are used to undertake close money digs mine adding, and of the computer possessory to this utterly ignorant. Add close money to dig mine to let a hacker can win tall get one’s own back, at the same time far secretter than blackmailing attack.

   • adds make business closely more safe to the client (likewise such to the hacker) : 2017, the half exceeded to be passed in entire network discharge add close. The hacker uses this one trend, will baleful discharge is concealed in adding secret data to flow, the tradition detects means is hopeless to this. Use temporarily the occurrence that close key adds close TLS 1.3, requirement company change imposes close kind.

   If be about to download be ministry of career of Ixia of heart science and technology freely ” 2018 year safety reports ” , visit please: HTtps://

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