Fuji health new plant should be set in Zhuhai, production oneself semiconductor?

According to the United States ” wall street daily ” view of personage of cite know the inside story said on August 17, fuji health plan builds a new semiconductor plant in Zhuhai, try to pass arrange of this with one action, transform oneself by tycoon of acting industry industry produce business to have a product oneself. But green battalion media denied this one statement inside the island, say Fuji Kang Fang faces his to express, this enterprise does not have the plan that is in plant of Zhuhai build semiconductor at present.

Still harbor intermediary report says, fuji health it is to want to build a new Fuji in Zhuhai health base, this base will hold the new company related those and semiconductor.

Last week 5 (17 days) , the net releases Zhuhai municipal government announcement says, zhuhai municipal government already was the same as Fuji at 16 days health sign strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will design the respect such as equipment of service, semiconductor and chip design to spread out collaboration in semiconductor. As to cooperative form and specific act, this announcement did not disclose.

Express in a statement that Guo Taiming published a few days ago in its, government of China of —— of construction of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province aims the Zhuhai that integrated Hong Kong, Macao and the act —— that Guangdong visits 9 towns serve industry to aim to develop semiconductor brought rare opportunity, fuji the development foreground of Kang Duizhu sea is confident.

In fact, fuji health had begun a few professional work related to semiconductor before this, include its to be in Japan among them the Xia Pu western factory of subsidiary blessing mountain, had begun to have the design of analogue integrated circuit and production. Fuji health bought company of Japanese summer general 2016.

And all the time since, business of enlarge most conductor also is in all the time Fuji health in the plan. Last year, fuji Kang Cengcan and contest buy branch of Toshiba memory chip, but final, the financial group place that the business of this one ace of Toshiba takes the lead by Bain capital of company of equity of American illicit collect is bought quite.

According to small letter industry of semiconductor of public date “ observes ”8 reports 18 days month, this year in May, fuji health established round ” of subclass of semiconductor of a “ , still the message says at that time, fuji Kang Zhun enters the production segment of semiconductor fully, had asked semiconductor business group spreads out to study about the feasibility that builds plants of two 12 inches of chip.

Make public information to show, group of Fuji Kang Ji owns a few subsidiary that concern with semiconductor at present, include company of science and technology of integrated circuit of company of science and technology of Foxsemicon integrated circuit, Shunsin Technology, Fitipower to wait.

This year in May, guo Taiming is made public in ever expressed in the speech, thrust of Fuji Kang Zhengquan moves intelligence to make, develop industrial Internet and artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet needs a large number of chip, purchase cost every year to hold high, semiconductor Fuji health “ meets him do ” certainly.

To the act of industry of semiconductor of Fuji Kang Jinjun, total position says at the vice-president Sean Yang of the CINNO Research of Shanghai, new move will extend Fuji health ability.

He still says, “ although Fuji health this company will conduce to entering chip business in the rich experience of manufacturing industry domain, but the kind that also should select a project carefully, ensure won’t with existing business domain deviate too far. ” in addition, yang still says, fuji health interior is very defective semiconductor talent, if want to develop semiconductor really, want feel one’s way.

” wall street daily ” say, at present, chinese mainland is opening up endowment billions of dollar cultivates homebred semiconductor industry, with pressing decrease to be depended on to foreign technology. Guo Taiming plans to extend Fuji right now health semiconductor makes professional work, those who showed Guo Taiming is ambitious.

In addition, show according to announcement of Zhuhai government net, this agreement that Fuji signs between municipal government of Kang Hezhu sea, still include the item related clear technology of freeboard of development and Internet of so called industry, 5G, 8k and artificial intelligence.

Day of ”19 of Taiwan “ free times reports say, fuji Kang Xiangji expresses, still do not have the plan that is in plant of Zhuhai build semiconductor at present, next act can cooperate in both sides drive inside the relation.

Observer net reports before this, fuji health investment the face plate plant that 10 billion dollar sets newly in American power Si Kangxing on June 28 break earth, american president Telangpu attended the news briefing that build a plant in July last year hind, visit the site again, attend the break ground ceremony that sets a plant. The outside unscrambles this for Telangpu the government is opposite of overseas business endorse, and Telangpu achieves ” of “ infrequent precedent for Guo Tai Ming.

Tycoon of another Taiwan manufacturing industry, the stage accumulates report, old since devote oneself to semiconductor to make professional work all the time.

According to the statistic of IC Insights of market research organization, generation of global brilliant circle was versed in battalion receives 62.31 billion dollar 2017, among them battalion of stage accumulating report closes for 32.16 billion dollar, the market is had rate be as high as 51.6% , rank the 2nd; Market of case collect square virtue has rank tertiary rate for 9.7% .

And in light of the rank from global semiconductor manufacturer, IC Insights data shows, in the whole world in manufacturer of 15 most conductor, stage accumulating report is ranked the 3rd, the platoon is advanced two for SamSung and Intel; The other firm in sheet of a list of names posted up still includes SK Hailishi, Microsoft, rich is connected, connect high, Toshiba.

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