Door of female palm of chip of Chinese first place: Day talented woman learns bully, she from deficit 3.3 billion accomplish surmount Intel

AMD is the United States exceeds power semiconductor company, it is the whole world tycoon of chip of the 2nd big PC, be next to Intel, AMD is behaved all the time recently pretty good, the change that profit from new CEO brings, taipei international computer was exhibited 2018 on, abundant of AMD CEO Su Zi raises the 7nm RadeonVega GPU in the hand and 7nm chip of dragon of clouds of the 2nd acting EPYC, self-confidence is full of on her face, as if tell Intel, the period of AMD is forthcoming.


In July 2018 portion, AMD published the 2 quarters report of a bright look, the net gain of AMD is 116 million dollar, and AMD of the corresponding period was returned last year is deficit condition, net loss caustic is 42 million. Should know net 2016 loss amounts to 497 million dollar (about 3.3 billion yuan of RMB) , ability began last year make up the deficits and get surpluses.

Abundant of CEO Su Zi expresses, profit of AMD2 quarter net profit reached 7 years of culmination since, sales volume of desktop processor Ryzen has the growth of two digit above compared to the same period, and sales volume of Ryzen mobile series turns over times directly, this is undoubtedly it is a good news to AMD.

German shopkeeper Mindfactory also published a data April this year, market of global computer chip, intel is ranked with the portion of 53% the first, AMD ranks the second with 47% portion, seemed to see AMD wants the feeling that salty fish turns over eventually.

Doctor of abundant of AMD CEO Su Zi precipitates in semiconductor domain old, it is the technical big ox with accepted Silicon Valley, she has working experience of 13 years in IBM, 4 years ago from heart of luck of the CEO before AMD (Rory Read) replace AMD is presiding the position of apparitor, doctor of Su Zi abundant is the scarce female CEO in global high-tech company, and the CEO of chief Chinese female that still is semiconductor industry.

One’s previous experience of Su Zi abundant at the city austral the stage, parents has accepted good education, father is a statistician, the mother is an accountant. 3 years old fly to the United States along with father, good domestic atmosphere lets her have deep love for study as a child, as a child aspire becomes an engineer, when 10 years old, she can tear open the remote control car that assembles a little brother, high school studies period, she is already right the thing related computer is interested very much.

This day talented woman learns bully, be dug to hold the position of main job by AMD president later, be in charge of the transition of the enterprise. From Intel development goes cruel after farsighted series CPU, AMD dejected all the time, in the portion in PC chip market from 23% fall to 10% the following, be not come over to enrage fully by what Intel hits.

4 years ago, su Zi abundant is formal the post of replace AMD CEO, open reform considerably, advanced 3 old goals of company: Make great product, deepen a partner relation, simplify operation, and run to a gleam of and manager, manufacturer personally communicate, go back and forth between big China area for many times. Important to the enterprise contributor, have to denying enough much award comes incentive them, su Zi abundant puts the talented person in from beginning to end the first.

Went a few years, su Zi abundant showed his commercial talent adequately, headed AMD firm the right path afresh in crisis hour, product of the PC chip that makes AMD afresh, GPU reduces a market. At present AMD has been in with domestic company domain of center of cloud computation, data, server began collaboration. Data center market is growing in high speed, prompting the demand of server business, chip of EPYC clouds dragon also will make the next profit point of growth of AMD.

Since AMD after rolling out acute dragon processor, the sales volume of AMD is taller and taller, at the same time the income of AMD and profit also are to be climbed successively rise, and the statistic with newest 2018 basis, AMD exceeded Intel again in the statistic of the German cable business July, held first throne.

When media once asked about a female to enter domain of science and technology what to should do, su Zi abundant expresses: “ can give you the way of a nonstop success without the person forever, but, if we provide more opportunities and environment, spirit of the lofty aspirations and great ideals that lets a female can have development cause here, adventure reviews from wrong middle school, ability shows itself truly. ”


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