Fuji Kang Xin is begged component plant vice president is built to lead team explore way personally in Egypt

According to foreign media the report says, egypt industry and Dalike of trade department minister – Kabier (Tarek Kabil) interviewed the Fuji that heads a group by vice-president Wei-Shin Chang a few days ago health delegacy. The main discussion content of bilateral visit is Fuji health build will invest in Egypt one is used at producing all sorts of electrons yuan parts of an apparatus, and the major plant project that exports each world markets.

In a statement that publishs subsequently, egypt industry and trade department express “ Fuji health the project that invests this in Egypt of purpose, upgrade of purpose with industry and trade department the idea of structure of whole of domain of project, industry happens to have the same view ” . Outside analysis thinks, the plan of Egypt industry and trade department is to take the opportunity to enlarge dimensions of industry of native land electron further, make Egypt middle east and production of product of African area electron and exit center.

In fact, in the economic reform project of dominant of government of the Egypt before this, the fall to the ground that this government has represented to will pass the way that offers infrastructure of more overall industry to invest a project for more industry and foreign country creates a condition. Health respect expresses Fuji, “ company saw Egypt economy develop actively in what go for some time, and we are in include the country such as Taiwan of China, China, Australia, Czech, Russia to had developed large investment project, the likelihood that because be being searched this now,increases investment in Egypt market ” .

What need points out is, fuji health not long ago just announced to plan to invest 10 billion dollar to build plant of face plate of a liquid crystal in American Wisconsin. This factory basically may be in charge of be car manufacturer and malic company, other company in production face plate of small size liquid crystal, predict to be able to create opportunity of 13000 obtain employment for place.

But not long ago ” day classics Asia is commented on ” report of personage of cite know the inside story says, fuji health will decrease in American power awn of Si Kangxin city Tepulaisen (Mount Pleasant) the earlier investment of the factory. To this, fuji health government denied this one information in an email statement, call its solid without anything basis. (integrated / Tom)


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