Competition of market of mobile phone chip is intense, couplet sends division future to will encounter more violent suppress

Couplet hair divisionThe 2 quarters outstanding achievement that announce shows, battalion closes to grow 4.1% compared to the same period, annulus comparing grows 21.8% , what make a person surprizing especially is net profit grows 239.3% compared to the same period, the chip shipment volume that at the same time it publishs is more than 100 million, regain 100 million upper part, nevertheless this can explain it already was obtained only merely anabiosis, from in those days brilliant still have very big difference.

Division of hair of 2 quarters couplet was surmounted first 2016Connect highMake share of market of chip of chinese mainland mobile phone the first, close when Ji Jiying amount to new station money 72.52 billion yuan, relatively the battalion of 2 quarters receives tower above of sixty billion four hundred and eighty-one million new station money this year two into; Profit of the net before duty obtains money of 7.751 billion yuan of new station, same relatively the 7.498 billion new station money of 2 quarters is fast this year.

Competition of market of mobile phone chip is intense

Competition of market of chip of global mobile phone is quite intense, gao Tongzheng depends on its technology, patent advantage to promote the market portion, according to StraTeGy AnalyTiThe data that Cs releases shows it resides the first high with the market share of 52% first quarter this year, and market share appears rise trend.

SamSungRegard the whole world as the biggest mobile phone company, also increasing in last few years use grind oneself the scale of mobile phone chip, the benefit support at oneself mobile phone, strategy Analytics states it surmounted couplet hair division to make the whole world with the market share of 14% industry of chip of the 2nd old mobile phone.

Couplet hair division from 2016 second half of the year begins to suffer a defeat continuously, lag behind at the competitor on the technology, bring about market share, gross profit to wait to all glide continuously, the volume of quarterly chip shipment last year drops even wear 100 million, couplet hair division is immersed in low ebb gradually. Ability of chip of the P23 that till last year close jerk of second half of the year gives, P30 lived firmly the market, and the target this year basically be to turn round declining tendency, chip market is carried in main attack.

To industry of mobile phone chip, share of market of smartphone of instantly whole world is being quickened forward 3 strong SamSung, apple andChina forConcentration, predict the volume of mobile phone shipment of enterprise of these 3 mobile phones will be achieved this year 700 million, the share that holds market of global mobile phone is adjacent 5 into, however the mobile phone chip that enterprise of these 3 mobile phones all has him research and development or mobile phone processor, the market that this causes industry of chip of independent mobile phone to be remained in contention is intense with each passing day.

Couplet sends division future to will encounter more violent suppress

Very apparent couplet sends the actual strength of technical research and development of the division to be inferior to be being connected high, this had original dominant position to ensure in high-end chip market with respect to Ranggaotong oneself profit, be in then in low end chip market and couplet hair division have intense price war.

Connect high already established a joint ventures with science and technology of core of couplet of industry of chip of mainland mobile phone, low end chip accredit gives it, the market is extended in chinese mainland by it, at the same time its are in in the end in carrying the market to be rolled out respectively again is chip, medium division of hair of couplet of high-end chip suppress, because chinese mainland is the biggest market of couplet hair division, face this kind of layout to go against couplet hair division apparently.

SamSung LSI keeps basically on technology of LTE base band synchronous with Gaotong, go up in processor research and development even excel is connected high, the mobile phone that at present it already did not satisfy at be oneself only supplies chip to begin to push carry out to enterprise of Chinese mobile phone its mobile phone chip, evil spirit a group of things with common features already had much money mobile phone to use the chip of SamSung, actually evil spirit a group of things with common features also is the staunch proponent of couplet hair division before this, evil spirit a group of things with common features will be used at the same time certainly nowadays connect high, the chip of division of hair of SamSung, couplet, it may be said of couplet hair division is another serious blow.

Before homebred mobile phone 4 strong in, millet near future uses couplet to deliver chip of the P22 of the division, A22 early or late, this is sent to couplet division it is good news of one big profit, the OPPO that nevertheless second half of the year supported couplet hair family above all last year and uses chip of its P23, P30, Vivo was increased this year use the scale that connects chip high, 2 quarters are in Vivo this year the shipment volume of home market rises compared to the same period 30% , this is to cause couplet hair division the battalion of 2 quarters closes to grow 4.1% compared to the same period only this year, the reason that market share continues to glide to be surmounted by SamSung even.

Couplet hair division is sent hope to be in5GAfter business is used, obtain more driving anabiosis, connect high however be in early the mobile phone chip that released 5G base band last year and can supply a mobile phone to use next year certainly, and next year of couplet hair branch can offer M70 of 5G base band only, explain it lags behind at be being connected high on 5G chip research and development, arrive apparently next year it tries to gain bigger profit on 5G chip market not actual.

Hope to realize chip origin diversity as a result of enterprise of chinese mainland mobile phone of course, couplet hair division still will have its vivosphere, just its inferior position on the technology wants be confined to regain 2016 brilliant be afraid unlikely already.

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