Embrace new era Google to open CIRQ of frame of source quanta algorithm

Go a few years, quanta computation develops somewhat in quanta hardware respect not only, in the development of quanta algorithm the respect also was greeted improve. As computer of Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) roll out, the algorithm that development uses at understanding these machine function is more and more important. However, a when quanta algorithm is designed on NISQ processor common problem is how to make full use of these finite quanta parts of an apparatus.

In addition, processor of a few quanta has complex geometric constraint and other nuance, these elements will bring about oversight wrong quanta computation, or the computational result that the influence is optimized and revises.

NISQ namely noisy and medium-sized quanta, NISQ computer shows those have 50-100 quanta bit, and the equipment of door of high fidelity quanta. To solve afore-mentioned problems, help developer understand NISQ quanta computer to whether can solve the computational problem that has actual and important sense, google opened a source recently Cirq. This is a frame that makes for NISQ algorithm only, allow developer to write quanta algorithm for specific quanta processor.

Cirq supplied pair of quanta circuit for the user (the accurate control of Quantum Circuits) , to write and compile quanta circuit, course of its data structure is optimized technically, the person that get out of the way is sent uses NISQ framework adequately. Cirq support runs these algorithm on simulator, aim to pass the cloud relaxed the quanta hardware with future or bigger simulator are compositive.

Open a source at the same time still have OpenFermion-Cirq, this is to be based on Cirq and newest and algorithmic an application give typical examples. OpenFermion is a dedicated solution the quanta algorithm that turns knowledge problem definitely develops platform, openFermion-Cirq is the library opening a source that algorithm of imitate of quanta of one one or two compiles Cirq. This are new the library uses newest research rate of progress to ask for quanta chemistry problem compose builds algorithm of low deepness quanta, allow an user custom-built move to be on specific hardware.



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