Dynamoelectric tool tycoon chooses international change to, what kind of strategy is dynamical cell business having to adjust?

In recent years, the evolution of dynamoelectric tool appears miniaturization, light-duty change, turn a tide without the rope, make lithium battery has better growing sex in dynamoelectric tool domain, also drew the attention of business of numerous power cell from this.

Relevant data shows, without the rope space of dynamoelectric tool market exceeded 15 billion dollar 2017 (the RMB makes an appointment with 101.7 billion yuan) , calculate according to CAGR6.6% , moved tool market space to will exceed 18 billion dollar without stringy report 2020 (the RMB makes an appointment with 122 billion yuan) . Lithium battery is used on dynamoelectric tool string together to 8-10 from 3 strings of development, applied amount twice increases. Accordingly, market of cable of dynamoelectric tool lithium rises tomorrow potential is tremendous.

Understanding arrives, current and homebred without the rope the home market of dynamoelectric tool amount is occupied than making an appointment with 1/3, lithium battery application basically is given priority to with domestic manufacturer, but occupy still be not worth than global market 30% , popularity rate is relatively slow also. Regard dynamoelectric tool whole world as the biggest market, the report do not have a rope of North America market begins construction provide the market to occupy than exceeding half above, popularity rate and replace rate still quickening promotion.

Current, the dynamoelectric tool industry before international rank leans moves tool domain to holding larger market share in the report that do not have a rope, together with international is dynamoelectric tool tycoon chooses to begin to change direction to lithium battery, or will bring bigger market to expand opportunity for manufacturer of domestic lithium battery.

Include lithium of day roc power source, 100 million abb at present can, force god, sea 4 amount to wait for battery business to had moved tool tycoon to form close together strategy to cooperate with international report, even a few enterprise already entered what move tool tycoon to international report to supply catenary system.

The consistent consensus inside course of study is, have technical technology only actual strength of banner, research and development the excellent, ability that offer money has quality of stronger, product the lithium battery business of safeguard, just the opportunity enters international manufacturer of large and dynamoelectric tool supplies a system. After once affirm,concerning for goods, short-term inside won’t make a change easily, the lithium battery business that enters its to supply chain will hold stable market share inside proper time.

Dynamoelectric tool tycoon chooses international change to, what kind of strategy is dynamical cell business having to adjust?

Dynamoelectric tool tycoon changes to the choice of lithium battery to

As we have learned, the whole world ranks front row to be like TTI, Rich world, 100 wait for dynamoelectric tool companies, without the rope dynamoelectric tool basically is usedBelow the pine, LG andSamSungWait for the columnar lithium battery of day Han enterprise. The estimation inside course of study, company of before the whole world 5 dynamoelectric tools is annual the lithium battery amount that altogether uses is in 10GWh above.

In recent years, use the apparent promotion of tool market demand as the report that do not have a rope, dynamoelectric tool tycoons chose to also have new change to the supplier of lithium battery, its will supply catenary to choose limits to take aim to China.

Investigate its reason, on one hand, electric car develops the whole world quickly bring manufacturer of battery of lithium of the Han that deliver day to biased somewhat to the centre of gravity of each business market, bring about produce can supply deficiency, stem from dimension firm supply catenary and cost pilot purpose, the range that uses tool tycoon to roll out a supplier gradually chooses international report.

On the other hand, in home in recent years market of electric automobile estate erupts drive, business of battery of partial home lithium accuses in canal of product technology, craft, automation is made wait for a respect to all have substantially promotion, also become the target that trend of industry of dynamoelectric tool tycoon cooperates.

Chen Xuan of general manager of day roc power source expresses, what the company provides the technology of the domain and market precipitation to already had 12 years in electric industry is long, the company a few years ago is started and spread out in the round for the whole world business of each famous dynamoelectric tool brand cooperates. Because international client is right the requirement of character is completely right brand of award day Han, the company also threw the facilities facilities with banner international in recent years, be based on the foundation of product research and development of major application domain, raise the consistency of the product and high reliability further, ask according to international client’s rigid system and dependability, what compose builds the whole place that make Cheng to concern key process is online detect and date from system.

Lithium of 100 million abb can president Dr. Liu Jincheng is avowed also this year, the company 18650 batteries of the put into production before this, had obtained the order of the TTI of dynamoelectric tool company with the greatest whole world. The company also is the lithium phone company that home acquires TTI order for goods the first times, this reveals a lithium of 100 million abb to no matter be product, technology or crop,can have international in certain level banner level.

Be worth what carry is, move tool tycoon to change direction to the choice of lithium battery as international report, business of domestic power cell has begun rub one’s fists and wipe one’s palms-be eager for a fight, positive development accords with international report to use the batteries technology of tool tycoon demand and product, produce in market strategy can distribution side also is adjusted somewhat.

The strategy of dynamical cell business is adjusted

In fact, as the allowance fall off of car of new energy resources, in truckload the factory depreciates below the double converging attack that requirement and price of upriver raw material fluctuate considerably, the market of dynamical cell business is politic by radical turn into composed, seek or do make market of domain of fractionize of battery of lithium of essence of life greatly, with seek more dovish development road.

Backside of day roc power source accuses a partner bay ocean to arrange prosperous to concern in investor mobile intermediary carry on, will tell from market strategy, the sale price that at present dynamoelectric tool uses lithium cell uses lithium battery price to want tower above than electric car 10% the left and right sides, do not have weak busy season additionally, the state that return a money is far good at electric car. Show level so, the company is produced can go up dynamoelectric tool is some morer, need profit will back the investment such as more long-term research and development.

The sea 4 amount to Zhou Li of chief inspector of market of secretary of board of directors, layout to also express, in side of dynamoelectric tool business, the company already developed collaboration with the international enterprise such as rich world. The company was in 2018 firm power business while, also develop the stress dynamoelectric tool market.

Report of senior engineer lithium notices, at present manufacturer of cell of domestic a lot of power all has sortie report to use tool market, but animal farm to wait for a reason at product, technology, craft, fail to ascend body international shipment measures bigger dynamoelectric tool company to supply chain all the time, market order is split and relatively lesser.

As we have learned, below same voltage, the electricity that tall fold batteries carries is bigger, dynamoelectric tool ability is had bigger torsional, ensure use safety even at the same time. Accordingly, dynamoelectric tool has tall fold, small temperature rise, consistency to have higher demand to lithium battery, this to battery business character is a serious challenge.

A personage of the technology inside course of study expresses, dynamoelectric tool sort is various, can divide roughly for professional class, industry level and class of average family expenses, the professional level that international respect uses to special industry is dynamoelectric tool, to sex of lithium battery fold the requirement amounts to 50-100C, 30-50C of industrial level requirement, the also asks to achieve 15-30C requirement of class of average family expenses. And the dynamoelectric tool of different sort is endless also to requirement of batteries energy density identical.

“ rises besides tall fold, low temperature besides, the part is dynamoelectric tool manufacturer is very supreme to the requirement of batteries consistency at electric car, this produces the automation degree of the line and craft canal to accuse to have higher demand to production. But it is certain that at present batteries of domestic major cylinder produces the equipment technology stability of the line and international tycoon to still exist difference. Afore-mentioned ” personages complement.

The personage inside course of study thinks generally, although space of dynamoelectric tool market and profit are capacious, but international tycoon chooses to go up in dynamoelectric tool batteries, capacity of the technology to the enterprise, development, produce can furnish to have have higher doorsill demand. This is meant, in the near future, can calling a meeting of leading role in this domain truly is international and domestic technology actual strength stronger dynamical cell company.

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