Is the semiconductor of more than 40 billion dollar bought already unlikely reappear?

IC Insights expresses, as a result of beautiful couplet store the checkup that tightens up monetary policy, superintendency orgnaization is increasingly severe exacting, and global trade friction is ceaseless more and more aggravate, state protectionism look up, the semiconductor industry that gives cash specified amount to exceed 40 billion U.S. dollor buys trading possibility smaller and smaller.

In recent years, global trade friction upgrades, each country pursues the strategy that protects indigenous technology in succession, the superintendency of amalgamative to chip manufacturer case examines increasingly severe also exacting, here setting falls, connect a company high to be final by July of semiconductor of pair of favour Zhi Pu that announced to shut amount to be as high as 44 billion U.S. dollor buy trade, these show semiconductor industry is bought feasibly trade dimensions has been touched hit the ceiling.

In environment of current ground fringe politics and global trade war, semiconductor is bought trade the possibility that amount exceeds 40 billion dollar is becoming smaller and smaller.

IC Insights thinks, the combination of a series of elements – with the large chip manufacturer of dollar plan buys amount the complexity of conformity of exorbitant, big company, government that protects domestic supplier undertakes more severe exacting examine – in the future that can foreknow, strangled more large-scale semiconductor to buy trade.


Graph 1

Graph 1 listed conductor of before happening in semiconductor domain declared 10 most is bought trade, can see apparently from which and buy trade the growth of dimensions.

Buy in conductor of this 10 most in the case, having 8 happen in going 3 years, among them the biggest trade (connect high buy favour Zhi Pu) fail to finish.

Notable is, IC Insights gives out buy detailed list to cover manufacturer of semiconductor supplier, chip and integrated circuit intellectual property only (IP) provider, do not include IC company to be opposite of software and systematic level professional work buy (for instance Intel bought Mobileye with 15.3 billion U.S. dollor in August 2017, this is one is located in Israel drive automatically car number is become develop business like the technology) . Should buy detailed list to also do not include semiconductor equipment supplier, material to manufacturing business, chip is enclosed and check company of company and design automation software.

If can be finished, connecting what buy favour wisdom riverside with 44 billion cash high to trade will be the biggest semiconductor buys throughout history. But this trades 3 fold, announced in October 2016 at first, amount is close 39 billion dollar, move to 44 billion dollar on Feburary 2018, finally because of Chinese government tardy not discharged, cancel at last July a week.

China is to need to approve this to buy the last nation of the case, 2018 according to letter general approval of the 2nd quarter is passed, but the United States initiated trade war suddenly to increase custom duty menace, prevent Chinese capital to buy American IC company, bring about this finally to trade fail to pass what China superintends a branch in time before the date of expiration of set of Gaotong and favour wisdom riverside to examine.

Connect high buy this finally at cancelling on July 26, paid 2 billion dollar quickly to favour wisdom riverside part company cost, later, two companies will continue to become independent severally operation.

Before connecting those who fail to buy favour wisdom riverside with 44 billion U.S. dollor high, the biggest semiconductor is bought case it is An Hua high-tech is at the beginning of 2016 the means with cash stock displacement, 37 billion dollar buys rich to connect, buy after finishing, an Hua is tall will new company is incognito connect for rich, tell a company high at announcing to be bought in order to be as high as the quote of 121 billion dollar by 2017. Connecting high raise its to the quote of favour wisdom riverside to 44 billion dollar hind, it fell quote actively in Feburary 2018 to 117 billion dollar.

Because fear rich connects what connect high in couples to buy the meeting after the activity to take action of a few nearsightedness, bring about the United States to may lose the lead dominant position of pair of Chinese beehive technologies, march 2018 portion, american president Tangnadetelangpu signs a president to make, call those who stopped this amount to be as high as 117 billion dollar to buy trade.

After be being made stop by Telangpu, rich connects tall canal to express to will consider to continue to buy with cash form other smaller, business more centralized company.

In 3 years of in the past, of surging forward with great momentum buy tide to weigh model global semiconductor industry, came 2015 in 2018, add up to reached about 100 to buy trade, the total prices value that these trading exceeded 245 billion U.S. dollor.

The semiconductor that announced 2015 bought consultative amount to reach record-breaking 107.3 billion dollar, the semiconductor that announced 2016 buys consultative amount to be 99.8 billion dollar, for the history second Gao Shuiping.

2017, those who sweep across whole semiconductor industry buy mad tide to begin subsidise, announce this years buy amount to be 28.3 billion dollar, although far under mixed 2015 2016, but remain this industry 2010-2014 5 years this an average of 12.6 billion dollar double much.

Buy according to what IC Insights announces trade record, the semiconductor that before 2018 6 months announce buys total value to be 9.6 billion dollar about.




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