Gao Tongzheng type releases brave dragon 670: Two big core, GPU function promotes 25%

A few days ago, gao Tongzheng type released brave dragon the successor brave dragon of 660 670, you can regard your even is brave dragon of 710 change version infirmly, the biggest promotion depends on function of core framework, GPU, upgrade the ISP of edition can support 16 million those who resemble element is double photograph take a picture. At present already shipment, product of relevant and mobile terminal will come out in the end of the year.




Brave dragon 670 SoC still uses 10nm LPP craft to make, still be familiar 8 core, it is this to upgrade to two A75 big core nevertheless 6 A55 small core, he Xiaolong 710 it is same, just big core frequency a little a bit lower just, function is accordingly more driving. Carried new AI engine at the same time, function is 1.8 times of brave dragon 660 SoC. Also bear the LPDDR4X memory with lower power comsumption, speed bandwidth keeps changeless.

670 compositive Adreno 615 show brave dragon card, the Adreno 512 of 660 promoted dragon of photograph comparing Yu Xiao the property of 25% , differ the Adreno 616 that at brave dragon uses 710 times a bit.

Still having a progress is ISP, although was used with brave dragon the Spectra 250 ISP of 710 same type, but its sheet is photographed like head portrait element support drops 25 million, double photograph 16 million, but still resemble a Spectra 160 ISP of 24 million than supporting sheet to photograph only a lot of, mobile phone manufacturer also can be in in carry a mobile phone to go up to take a picture old write an essay.

Still having is DSP assist processing unit upgrades to He Xiaolong 710 same Hexagon 685, the others each respect difference is not big, can see brave dragon of 670 is Xiang Xiao dragon a 710 products that dress, the brave dragon that changes character 710 do not have necessary independence completely to give a 700 series actually, bringing into 600 series also do not have a problem, just do so can hit with more high-ranking product line press competitor couplet to deliver division product.



Connect high state brave dragon 670 SoC had offerred test print to manufacturer of each old mobile phone, can see before the end of the year relevant mobile phone product comes out the most quickly.


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