DARPA heavy gold aids financially development sheet piece 3D compositive technology


Photograph origin: SkyWater Technology Foundry


Advanced research plans American department of defense bureau (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA) announced recently obtain an electron to revive plan (Electronics Resurgence Initiative, the list of the scientist that the brushstroke fund that ERI) provides aids financially, company and orgnaization. ERI is a by a definite date 5 years, denounce endowment the plan of 1.5 billion dollar, the purpose is to be in rub industry of electron of model United States is weighed during Er mensurable times is about to end. Suffer in 42 when announce in funding a project, have a project particularly conspicuous because of getting what exceed other item considerably aid financially amount.


This project obtains aid financially amount to be as high as 61 million dollar, among them, what “ uses concentrated fine size is odd a 3D is compositive the technology changes project of computational system ”(Revolutionizing Computing Systems Through Dense And Fine-Grained Monolithic 3D Integration) is his in what including a subproject, obtain endowment do much —— income to aid financially amount nearly 40 million dollar. The target of this subproject is likewise conspicuous: Use sheet piece 3D compositive technology, made be able to use tens of year long old workmanship makes the chip that come out can be rivalled with the chip photograph that comes out with at present the most advanced technology makes.


The colleague Subhasish Mitra that this project is based on electron of Masschusetts Institute of Technology and computer project assistant to teach Max Shulaker to reach its to be in Stanford university and H. – S.  A kind of technology that Philip Wong develops, this technology allows to be in charge of carbolic accept rice transistor and memory of resistor type RAM compose is built on chip of common CMOS logic.


They published positive result of a research last year: rice of accept of 2 million carbon body is in charge of Guan Jing and compose of location of RAM of type of many 100 resistor is built on a silicon chip, pass the metallic jumper that arranges thick and fast between layer and layer to rise their join, a when make those who be used at alcohol smell explore is multilayer electronic nose device. Nevertheless, as a result of the participation of company of SkyWater Technology Foundry, this considers another to achievement is not merely very of cruel demonstrate sexual achievement just.


90 accept rice uses on the device that the SkyWater company that total position pauses at Minnesota cloth Lu Ming uses at handling chip of 200 millimeter silicon through be in engineering technology, will make chip. This engineering technology still calculated 2004 going up is sophisticated technology, but large before 15 years company begins to abandon this technology. So, why can DARPA cast so much capital to give this mill that uses this technology?


Will hear the point of view of SkyWater president Thomas Sonderman. You may feel this manufactory may be best choice not only after this, and the likelihood is only alternative.


Sonderman says, because craft of 90 accept rice is a kind of very reliable craft, and be used extensively at making the chip of small lot, a lot of works of “ government are completed around craft of 90 accept rice, accordingly, develop a kind can evolution arrives more high-powered, but the technology that still abides by craft of 90 accept rice is very important. ”


Say according to Sonderman, DARPA also hopes this technology reservation is in the United States, and SkyWater now is American home exclusive a homeland specializes in silicon chip manufactory solely investedly. If DARPA chooses to be in,resemble bethel inferior such national laboratory comes to national laboratory develop this technology, so achievement may rely on not common device and professional knowledge, and if want to be used at the commercial use besides national defence application, so still need to transplant other business manufactory. Sonderman says: “ is in same a mill development this technology, you can raise crop production very quickly to give more product ” .



Photograph origin: SkyWater Technology Foundry


Besides, not be every manufactory is willing to use nonstandard material (rice of the accept that be like carbon is in charge of) , because if processing is undeserved, with respect to the product that may pollute other client.


Sonderman explanation says: “ wants to introduce a few material to be like superconductive material when you, what and want put them in moving CMOS flow is same a product line when going up, you need to make and implement the agreement of one a complete set of. ”“ we had implemented these agreements not only reach the designated position, and we have experience of about 10 years in this respect. I think this is one of our real dominant positions, also be the reason that the outside competes very hard with SkyWater. ”


Be in next in 3 years, shulaker is in the group of Masschusetts Institute of Technology will be dedicated at developing workmanship, stanford college group will found design tool to make full use of in order to help an engineer the function promotion that the pile place of transistor of canal of rice of CMOS, accept and RRAM brings. And the ” of “ technological process of a high yield that Skywater will be developed and the test runs in its manufactory.


Sonderman says: Government of “ United States can work in the lab not only to building and the technological process that can use in orthodox manufactory model is interested very, because this means you to have a technology not only, and the technological process that established to be able to offer a client to use. ”


Can be in do not need to spend costly displacement to arrive performance can improve below the circumstance of the advanced technique more, this to SkyWater and other and small-sized manufactory it is a tremendous victory. Sonderman says, be based on newly extremely ultraviolet the investment that the craft of photoetching technology needs billions of dollar at every turn, want to keep the yield that operation place needs, go against them to provide a service for client of net of small-sized content couplet. “ if everything undertakes by the plan, set the standard a 90 pay afresh rice, so we can enlarge scale of production continuously. ”



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