IC Insights releases Top15 of global semiconductor manufacturer, chinese mainland is seleted failure

On August 20, IC Insights was released a list of names posted up of Top15 of global semiconductor supplier is odd first half of the year 2018, samSung ranks the first, intel ranks 2. Regretful nevertheless is, chinese mainland enters before 15 of sheet of this a list of names posted up without the company temporarily.

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The four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site that distribute a line 15 is stage accumulating report, magnesium light, rich is connected, connect high, apparatus of Toshiba Toshiba memory, heart state, Ying Weida, Shan Di, Ying Feiling, favour is counted on the west semiconductor of law of Zhi Pu, meaning and couplet. Be worth what carry is, yingwei amounts to data to grab an eye most, relatively last year increase rate of the corresponding period exceeds 50% .

And of market of profit from memory bar anabiosis, the memory of Toshiba of Hailishi, magnesium light, Toshiba, business that Shan Di counts on the west grows SamSung of supplier of 5 old main memory, SK to all exceed 20% .

In sheet of this Top15 a list of names posted up, advanced in sheet of 15 a list of names posted up, have enterprise of enterprise of Taiwan of two enterprise of two Korea enterprise, 7 United States, China, a Japan and 3 Europe company. Stage accumulating report serves as a dinkum acting factory and additionally 4 complete IC to designed a factory to enter sheet of this a list of names posted up in, IC Insights thinks, if do not calculate a stage to accumulate report, the apple should rank the 15th.

The most regretful is, chinese mainland enters sheet of this a list of names posted up without semiconductor company. Besides start late, heavy diopter is not tall besides, the technology is exhibited greatly immature, or it is main reason. Nevertheless, as the outbreak of resurgence time, the chip industry of chinese mainland and semiconductor industry should be met obtain qualitative progress!


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