Chinese Department of Commerce was not approved in deadline connect high buy NXP—The love that talked about 21 months parts company formally

Although be connected high,put a word to plan to abandon buying NXP yesterday, but to deadline (Beijing time 26 days midday at 12 o’clock) still hold a hope, expect Chinese Department of Commerce can approve this to buy in deadline, but, already passed at 12 o’clock now, website of Department of Commerce has no any approval announce, this also is meant connect high buy favour Zhi Pu to fail thoroughly, this love that talked about 21 months ends with parting company, nevertheless, according to the agreement, connect what still need to pay NXP 20 100 million dollars high to part company cost.

In October 2016, gao Tongxuan cloth will open up endowment 44 billion dollar buys favour Zhi Pu, this is dimensions of semiconductor industry throughout history trades the biggest. Below the background that puts delay in growth of mobile phone demand, if succeed,trade, high clear and coherent profit enters car electron market, hold leadership position through NXP, and after NXP and the union that tell high its position cannot shake, so this is bought after announcing, laozhang is special point out ” [viewpoint] Chinese Department of Commerce should be overruled connect high buy NXP record ” .

Also be to be in this to buy after announcing, around buy also produced a series of great change, it is NXP partner thinks to buy valence on the low side above all, later this is bought drew another gigantic alligator—Rich tells a company, its CEO Chen Fuyang nots hesitate to facilitate headquarters move in order to expect toward the United States of this 130 billion dollar buy greatly, although Chen Fuyang is not constant Biao Han but come up against more he still defeats Biao Han’s Telangpu below blast come, telangpu overruled this to buy with presidential standing.

And apple during this also to Gaotong rise in revolt, reject to pay its unreasonable patent fee, although still do not have a result,two companies still hit lawsuit but also affect to be being connected high very big, newest message says next generation apples won’t use Gaotongji to take processor, this is very major blow undoubtedly to be being connected high.

Connect high because this is examined and approve in global each district,buy NXP very strict also, especially European Union, if make an European Union successfully painful break its,buy company of the biggest semiconductor, below the effort that understanding high nevertheless, 9 countries such as European Union, United States, Japan, Korea give in succession connect let sb pass high, approved this to buy, this bought card to be in China finally, laozhang and the blow that the personage inside a lot of course of study approves pair of China semiconductor to if be bought this,thinking are deadly, accordingly my compose many article insists to want China to should overrule this to buy, ” intense proposal government overrules this to buy, the ceiling of megalosaurus dash against that cannot let fly ” ” riverside buys Gaotongenzhi case, after all is the road in He Fang? ” ” industrial person comments on: Be being connected high is to should abandon original business pattern! ” ” lengthen the 28th times trade time, connect high buy NXP to still have show? ” of course, there also is the personage inside course of study to find me during, express their desire, hope I can phonate on behalf of them, accordingly my compose ” the personage inside ADAS course of study: If connect amalgamative NXP high, we want unemployment! ” one article. From at present state of intelligent traffic development looks, congress compose builds his intelligent traffic system in, and semiconductor chip is Chongzhongzhi is weighed.

Several days ago, draw near buy deadline, I return compose an article ” look to be connected high from old strategy angle buy one record of NXP ” from additional dimension is spent look to although hope our Department of Commerce can overrule this to buy,be bought this.

This result wishs along with the person eventually now, nevertheless, no less than develops fund discussion the earliest with a few pairs in that way, this is bought is not simple buy, it is the rich play chess between Sino-US economy system, inevitable meeting be mingled with is other element, this Cigaotong buys failure also is profit from divine secondary attack of Telangpu, he is “ treats big country to be like merchant ” really, brushstroke pen is being broken calculate gain and loss, undertake hitting pressing ceaselessly to China, such behavior surface goes up won actually very foolish.

Connect high on July 26 announced newest money signs up for, end to the 2018 money June 24 year the 3rd quarter, press standard of American general accounting, company battalion closes for 5.6 billion dollar, relatively the 5.4 billion dollar of the corresponding period rose 4% last year, prep above analyst the anticipation of 5.19 billion dollar; Net profit is 1.2 billion dollar, relatively the 900 million dollar of the corresponding period was climbed last year litre 41% ; Every accrual after fry batter in a thin layer is thin is 0.82 dollars, the corresponding period was 0.58 dollars last year, grow 41% compared to the same period. This outstanding achievement is good at anticipating. Connect high if buy failure of favour wisdom riverside to will counter-purchase share of 30 billion dollar,still express. It is good to get these benefits message influence, dish hind trade its share price rises for a time 6.7% .


Of course, cannot otherwise, connect high there is banner technology really in communication technology respect, but, the tomorrow that opens high is in China, connect high it is good to want to continue to have long-term development had better want a consideration in China build a harmonious forehead collaboration to concern with Chinese manufacturer compose, do not do the business of a few kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

This second after buying failure, connect high, the development canto with NXP metropolis new open, I also hope heartily native land company can with be being connected high, NXP is example, rely on native land and huge semiconductor market to grow quickly! Let systematic manufacturer request to be blocked by chip at an early date the circumstance of the neck!

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Why should be Chinese Department of Commerce examined and approve connect high buy NXP?

A lot of people can ask, company of an United States and an Europe company are amalgamative, why to need Chinese Department of Commerce to approve? Set the 3rd according to what the State Council declares a standard centrally about operator, operator reachs one of following levels centrally, operator ought to be in charge of a branch to declare to business affairs of the State Council beforehand, undeclared must not carry out concentration:   

(one) on all operator that participate in concentration one financial year is in the turnover inside global limits is total more than 10 billion yuan of RMB, and among them on at least two operator one financial year all exceeds 400 million yuan of RMB in the turnover of Chinese churchyard;   

(2) on all operator that participate in concentration one financial year is in China the turnover of churchyard is total more than 2 billion yuan of RMB, and among them on at least two operator one financial year all exceeds 400 million yuan of RMB in the turnover of Chinese churchyard.  

Apparent, be connected high and buy the case is contented the 3rd regulation. So Gaotongru wants to be managed in home if really, that must obtain Chinese approval. Such examination can think from industry forestall angle, aim to make a fair industry environment!


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