Check home 48V is small mix a system ” block a battle “

As downstream market application is quickened, 48V is small mix ” of systematic “ storm to appear to coming over.

“ serves as volume of domestic head section to produce embarking 48V small the B class model that mixes a system, bo Rui GE appears on the market many days 20, in Shenzhen the order of a city exceeded 1000. Lin Jie near future shows general manager of company of vice president of group of ” auspicious automobile, sale, hopeful of Bo Rui GE makes the point of growth with auspicious new car.

Report of senior engineer lithium notices, besides auspicious besides, at present own brand includes Chang’an, Jiang Huai, sea horse, joint-stock brand includes wide steam cropland of this cropland, one steam abundant, entrance brand includes Ao Di, run quickly wait to already released 48V small mix a model.

Meanwhile, the domestic manufacturer such as strange luck, Bao Jun, Woerwo all rolls out 48V of purpose small mix a model, and the international manufacturer such as BMW, general, masses also produces the amount 48V small mix systematic model to carry program.

Domestic 48V is small the reason that mixes systematic market to have an amount quickly:

It is to come from by the specific fuel consumption that use a car the quantity is restricted country of value, light-duty car the series policy such as ” of double integral of 6 standards and “ is pressing the pressure that carry out forces;

2 it is 48V system cost mixture motivation of opposite high pressure is inferior, section oily effect is relatively apparent, the system changes momentum lesser, development cycle is short;

3 it is look forward to of traditional fuel car short-term inside change new energy resources to the course in the round not actual, because this 48V system becomes his,transfer importantly one of plan.

The relevant policy such as WLTP and 6 standards, standard roll out “ country in succession will drive plant of domestic and international leader to be opposite the attention of the energy-saving technology that decrease a platoon, 48V is small mix a system to have remarkable sense to reducing CAFC fuel wastage, compare 48V with HEV system photograph small the economy with mix a system to have better. Senior engineer of three-ply portion company Dr. Shi Xianxing expresses ” versatile just a little, increase brought scope effect what measure as application continuously, the price of the product will be reduced stage by stage, in the near future inside, 48V is small mix market hopeful to greet rapid dilate.

According to IHS newest forecast show, to 2025, global 48V is small mix a car to produce per year a quantity to will achieve 13.6 million, chinese future hopeful becomes 48V small the staple market that mixes a technology, big appointment has adjacent 8 million 48V is small mix a model to be produced in China.

And regard the core component of 48V system as lithium battery, according to every car embarking 0.6-1 spends report to calculate, predict 2025, the market demand of battery of lithium of global 48V system is achieved 15GWh.

Below the temptation of tremendous and potential market, with truckload enterprise and lithium phone company had shifted to an earlier date for vanward force of the representing layout gets stuck.

? Layout of car look forward to is carried fast

From last year since, domestic and international truckload factory to 48V system model roll out carrying with market program fast.

Own brand respect, this year in May, auspicious roll out 48V small the GEMHEV of Bo Rui of —— of B class model that mixes a system; Last year in November, car of river the Huaihe River rolls out M4HyBoost of wind of luck of —— of first 48VMPV model. Earlier before, chang’an is made gave country first 48V is small mix a quantity to produce model —— ease to move blue move edition.

Joint-stock reach entrance brand side, this year in April, blessing beauty comes F5 adds 48V newly small mix dynamical model; Ao Di has produced 48V system amount was in on SQ7, A6 and A8; What be about to appear on the market is new run quickly S class and new golf GTIAlso will apply 48V small mix a system.

“48V system technology still is put in the market to teach primary level at present, beyond question is, the model that 48V mixes a technology gently is a new increment market that remains to be developed further. Chief of a car dealer expresses ” .

What can foreknow is, 48V is small mix a system take the lead in on model of the high-end model such as car of class of preexistence home B, can joint-stock brand, entrance brand to the limit of one’s capacity.

As we have learned, 48V of a home is small mix use a system (include batteries group, electric machinery, two-way DCDC to wait among them) , be in into natural control 3500-4500 yuan between the RMB, energy-saving effect can achieve 12%-25% . From abroad the entrance is met a few more expensive, cost 800-1200 dollar, section oily effect can amount to 15%-30% .

Notable is, according to difference of electric machinery position, 48V technology is put in a variety of classification, 48VBSG (P0 system) lowest of relatively simple, cost, and implementation 48VISG (P1/P2/P3/P4) the system is compositive ask taller, comfortable sex is stronger, partial technology structure needs to undertake designing modificatory to drive system component, because this cost is relative tall.

If “48V cannot be accomplished with with level fuel car a price, or the price differs too far, the market accepts degree to may be not amounted to anticipate. Afore-mentioned ” controller express.

? Lithium phone company gets stuck

Report of senior engineer lithium understands, include versatile just a little at present 3, Ning Deshi is god of acting, force, medium the battery business such as share of boat lithium report, Xiong Tao has done corresponding technology to lay in. Without doubt, backside of these business development layout, be prospect of potential to 48V batteries system market value.

In fact, since this year, the car has presented a potential that expands further with contention of 48V battery market.

This year in April, versatile 123 produce per year 48V of 570 thousand high power small mix project of power source system formal put into production. Before this, versatile 123 high power 48V is small mix project of power source system selected labour believes a ministry the first batch of technical reformation upgraded 2018 list (note: Last year in Feburary, versatile 123 obtain on steam is general overbalance the super phosphoric acid of 2.6 million 48V of 1 billion dollar) of order of Tie Li batteries.

Dr. Shi Xianxing expresses, versatile just a little 3 remove 48V of research and development from 2013 small mix a system, electric core is based on technology of own patent of phosphate of super accept rice, can realize intelligence to open stop, aid force and energy to reclaim quickly wait for a function, significant improvement is truckload dynamical performance, implementation is truckload fuel is used up reduce 15-25% .

On March 27, 500 strong company Germany of worldRich worldThe group holds system of rich world car in stannum (without stannum) limited company builds foundation stone laying ceremony, car of —— of project of first batteries industrialization uses its whole world construction of start working of synchronism of 48V batteries project.

Wang Weiliang of president of division of China of ministry of career of solution of assembly of rich world power expresses, 48V system is to commercialize a product, without allowance, in the final analysis, no matter be policy or commercial act, the profit that should run actually finally around the market will do.

Will tell from commercialized angle, no matter 48V system is from driving comfortable sex, motivation sex, still change from prospective intelligence, electrification is the following electric power provides a requirement, or it is the consideration that stems from item oil, it is better product.

On March 7, group of mainland of Germany of supplier of component of world banner car and Cheng Fei are compositive hold joint-stock firm (mainland group is held 60% , cheng Fei is compositive subordinate company holds a 40%) autograph to make an appointment with collaboration, devote oneself to research and development and system of manufacturing 48V batteries. Mainland group is in charge of providing the fundamental software of batteries management system and hardware, report of lithium of the boat in compositive subsidiary is in charge of Cheng Fei offer electric core.

Battery of lithium of 48V of report of lithium of the boat in “ uses 3 yuan of systems. Xiao Yazhou of vise general manager, chief engineer leaks report of lithium of the boat in ” , what the company already prepared 3 years on the job of research and development of 48V batteries system is long, the technical reserve that has maturity and electric core develop experience.

This year January, announcement of powerful stock sheathing or bow case says, company and abroad company RELIANCE JIO INFOCOMM LIMITED signed 48V100A HLR19 inch group of lithium ion batteries purchases order for goods, order total amount is 48.4 million dollar, aggregate RMB makes an appointment with 317 million yuan.

? ” of doorsill of 48V batteries tall “

Although market space and profit are capacious, battery company position is carried further fast, but 48V system batteries develops ability to the technology of the enterprise and character still has certain threshold, this basically is the difference because of specific application setting.

“ photograph is compared at dynamical cell, 48V lithium battery asks in the technical difficulty on a few index taller, for instance power achieves 20-30C, below 28 degrees of 0 low temperature are started, charge continuously discharge, tens of thousands of times life asks (shallow fill shallow put condition) , above of energy density 130Wh/kg is accomplished to wait inside lesser space. ” Xiao Yazhou expresses.

In the meantime, notable is, regard new application as the product, the technology of 48V system batteries still needs to be perfected ceaselessly in many respects, it is the balance to cost and security, 2 be to product life forecast and judge, the 3 standardization that are modular group, those who heat up management, sealed problem is the 4 weight that are Pack level, perfect; 5 it is the diagnosis to batteries breakdown.

Rich generation is electric change transportation Wu controller to express, rich world is devoting oneself to will more system of 48V power source is pushed to the market. Crust of product of batteries of rich world 48V by plastic replace a metal to be made, and do not need active cooling function, these designs are in energy-saving decrease a platoon while more conduce to cost reduce.

“ uses plastic outer covering to make 48V batteries provide a challenge extremely, because be in batteries is whole inside use cycle and when batteries charges, lithium ion batteries can expand, accordingly, the crust of batteries must can bear constant pressure.

The engineers of rich world undertake be permutationed afresh to the in-house unit of 48V batteries, even if is plastic outer covering also can stand pressure. ” this controller complements.

GGII analysis thinks, 48V system batteries develops ability, cost to control ability to have higher threshold to the technology of the enterprise, this is meant, in the near future, can calling a meeting of leading role in this domain truly is international and home business of cell of power of the first echelon formation, can not give 23 lines business too much market chance.

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