Gaotong and Taiwan handclasp make peace, couplet hair division is not happy

Gaotong and make peace of handclasp of commission of Taiwan fairness trade, amerce of a huge sum becomes invest in the stage, to both sides this reconciles result, couplet hair division publishs a comment to say instantly, to this the result cannot be agreed with!
In October 2017, commission of Taiwan fairness trade in order to use market monopoly position, reject to offer a product to the client that does not accept its patent to permit an article, disobey local antitrust code to wait for, be in to be being connected high with 23.4 billion new station money (778 million dollar) amerce, achieved the top fine record of Taiwan antitrust.
Connect high
Today, connect commission of as fair as Taiwan trade high to announce both sides is reached reconcile. Classics both sides talks things over, end to be connected high to the end of July in pay 2.73 billion new station money (about 89 million dollar) hind continue no longer pay the rest fines, connect the cancel appeal in court of Taiwan area intellectual property high, understand commitment high at the same time, future will be begun 5 years in Taiwan area include 5G, market to extend, the investment of 700 million dollar plans the respect such as college collaboration.
Couplet hair division thinks, experience disobeys Gaotongyin include to trade fairly law inside competitive code, be in charge of in the whole world in succession mechanism lawfully punish, relevant manufacturer also is opposite big plant of each country time and Taiwan to connect to lodge a complaint high, commission of Taiwan fairness trade violates act with respect to Gao Tongzhi, had given punish; However, when trade commission did not correct his to violate act according to punish at be being connected high, Taiwan fairness becomes lawsuit with tall understand namely reconcile, will former punish is completely deserted, did not ask not only the accredit of component layer class, yi Wei is adjusted overall the business that collect fees uses pattern, fail to insist to safeguard what compete fairly to execute the law footing, to this result the company cannot be agreed with.
Be in to be being connected high originally fine with 23.4 billion new station money, fall now 2.73 billion new station money, to be being connected high for not affect the whole, and future is connected high acceptance invests Taiwan the collaboration such as 5G to plan inside 5 years, this kind reconciles is couplet undoubtedly as a result hair division is adverse, in couplet hair division looks, nature is not happy also.
Couplet hair division reiterates, the company reachs production purchase to all exceed -1863462912 yuan every year to the investment of high-tech research and development of Taiwan, at the same time creation exceeds opportunity of job of 9000 high-ranking research and development. In addition, couplet hair science and technology also is the important and crucial firm that the relevant industry such as Taiwan future 5G grows.
Couplet hair division thinks, the result that this lawsuit reconciles, the integral development that waits for relevant industry to Taiwan 5G and global competition ability, produce negative effect.

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