DRAM sale breaks through 100 billion dollar will historicly, will SamSung also sit throne of firm semiconductor bibcock?

Be in continuously below be in short supply and the setting that rise in price, the newest report that IC Insights of semiconductor market research organization issued recently is forecasted, amplitude of industry of global DRAM chip exceeded 30% 2018, total production value will break through 100 billion dollar to close greatly, continue to reside dimensions of IC product market firmly with the market share of 24% the first. Have the SamSung with top rate as DRAM market, had surmounted Intel successfully to sit last year the SamSung of semiconductor bibcock throne whether hold number one position accordingly?




Single field value of output breaks through IC industry first 100 billion dollar


According to IC Insights (Dai Er of Arizona city Si Keci) data, DRAM sale predicts to will grow 39 % this year, reach 101.6 billion dollar. Meanwhile, IBS (California city Luosijiatuosi) forecast DRAM market will rise 32.6 % this year, wider semiconductor market will rise 12.5 % .


DRAM market sale grows data sources: IBS

IC Insights predicting DRAM will be occupied 2018 the 24 % of integral chip sale, forecast the 2nd big NAND shows sale this year put the dimensions that predicts to will reach 62.8 billion dollar. IC Insights estimates at the same time, DRAM and NAND will be occupied this year the 38 % of market of chip of 428 billion dollar.


DRAM sells the biggest source into IC chip, origin: IC Insights

Of course, no matter be the growth of DRAM or NAND, korea manufacturer benefit is maximum, among them the biggest winning the home will be the SamSung electron with market highest share, its are occupied in the city of DRAM and NAND leading is 45 % , 37 % respectively, than ranking second SK 28 % of Hailishi, 10 % are a lot of taller.


Source of DRAM market share: IBS



 Benefit quite the SamSung of abundant


Since 1992, intel is the semiconductor firm with the biggest whole world all the time, however of business of profit from chip drive, the four seasons was spent 2017, samSung depends on chip business the sale of 69 billion dollar is ground press Intel the sale of 63 billion dollar, will 26 years squeeze next Intel to make the whole world first manufacturer of the biggest chip.

Net of thunder sharp edge still understands, the statistical data that IC Insights published May shows, 2018 the chip sale of SamSung is 15.8 billion dollar for Intel of second of rank of 18.6 billion dollar first quarter. Look from increase rate, the increase rate of SamSung is as high as 43% , and the increase rate of Intel has 11% only. And, the component sale of SamSung has exceeded mobile phone branch first half of the year this year. Data shows, first half of the year solution of SamSung electron equipment (DS) branch (also call component career the ministry) sale is 56.05 trillion Han yuan (add up to a RMB about 340 billion yuan) , 47.1% what hold SamSung whole sale; Mobile sale occupies the IT & that produces a smartphone than for 44.1% , the sale of the CE section that produces TV and product of other home appliance is occupied than for 16.9% .

From the point of business profit, the growth of the DS section that basically produces semiconductor and monitor product is more apparent, the business profit of DS branch was occupied in company whole business profit 2013 38.8% , was 2014 25.5% , mixed 2015 was respectively 2016 27.2% with 37.7% , was last year 56.4% , be as high as 76.9% first half of the year this year. Under photograph comparing, although the business profit of ministry of IT & mobile career takes a company to 2016 from 2013 the half above of total business profit, achieved 2015 especially 67.8% , but dropped to 38.4% considerably last year, it is only first half of the year this year 21.1% .




Can SamSung sit the throne of firm semiconductor bibcock?


Accordingly, samSung whether sit on semiconductor bibcock throne firm, memory chip became a key. We from replace technology and market two respects go seeking the solution. The investigator Kevin Chang of the university points out Neijimeilong: “ came 20 years in the past, the access of the computer memory that is based on DRAM bandwidth had promoted 20 times, the capacity grew 128 times, but defer show is 1.3 times onlier promotion. ”

The memory talent that the computer nowadays needs a large number of high rate, high capacity assures to run continuously, work especially centre of gravity is memory database, data concentrated model the data center of function of training of analysis and network of more and more machine study and deepness nerve server. Although researcher has been being searched better, faster replace tried hard a lot of years on the technology, but go up in the job with first performance, DRAM still is the option that people uses generally, this conduces to an explanation the increase sharply of DRAM sales volume 2017.

Additional, DRAM is considered as a mature technology, although fast but power demand is big, current or the technique that prospective hopeful replaces DRAM has a lot of, be like 3D XPoint, MRAM, ReRAM, But the sexual price that experts think these technologies had not replaced DRAM it seems that compares a dominant position. DRAM also has what plan on the technology to improve the new-style DRAM framework such as plan and HBM2 and Hybrid Memory Cube, what need points out is the rate difference between DRAM and CPU still still occurs.

Demand side, as a result of,go two years of demand grow all the time, but the yield of manufacturer can promote finite. Be engaged in DRAM and the DRAMeXchange report that NAND studies, as a result of SamSung, SK the yield of the main manufacturer such as He Meiguang can invest Hailishi need time, memory is produced this year can grow 19.6% only, achieve the history new low.

The data of DRAMeXchange is forecasted at the same time, DRAM chip demand predicted to will grow 30 % above 2018. Because manufacturer is dedicated the demand at contented smartphone and data center, accordingly this year of DRAM market supply will continue to be restricted. Accordingly, no matter be,look from the technique that replace or market demand, the growth momentum of DRAM has no abate evidence, and SamSung also is in roll out new product actively.

Net of thunder sharp edge understands, lunar SamSung electron announces a hair quantity to produce 8Gb LPDDR5 grain on, rate can amount to 6400Mbps, faster than having LPDDR4-4266 memory 50% , at the same time power comsumption is reduced 30% . What nevertheless need points out is, the SamSung on conduct propaganda states 8Gb LODDR5 uses the technology of 10nm level, but 10nm class is not 10nm craft, the product that before combining this, releases still should be 18nm craft.

So, do you feel SamSung can sit really the throne of firm semiconductor bibcock?


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