Innovation of outstanding achievement of Hua Hong of semiconductor of deep ploughing of 4 large plant area is tall

China rainbow semiconductorReleased its on August 7 the 2nd quarter and half an year signed up for 2018, profit from is average price rises reach market demand is driving, its sales revenue achieves the history again first half of the year new tall. According to announcement, sales revenue of implementation of the 2nd quarter made an appointment with China rainbow semiconductor 2018 230 million dollar, grow 16.1% compared to the same period; Profit 45.9 million dollar, grow 33.6% compared to the same period; Gross profit is led 33.6% , rise compared to the same period 0.4 percent.



Hua Hong says, outstanding achievement behaves preeminent benefit from benefit from average sale price (ASP) rise and IC of MCU, super knot, IGBT, power source advocate increase of battalion business product requirement strong.


Hua Hong expresses, right second half of the year is confident 2018. Predict annulus of sales revenue of the 3rd quarter compares growth 3% ~ 4% , grow 13% ~ 14% compared to the same period; Wool interest rate is 32% ~ 33% about.


Graph: 2018 half an year sign up for Hua Hong


Company Q2 battalion closes exceed Q1 quarterly reports how-to


According to money newspaper, sales revenue growth surmounts Hua Hong Q2 the 5%-7% interval that anticipates in Q1 report, annulus comparing grows 9.4% ; Q2 wool interest rate is achieved 33.6% , exceed 32-33% how-to interval;


Integrated the first, 2 quarters, china rainbow semiconductor achieved sales revenue in all first half of the year 2018 440 million dollar, grow 15.4% compared to the same period, achieve the history again new tall.


Be worth what carry is, because market demand is driving, china rainbow semiconductor is produced first half of the year can utilization rate still is close to 100% , round product line of 8 brilliant produces the company can by 159 thousand / lunar growth reachs 172 thousand / month, the first, 2 quarters pay carry brilliant circle to be 454 thousand respectively, 501 thousand.


Hua Hong expresses, because the driving demand of home market reachs the stimulation of a series of industry policy, the sales revenue share that Chinese area client holds a firm grows ceaselessly. The area branch that differentiates by client seat concerns income data to show, sales revenue is Chinese area first half of the year 252 million dollar, occupy it is than making an appointment with 57% .



Hua Hong of net of distribution content couplet sets a factory to break without stannum produce can bottleneck


The rapid development that as the cloud city of net of couplet of computation, content, big data, wisdom reachs 5G communication to use a field, stimulated the demand of round to 300mm brilliant production, also quickened Hua Hong the group is creating a new 300mm any crystalline substance without stannum the motivation of round factory.


2017, china rainbow group and the 12 brilliant that always invest about 10 billion dollar without stannic collaboration are round formal settle does not have mill project stannum is new and high area. It is reported, this project basically is engaged in be not electron of management of power source of technology of volatile memory, advanced radio frequency, high end, car to wait for relevant IC to make, the terminal application that platform of this characteristic craft aims at includes net of couplet of 5G communication, content, power to run the field such as IC.


The Hua Hong that faces the burgeoning domain such as electron of 5G, car and content couplet net does not have first phase project of stannic 300mm product line, use technology of 90-65/55 accept rice, the program invests 2.5 billion dollar, press plan general 2019 Q4 building put into production, program every months of 12 are produced can be 40 thousand, the program comes the bottom is progressively 2022 at first produce per month can 10 thousand increase 40 thousand. The plan will purify workshop at falling to be finished partly 2018 construction and installation of dynamical Electromechanical equipment, open a line and progressively implementation is amounted to produce, predicting annual produce will amount to 5 billion yuan.


Semiconductor of deep ploughing of Hua Hong of 4 large plant area


Current, hua Hong has Hua Hong below group division grand force 12 of electron of 8 factory, Hua Liwei factory, and the Hua Hong that is about to start does not have stannum 12 factory, base of 3 big production is respective bear is different mission, if base area is nodded, plant area divides the bridge that it is gold, Zhang Jiang, Kang Qiao in all, without stannum 4 earths area.


Grand force established Hua Hong 1997, just enter field of brilliant circle acting labor till 2003, on global semiconductor part, the world advanced fixed position that it leaves with division of group of stage accumulating cable is similar, it is full-time 8 factory is special the platform that make Cheng, two companies town is occupied leading also is close.


Grand force is in Hua Hong Shanghai Zhang Jiang and Jin Qiao share product line of circle of brilliant of 3 8 , produce per month can make an appointment with 168 thousand, main attack is embedded be not volatile memory (cell of chip of ENVM) , power source government, power, radio frequency (the technology such as RF) , imitate and Composite signal, in MCU, intelligence at the same time the domain such as card occupies position, especially city of intelligent card whole world is occupied rate already amounted to 40% .



Graph: Hua Hong grand force 4 large production base


Electron of the Hua Liwei below division of China rainbow group round factory of 12 brilliant, this factory is dedicated high-end technology, have platform of Cheng of the metric system of 55 accept rice, 40 pay, also throw Cheng of 28 pay the metric system at the same time. It is reported, china force microelectronics factory of the first 12 (Fab 5) is produced per month can 35 thousand, factory of the 2nd 12 (Fab 6) will this year put into production, absorption do high end to make rice of Cheng 28~14 accept, sheet is produced per month can 40 thousand.


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