Does car of new energy resources need to change batteries? When to change?

As people living standard promote increasingly, everybody increases of the consciousness of ” ceaselessly to “ environmental protection, of course, fall in the guiding of national policy especially, the market of car of new energy resources goes high all the way, the multiple core competition ability such as the cheap ” that buys through its “ , province ” that “ uses gained the favour of more and more consumer, well-known, compare car of new energy resources at present, it is electric car namely. Drive benzine edition car everybody knows it is OK to do not have oil to add, but does the car of new energy resources need not to need to change batteries? When to need to change?

Above all, everybody should understand the classification of cars of next dynamoelectric new energy resources first: One, pure electric car; 2, mixture motivation car (namely oily, report mixes) . Everybody should notice to be in mixture motivation car, the mixture motor vehicle that can charge only just belongs to new energy resources, the mixture motivation car that cannot plug phone is not to belong to category of allowance of new energy resources inside.

Use the batteries form in the car with electrify, introduce the relatively popular lithium battery series on market at present. Lithium battery advantage is store report much, discharge big, life long, free from contamination, but although life is long, but as use and of time elapse, effect or meeting are abate. Manufacturer of the car on the market is at present right of lithium battery group protect character period, install in 10 years of 200 thousand kilometer. That is to say, want 10 years only or occurrence issue of group of the batteries inside 200 thousand kilometer, manufacturer is OK according to what protect a regulation to give you maintenance character. Pass this parameter, we can conclude, the longest life of lithium battery group should be to be more than those who be equal to 10 years, go to the lavatory to use a car of course 10 the left and right sides basically needs to change.

Next, long Shengjiu child each have different, what because the quality of batteries and individual drive,be used to is different, cannot decide so entirely according to manufacturer standard, we ourselves master to decide even change the standard of batteries group. Make an example, for instance you charge 1 hour to be able to be full of at ordinary times, but filled 30 minutes of n this only full, can decide so the look quantitative change of your batteries group became little, should go check or changing.

Of course, when having, through charging time decides not accurate also, the most accurate method is judged namely through mileage. If be full of report to be able to open 300 kilometers at ordinary times, so if be full of this hind can open 150 kilometers only, be not worth so probably with respect to the batteries capacity that is you, need is checked or change batteries.

As a whole, want to be used normally only, the batteries of car of new energy resources is to be able to assure to be being protected character period inside do not give those who show any issues, even if protect character period arrived, that also is after 10 years, of the policy that and manufacturer also can roll out batteries for certain before this changes, so everybody also need not worry.

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