Does quantity of 7nm of stage accumulating report produce a situation not hopeful? How is the stage accumulates report to inbreak by virus to return a responsibility?

The stage accumulates electric 7nm quantity to produce a circumstance to look not hopeful really, a few days ago, stage accumulating report inbreaks by virus apple, The sea is thought of, bit mainland chip of 7 accept rice or suffer an effect, the station of chip acting plant with the greatest whole world accumulates report to confirm Saturday, because be atttacked by computer virus, partial product line is affected.

The stage accumulates report to inbreak by virus is how to return a responsibility

Evening approached midnight time on August 3, station of big plant of bibcock of acting labour of global brilliant circle accumulates report to be located in Taiwan Xinzhu the round factory of 12 inches of brilliant of scientific garden area and battalion carry headquarters come out suddenly computer inbreaks by virus, and the message of come to a standstill of product line total number, and be less than a few hours, the stage accumulates report to be located in the Fab 15 factory of area of Taichun division lyceum, and the Fab 14 factory of area of lyceum of the division austral the stage also comes out in succession same information, this is in on behalf of stage accumulating report Taiwan north, medium, south 3 part are important manufacturing base, synchronism inbreaks because of virus and brought about come to a standstill yield a line a few days ago!

The stage accumulates electric statement to say, the company already controlled virus to affect range, the product line that gets an effect is resuming production stage by stage. Because the infection rate of virus is different factory just, the part has returned to normal, the others factory predicts to be in return to normal inside a day.

The Fab 12 of round factory of 12 inches of brilliant that the stage accumulates report to be located in new bamboo headquarters is the headquarters of research and development of industry group, also produce production Leakey product, there also is partial back end to seal in not far dragon pool factory additionally measure technical CoWoS (Chip On WAfeR On SubstraTe) wait, this was yesterday most come out first the brilliant round plant area with toxic computer, plant of the division in coming out in succession later, south division plant also has similar incident to happen.

The stage accumulates report to inbreak by virus is how to return a responsibility

Quantity of 7nm of stage accumulating report produces a situation not hopeful

The area of Taichun division lyceum of stage accumulating report (in division) the main force with Fab 15 current plant is base of production of 28 accept rice and craft of 7 accept rice. Among them, the 7 accept rice of stage accumulating report engineering technology is taking off in the 3rd season, according to in-house estimation, 7 accept rice accumulates electric battalion to receive contribution to be able to promote in the 3rd season to 10% proportion to the stage, the four seasons reachs 20% proportion further.

On craft of 7 accept rice, stage accumulating report masters at present include high speed operation (HPC) , action communication, GPUWait for big client, include an apple, Connect high, the sea is thought of, AMD, Nvidia, and add close money client to be like bit mainland, Jia Nayun wisdom, Japanese Internet is big the GMO that the factory also is supplier of the chip that dig mine.

In respect of 28 accept rice, stage accumulating report is mixed in the order of this craft node produce not can full, among them a reason is partial client turns into craft of 16 accept rice from 28 accept rice, the yield that brings about 28 accept rice can utilization rate is reduced.

Garden area learns in the division austral the stage (south division) face of Fab 14 manufacturer, it is the main production base of craft of 16 accept rice at present, order and produce very can full. Additional, the 5 accept rice that the stage accumulates report to had announced prospective research and development and 3 accept rice engineering technology will repose Yunake.

Evening was controlled at 10 o’clock about on August 3 yesterday, because computer virus inbreaks,the Fab 12 factory that the stage accumulates report to be located in new bamboo headquarters, Fab 3 factory and Fab5 factory come out in succession, bring about machine stage to become machine and product line come to a standstill, come out to stop the equipment of machine to begin to undertake software weighs the movement of fill partly in the morning till now.

Industry analysis, had not heard total number yield a line restores at present, although stop only machine a day, time does not calculate long, because the earthquake brings about product line to appear,associate with also has splintery and produce a line the state of temporary come to a standstill, efficiency can be produced to make up for with Gao Sheng after the stage accumulates report, fall the loss to lowest, but what this secondary notices is, because of,be in toxic the brilliant circle that halts the production before machine should spend time possibly to be checked afresh.

Stage accumulating report inbreaks by virus apple, sea is thought of, bit mainland chip of 7 accept rice or suffer an effect

Station of acting plant of the biggest chip accumulates the whole world report confirms, poison of catch a disease catch a disease of partial product line atttacks influence come to a standstill, predicting weekday will return to normal. Stage accumulating report is the sole supplier of IPhone core processor, the apple is in normally will release every year in September taste IPhone newly.

Annual the 3rd season has the stock up peak period that is big client of stage accumulating report, especially apple of smartphone big client (Apple) the season that begins load pull, right now the stage accumulates electric product line to give an issue, whether can affect effect of stock up of client follow-up busy season, be worth follow-up observation.

Be in early this year May, the processor that the report points to mobile phone of 2018 IPhone series will accumulate report to make by the stage. Stage accumulating report is presiding and financial officialLora Ho expresses, this is not this company first time is assaulted by virus, but this incident is very serious.

The stage accumulates report to be mentioned in statement, the manufacturing base with Taiwan main area got affect. Coverage of media of the Taiwan before this says, the Fab 12 plant area of area of lyceum of division of Taiwan new bamboo (12 inches of brilliant round factories) , the Fab 15 plant area of area of Taichun scientific garden (28nm and 7nm production base) and the Fab 14 plant area of scientific garden area austral the stage.

Stage accumulating report is clear, those who cause product line trouble is virus, the hacker of this downstage intermediary report atttacks and rather than; This means a stage to accumulate report to not was faced with a technology likelihood by the risk of filch. Day classics Asia comments on viewpoint of quote information personage to say, relevant issue is very sensitive, since Zhou Wu evening, the stage accumulated the message that report may be atttacked by the hacker to spread everywhere to entire industry.

The material effect of producer face still remains to be announced further, nevertheless, annual the stock up busy season that 3 quarters are a client that accumulate report, the order that comes from an apple blame very.

It is an apple not merely, connect high, Rich is connected, Ying Weida, China forActing labour produces the chip that waits for much home company to depend on a stage to accumulate report.

Magenshidanli predicts before this, malic company today autumn the new IPhone that can release 3 different measurement likely releases: 5.8 inches reach 6.5 inchesOLED IPhone, and IPhone of 6.1 inches LCD new fund.

Guggenheim PartneRsThe analysis thinks, 6.5 inches of OLED should be the IPhone X Plus in fokelore, the big screen money that is pair of existing IPhone X is additional; 6.1 inches of IPhone are low IPhone upgrade.

The stage accumulates electric “ to prevent the beginning of the year of Zun Dachuan of hacker general ” to retire to have an accident

Another remarkable drop is, past stage accumulates electric enterprise to prevent a hacker to work is accumulate electric information technology by the stage senior deputy always hold information concurrently to grow Zun Dachuan to guard a pass, but he already retired in March this year, earlier than Zhang Zhongmou of patriarch of stage accumulating report one pace.

And he retires, came out a few days ago north of complete Taiwan of stage accumulating report, medium, south the brilliant round factory of 3 ground is synchronous atttack by virus, make industry accident very.

   The stage accumulates report to inbreak by virus is how to return a responsibility

The personage inside Ceng Youye was analysed in the past, semiconductor big plant often is stared at to go up by the hacker, wait for filch key technology and secret, atttack semiconductor big plant to be as high as thousands of times through the network everyday sometimes. Additional, resembling is Alibaba group patriarch Ma Yun also has said, want to handle the hacker charge of global each district everyday.

Zun Dachuan prevented a hacker to work to what the stage accumulates report in the past, ever had said so, it is good that the enterprise prevents a hacker to must be done inbreak before the company, and after entering a company each are on guard, of stage accumulating report defending hacker action is to adopt multilayer defend (Defense In Depth) , besides holding off ill will to atttack form or fishing correspondence through each software, in case defend have flaw, the hacker enters company interior, can let them can be in only a certain area, and cannot make any motions, but some hackers may hide period be as long as many days 400, and interior of stage accumulating report develops a software, want these hackers to have an action only, be caught very quickly.

Zun Dachuan is emeritus nowadays be less than half an year, the stage accumulates report to be like the virus attack of computer hacker by doubt, break down the product line of brilliant round factory of complete Taiwan of stage accumulating report. To this matter, the stage accumulates ammeter to show, it is virus but the attack that is not computer hacker, because answer,interior has enrolled urgent meeting.

The stage accumulates the computer virus infection of electric happening, bring about the product line with complete main Taiwan temporary come to a standstill, this accumulates report to the stage is major event, happen to be less than 24 hours up to now, a lot of detail must await a company to have detailed explanation external, include to affect a circumstance to wait, especially second half of the year be about to the 7 accept rice of to the limit of one’s capacity engineering technology, apple, sea is thought of wait for big client order to whether can be affected, and whether does stage accumulating report need to suspend stopping a card next week with showing a case external, it is to watch a key next.

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