Is all bubble? Memory price predicting next year will drop 25%

Eventually, memory bar price should fall.

According to DRAMeXchange report, memory price will reduce 15~25% 2019. The report says, the negotiation of the price of DRAM chip contract of the fourth quarter already began, although PC DRAM keeps stable, but put delay in the round as DRAM demand, the graph shows the DRAM price of card to had glided.

Current, industry is transferring quickly new, more accurate 1x/1Ynm craft node, these node have higher capacity density, at the same time more factories are produced also can begin the string on complement. For instance, SK Hynix will be in in the new plant that does not have stannum 2019 put into production, this laid a foundation for slump in price.

Additional, chinese superintendency orgnaization still interviewed beautiful light recently (Micron) and SamSung (the memorial system supplier such as Samsung) , conveyed the shortage that offer money to cause the price to carry those who rise is anxious.

Be worth what carry is, NAND Flash also is looked to decline in the prices 2019, come so, next year may be the inning of machine of outfit of a PC, the meeting on the market has a large number of CPU, cheap GPU, memory and SSD.


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