Defending ” old road ” do not put, samSung home appliance should eat those who do not have the channel on the line eventually ” deficient “

In recent years, the powerful engine that home appliance industry grows has been made on the line. Not long ago releases ” home appliance net bought an analysis to report first half of the year 2018 ” show, in whole of home appliance market difficult situation falls, the market on the line is highlighted increasingly to the importance of home appliance enterprise. What face the confluence below the line on prospective line to develop nevertheless is retail change, company place shows the manner that come to be widely divergent, some chooses active hug to greet new outbreak, some originallies however the pace is self-given be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, buy market just miss the opportunity with the domestic electrified wire netting of rapid growth, bring about drop out in intense market competition. Investigate its reason, have the be defeated that error of strategy of enterprise oneself market causes already, also blind self-confidence deviates from the falling that industry trend brings about, by no means an isolated case. From this period case, will roll out “2018 year ” of check of performance of the market on line of home appliance company, show to had dropped out or be being shown drop out “ goes the enterprise of qualitative ” undertakes dogging reportorial, dug develops the consideration that receives block on its line, drive its to had crossed obstacle emersion at an early date brilliant.

As once high-end home appliance represents a brand, the rapid be defeated of SamSung home appliance lets a person feel quite sigh, and this one circumstance is online on channel is reflected more apparently. ” 2018 home appliance net buys an analysis to report first half of the year ” (the following abbreviation reports) show, no matter be retail volume or turnover, samSung freezer, washing machine already all dropped a cavalcade of brand of the TOP10 on the line. And more those who make a person open-eyed is, online go up freezer, washing machine is retail in product of TOP10 of quantity, turnover, samSung home appliance does not have a list of names posted up on a product unexpectedly, austere degree sees the situation one spot. Face “ is close to to die on the line the current situation of dish of ” , the “ the root cause of illness or trouble of SamSung home appliance is ” in?
SamSung home appliance
Depend on the malpractice below the line to show the sale on the line to be immersed in odd group
” report ” show, home appliance divided channel first half of the year 2018 compared to the same period in amplitude, retail volume amplitude is respectively on freezer, washing machine line 13.5% , 19.9% , and the sign that steep fall is shown below the line, it is respectively drop 13.10% with 9.90% . This shows, the channel on the line is apparent with each passing day already to the action propping up of market of freezer, washing machine, future also contain is worn tremendous potential.
Tendency of the market is such, but SamSung home appliance still is in it seems that defending ” of “ old road to be not put, did not realize the value of the channel on the line truly. The personage inside course of study points out, samSung home appliance is carried in the channel of Chinese market as before too depend on beauty of Su Ning, country, and these traditional channel business more lay particular stress on falls at the line, cannot online go up to bring too much and real sales volume to SamSung. Accompanying “ wisdom of new retail ”“ is retail of the concept such as ” arisen, afore-mentioned traditional channel businessman are energetic also visit district transition, begin to explore the confluence below the line on the line, corner of a large number of forces highlights awkwardness at the fixed position of the SamSung home appliance of the channel below the line, be in do not feel on “ , do not wear quite below the situation of ” , entering also is not, retreating also is not.
Sale lung-power is self-evident to the important rate of the channel on the line, but be put into trouble sells capacity at cent of the channel below the line abate, samSung group supports to the sale of SamSung home appliance year after year is cut, latter channel lung-power also decreases considerably subsequently, make the pulling force of the channel on the line large from this sell at a discount.
The personage inside course of study points out, this kind of current situation or will become future of SamSung home appliance the normal of daily sale. Because be eager to cut terminal charge, samSung home appliance pursues “ to abandon dimensions to defend the strategy of profit ” , come through removing inn again and again cut expenditure, but removed inn to reduce shipment amount further again, sale depression restricted sale expense reversely, formed vicious circle so. From ” report ” in light of shows sale data, samSung home appliance from 2017 second half of the year begins declining tendency to be shown gradually, turnover of the freezer on its line had been less than leading Yang Haier first half of the year 2018 seventeen 1/0, fall of speed fast surprising. More those who make a person anxious is, samSung home appliance manages a layer to do not have the way that puts forward to be answered effectively to this situation, online on brand of white cable market spends very tall instantly centrally, the difficulty that its later period opens a phase will be greater and greater.
Product structure is put short board unscientific ” of market strategy “
SamSung home appliance serves as enter one of foreign capital brands with Chinese the earliest market, its product mainland changes a process to make progress all the time however slow, this one circumstance is reflected on strategy of product structure, market particularly apparent.
In product structure level, it is with SamSung freezer exemple, its many prices paragraph break serious, product structure presence is apparently short board. ” report ” show, 2018 first half of the year, 2000~3999 yuan, 4000~5999 yuan Duan Bing box becomes the price to increase two the quickest prices compared to the same period paragraph, both parts with 51.3% , before the amplitude of 45.3% ranks market of the freezer on the line two. At the same time 2000~3999 yuan turnover is occupied than the biggest, achieve 46.65% , and 4000~5999 yuan carry out forehead occupies price Duan Ling than achieving 17.62% , these two prices paragraph the main impetus that already became the market on freezer line to grow quickly.
But SamSung home appliance did not realize this however it seems that, via reporter inquiry, be in Beijing east store, samSung freezer shares 385 to be in carry out product, among them 2000~3999 yuan type is 54, 14% what hold sum total, box of 4000~5999 Yuan Bing has 75, 19% what hold sum total. Two the quickest than growth of the biggest, sale prices are held in turnover paragraph, samSung freezer sum of products is less than however 1/3, home appliance of SamSung of it serves to show is not lucid to the survey of structure of freezer market product, this kind of circumstance also is reflected somewhat on washing machine product line.
In market strategy level, samSung home appliance is some closer body reveals year of much money product that roll out its are right of industry trend unscramble existence apparent deviation. It is with SamSung freezer exemple, the personage inside course of study points out, pass the air officer of compressor of pair of efficient frequency conversion, essence of SamSung freezer “ accuses to last ” technology is the commend inside course of study all the time, but from roll out freezer of ” of SamSung “ Pin Daozhi banquet to begin, the circumstance with SamSung freezer lack of power innovation is shown with each passing day, the SamSung “ that rolls out nearly two years in succession for example tastes beautiful type of “ of ” of Taoist school banquet, SamSung ” of free space freezer more be made by what ” of “ heat leftover rice-say or do the same old thing calls inside course of study. In product strength promotion finite premise falls, the price of SamSung freezer stands high above the masses as before however, be united in wedlock ” report ” indication sale data, consumer is opposite apparently this not show respect for.
Additional, ” report ” show 80 hind, 90 hind the group is becoming main force of the consumption on the line, held the domestic electrified wire netting that exceeds 7 to become to buy user number, the home appliance on the line is purchased young turn a tide apparent. Current, brand of report of each become known is aimed at young crowd, or roll out a line to go up child brand advocate the price that call a sex is compared, or roll out high end to be tasted newly advocate make character living, or mining product periphery is changed, socialization changes a likelihood, advocate make product value outspread, can say the industry all is seeking the channel on the line actively to expand will carry brace up market performance. Watch SamSung home appliance instead, purchase a crowd in the light of the home appliance on the line young change, did not adopt active, effective market strategy. The personage inside course of study points out, at present SamSung home appliance is spent in the attention in young consumption group wear off, this results from the brand fixed position of SamSung itself and product level deviate from with each passing day, and of company of domestic white phone strong rise abruptly to also be in the market space of brand of home appliance of foreign capital of farther nibble tradition, the market that city leaves SamSung home appliance after is heavy brace up opportunity and time already less and less.

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