HPC of 7 Nai rice uses world core chip demand flourishing

Mature as Cheng of 7 Nai the metric system of late, reach demand of HPC/AI chip market fervent, World coreElectron (the HPC/AI that 3661) wins Japan, China and Euramerican client repeatedly designs case order form. Operation of high speed of HPC of rice of first when world core designs 7 NaiASICChip is cast successfully already a few days ago piece (Tape-Out) test and verify is successful, begin to enter a quantity to produce for goods.


As advanced the IC that make ChengThe design servesleader, world core blocks an AI successfully already artificial intelligence and market of HPC of high speed operation, already finished multinomial Gao Fu one year in the past miscellaneous design related spent high speed operation. Allied Market Research beforehand appraise, dimensions of market of global AI chip will with 45.4% years compound growing rate (CAGR) by 4.5 billion dollar will reach nearly 91.2 billion dollar to 2025 2017. World core values progress of this one trend, will make with excellent settle or live in a strange place change design service and quantity to produce a solution to be grabbed with all one’s strength accuse the whole world advanced market of chip of the AI that make Cheng.


Shen Xianglin of general manager of world core electron expresses: ” chip of 7 Nai rice designs this one season research and development already approach is mature, beginning a quantity to produce now. At present capable design the ASIC manufacturer of 7 Nai rice is not much, world core is made with original customer change systematic chip to design technology and quantity to produce a solution, prevenient take the high speed operation that controls Cheng to go up (HPC) , artificial intelligence (AI) and fictitious money (the applied domain of Cryptocurrency) , help client realizes chip of system of high-powered low power comsumption, acquire the market first machine. And in future a few quarters, we also design those who have product of rice of many 7 Nai the project, grab with all one’s strength study market of HPC/AI application chip. “


About world core electron (Alchip Technologies)


Limited joint-stock company established world core electron 2003, headquarters locate Taipei. Provide systematic company Gao Fu is miscellaneous degree, design of high yield SoC and quantity produce a service. The applied market of the product includes AI etc of equipment of stage of machine of operation of tall efficiency of artificial intelligence, HPC, recreation, mobile phone, communication, computer consumes sexual electron IC product. World core devotes oneself to to provide highest benefit for the client / the solution that cost compares, ensure the client casts a success to guide the product quickly the market. Since world core holds water, already finished numerous and high-ranking make Cheng (28nm is the following) reach Gao Fu is miscellaneous the successful case that spends SoC design, appear on the market at hanging out his shingle at Taiwan stock exchange on October 28, 2014 (stock code name: F- world core: 3661) . Be in the United States at present (Silicon Valley) , Japan (new yokohama) , China (Shanghai, without stannum, Hefei, Beijing, Guangzhou) with Taiwan (Xin Zhu) have branch.


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