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Yesterday, IC Insights was updated 2018 sale of firm of 15 most conductor ranks the whole world first half of the year. In these 15 companies, what 11 companies realized two digit grow compared to the same period, and, 7 increase rate exceed 20% , include electron of SamSung of supplier of 5 old memory, SK Hailishi, beautiful light, Toshiba / Toshiba memory, Western Digital/SanDisk, and Nvidia and ST.

In these 15 semiconductor manufacturers, 7 come from the United States, 3 are located in Europe, 2 come from Korea, 2 come from Chinese Taiwan, 1 is located in Japan. With photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, company of before 15 semiconductor is in 2018 total sales grows 24% first half of the year, among them 14 sale exceeds 4 billion dollar, increase 3 first half of the year than last year.

Notable is, IC Insights adds brilliant circle acting plant in supplier of 15 most conductor afore, because IC Insights inspects this kind of rank all the time,be list of optimal semiconductor supplier, the city with single and rather than holds rate rank.



In the company of before the rank 15, station of acting plant of circle of a simple any crystalline substance accumulates report, and 4 Fabless, the others is IDM 10. If eliminate a stage to accumulate report, meeting platoon is in the apple the 15th. Produce semiconductor business of the apple is a model oneself sell oneself, the mobile phone that the mobile phone processor that its design uses at oneself only consume kind of electron product, do not sell other system manufacturer.

Memory business is overwhelm
As show those who keep the memory market that is a delegate to last with DRAM and NAND hot, manufacturer of chip of 5 old memory made the whole world the biggest person that be benefited. The sale that sees settle on half an year compared to the same period increase rate, samSung is 36% , hailishi is SK 56% (in 15 manufacturers highest) , beautiful light is 45% , toshiba / Toshiba memory is 25% , western Digital/SanDisk is 27% .

Below the ray of memory business, intel of traditional semiconductor tycoon appears a little dim. Go a few years in the center, intel discharges the position in semiconductor industry old all the time, but the last few years, its position is challenged ceaselessly, it is above all 2013, the rise as smartphone market and hot, the sale that old of industry of mobile phone processor connects high and market prise rise sharply, approach for a time, exceeded Intel even, thenceforth rises, the industry released a signal, it is to want it seems that geomantic do by turns, each are gotten coquettish tens of year, the footstep that the industry changes is being accelerated, the wedding day of ” of “ rest on one’s laurels should end.

After that, arrive all the time 2017 the 1st quarter, intel or platoon are be expert at position of first of course of study, but rise suddenly as memory storm, from 2017 the 2nd quarter later, intel was lost since 1993 the position of industry head name, those who replace is SamSung. A year short, the sale between Intel and SamSung year increase disparity, from 2017 1% first half of the year, pull arrived greatly this year 22% first half of the year.

Notable is, this investigation of IC Insights is forecasted, 2018 of SamSung semiconductor sale 84% for memory, rise than last year 3% , than tower above of the year before last year 13% . In addition, the blame of this company stores business predicts the sale 2018 is 13.5 billion dollar only, than the blame memory sale 2017 12.5 billion dollar rises 8 % . Under photograph comparing, the memory sale of predicting SamSung will grow 31 % this year, reach 70 billion dollar.

This year in May, toshiba finished the price with 18 billion dollar to store its IC business sells the financial group of Bain capital dominant. Toshiba counter-purchased the business share of 40.2 % subsequently. Name of Bain financial group is BCPE Pangea, this group has Toshiba to recall a company (TMC) the share of 49.9 % . Hoya Corp. Own TMC the rest the share of 9.9 % . New owner plans to undertake IPO inside 3 years.

In the company so queasy circumstance falls, toshiba rank still can maintain in higher position, battalion received growth to still exceed 20% , visible, build went up the east wind of memory market, lying to be able to earn money.

The charm of GPU
As a Fabless manufacturer, the platoon in the rank that can participate in in numerous IDM is in the 10th, nvidia is honorable really, and, of this company the sale grew 53% compared to the same period first half of the year 2018, this increase rate, be next to SK 56% Hailishi’s, expressional Jing is colourful. These are attributed to ——GPU of its core business completely before driving expression.

What apply as AI is arisen, especially a large number of deploy that its are in center of high in the clouds, data, opposite at CPU, of GPU calculate force, especially the trains a respect advantage that its learn in the machine got sufficient play, got be admissived extensively. This makes the GPU feel just like a fish in water of Nvidia, the technology that accumulates for years and product advantage are able to release, helped its sale come true to erupt thereby the growth of type.

From the point of current situation, short-term inside, this company GPU still is surmounted hard in the applied advantage of high in the clouds, although many systematic manufacturer is mixed,Internet tycoon is establishing his chip group, with the AI processor that uses at developing data center, but start after all opposite later, distance technology maturity and quantity produce the distance with still have certain. This respect, the advantage of GPU still will keep longer.

Besides AI, the GPU of Nvidia also enters a quantity to produce stage by stage in the application of car electron respect with dimensions deploy phase, and market potential is tremendous, also contributed not small battalion to close for its.

And the traditional advantage that consumptive level GPU is Nvidia and market, battalion receives stability.

Stable Wang Zhe
In sheet of this a list of names posted up, apparatus of state of heart of imitate semiconductor tycoon (TI) the platoon is in the 9th, integrated its are ranked before, battalion receives the information such as increase rate, it is stable that TI gives a person the greatest sense. Quit professional work of mobile phone processor actively oneself, since buying American country semiconductor 2011, TI all the time business of deep ploughing simulation, and product line is enclothed completely almost, will give a person to send the feeling of big money with depressed tone all the time for years. Mix in all IDM continuously firstly the platoon in Fabless manufacturer is in the 7th right-and-left position, battalion receives increase rate to also be stabilized all the time in ten percent.

In memory business be in power today, the rank of the TI in sheet of this a list of names posted up is the 9th, there is many memory chip firm in front, more the stability that highlighted its business and battalion to close. In addition, this company is in the sale in sheet of this a list of names posted up compared to the same period increase rate is 11% , this and its in recent years expression keeps balance basically.

OSD market is broad
In sheet of a list of names posted up, ying Feiling’s sale grew 18% compared to the same period, this number actually not low, and, the product line structure of this company and its battalion control capacity also other majority manufacturer is different, we can see, this company is in before this year among two quarters, its OSD (sensor and photoelectricity parts of an apparatus, schism parts of an apparatus) battalion receives total very tall, it is 907 million dollar is mixed respectively 926 million dollar, be next to SamSung 9.1 with 9.5, be far ahead at other 13 manufacturers.

We know, ying Feiling is power yuan parts of an apparatus and car use semiconductor / yuan the banner manufacturer of parts of an apparatus, the camp that joins its OSD receives expression, can see, the product of this company diversity is politic, make its are had stronger fight risk ability, battalion receives ability to also can hold the position that stabilizes in from beginning to end.

Chinese manufacturer still needs hard
In sheet of this a list of names posted up, did not come from the manufacturer of chinese mainland, but two come from stage of —— of Chinese Taiwan area to accumulate report and couplet hair division. Among them latter is like person meaning very much in the expression that goes two years, battalion closes glide, fortunately company high level adjusts product strategy in time, as processor of mobile phone of P60 of the beginning of the year roll out, with one action turned round declining tendency. Can see from inside sheet of a list of names posted up, q2 battalion controls this company this year annulus comparing grew 20% , this avoided greatly battalion closes to grow those who be negative situation to appear compared to the same period first half of the year (the statistical eventuate in sheet of a list of names posted up 0% ) .

In the sheet of integrated rank a list of names posted up in this kind of IDM, Fabless and Foundry, before the manufacturer of chinese mainland mainland returns very difficult platoon to enter really 15, but before the platoon is entered 20 capable still (those who have this kind of capacity basically is Hua Weihai thinks of He Ziguang to exhibit vigor) .

The hope is in before long in the future, as our country native land IDM and Fabless grow, can have, more and more manufacturers can be discharged into, and in stabilizing the sheet of a list of names posted up in this kind of authority.


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