Couplet report: The client adds valence to grab 8 inches of factories to produce can

Couplet report 8 factory is produced can explode greatly full, even if already was started before rise in price, heretofore still cannot satisfy client requirement, couplet report can ” pick a client, carry order ” production, many clients increase price actively, to can obtain enough yield can.

Couplet report

Because 8 factory is most already depreciation ends, produce related can demand exceeds supply, scoop up battalion of the report that note couplet carries but period. But also because of couplet report 8 are produced too can full, industry comes out, because earlier order is less,IC designs manufacturer new product, cannot obtain enough produce can assist, for this big nerve-racking.


At present case of compasses of semiconductor mainstream brilliant is 12 , enlarge of main brilliant round factory produces the whole world, give priority to with 12 factory, round factory of 8 brilliant can appear past technology bottleneck to change only increase quantum of output, and already cannot obtain on market brand-new augment of stage of 8 machine, make whole is produced can amplitude is finite.


But wait for chip to sex of a lot of consumption, power source management and character, circle of 8 brilliant is the specification that fits production most, cost effectiveness excels 12 , add many content couplet nets to apply chip to be produced in 8 factory more, in demand promotion, supply increases finite below, facilitate round acting labour produces any crystalline substance of this 8 can demand exceeds supply grand occasion.

Couplet report confirms, at present 8 are produced can be fully loaded with continuously, cannot satisfy the order requirement of all clients, so this company also undertakes the product is optimized, the hope can maintain the order that stabilizes for a long time, wait for circle of semiconductor silicon brilliant the part that former stock rises, begin to be mirrorred in quote at end of the 2nd season.

Nevertheless, because silicon brilliant help sb to attain his aim occupies whole originally proportion of acting labor cost is not high, although silicon brilliant is round,go up up to now from last year so breathtaking, but as we have learned, 8 produce electricity of a couplet recently can rise in price extent makes an appointment with a digit per cent, with the product of special norms quote goes up taller.


Face acting labour of circle of 8 brilliant to produce can be short of greatly, the person that IC designs job discloses, if be original,already ordered the product below, acting labour is produced can problem of it doesn’t matter, but the yield that should add new product can, a bit painstaking, and although want to turn to other home production, the product line that also is not every acting factory can be competent.


Enlarge of capital of collect of big onshore city is produced


For better collect capital enlarge is produced, partner met couplet report fall to apply for to go to Shanghai A with naval vessel through the banner temporarily yesterday hang out one’s shingle case, small shareholder worries about outflow of couplet cable technology, hong Jiacong of couplet report president expresses, mainland semiconductor industry grows flourishingly in recent years, local government also supports very much, couplet report accuses to be able to be done very strictly in wisdom money canal, of employee find new job circumstance hard to avoid, can be faced with high pay to dig horn sometimes, but important make Cheng and technology can be in Taiwan.


At present couplet report hold and naval vessel exceed 98% equity, issue with naval vessel new after hanging out one’s shingle, couplet report is held will fall about 87% . Couplet report plans to let the banner falls and core of naval vessel, couplet and couplet cooperate, the resource that the 8 factory of 3 companies, 12 factory and IC design serve conformity, with giving priority to body with naval vessel, can apply for A to inspect of chinese mainland card hang out one’s shingle.


Couplet report plans, with naval vessel A hang out one’s shingle issue stock par value to be every RMB a yuan, this second issue new several do not exceed 400 million. Couplet report finance affairs grows Liu Qidong to express, apply for as soon as possible in the meeting after partner can be passed, but when can hang out his shingle formally, still cannot forecast.


Liu Qidong says, with naval vessel at A after hanging out one’s shingle, can have in the mainland raise fund conduit, obtain fund but the extend that its itself did not come to cope with, the extend that the capital of couplet report can use devoted Taiwan or other area, deserve to send high dividend or carry out have in storage. Small shareholder suggests couplet report considers to decrease endowment, but Hong Jiacong says, decrease endowment should treat a condition, include the battalion on the hand to carry capital and prospective augment plan wait, going after shareholder rights and interests is company direction. Come to carry out have in storage at whether wanting or decrease endowment, meeting all-around is brought into think, report to the board of directors again.


Liu Qidong points out, this by apply for to appear on the market with naval vessel, but did not incorporate with of couplet core, couplet, couplet is run share company 100 percent with naval vessel, and with naval vessel and couplet report hold of aggregate couplet core 6 into much equity, have control power, additionally 3 becoming is mainland partner hold more, but have add redemptive. The client of prospective mainland is main by accept the order with naval vessel, other area client accepts the order by couplet report, if both should cross an area to accept the order, need to pay brushstroke of the other side service fee.


Couplet report expresses, with naval vessel application issues A, basically be to hope mainland subsidiary can draw nicer talented person, solve further raise fund problem.


Liu Qidong expresses, mainland semiconductor industry rises quickly and case of the ability that grab a person is severe, rate of talent prediction of a person’s luck in a given year was as high as 15 ~ last year 20 % , wait for subsidiary competition advantage with naval vessel to maintain, through in A appear on the market and provide equity concatenate award mechanism, can be attracted and tarry nice talented person, and prospective capital expenditure also can raise fund by capital market, couplet report criterion but dedicated this course of study


Because 8 brilliant is round acting labour is produced can be critical, will undertake after procuration capital with naval vessel enlarge is produced, by every months at present 64 thousand are produced per month can, to the end of next year promotion reachs 77 thousand. As to core of Xiamen factory couplet the bottom is produced per month this year can amount to 17 thousand about, bottom of predicting next year produces augment can reach 25 thousand, after attaining economic scale but by turn to be filled with and scoop up fortunately the report that note couplet gains profit.


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