Catenary of industry of the violet optical storage that send force faces the whole world to release all fronts to shine put a product

Recently, violet light stores the memory product that carries 8 set appears to showed the meeting that put a peak 2018 first, shine to the whole world put a bound to show a brand-new storage company and product.

Violet light stores

In this second FMS (Flash Memory Summit Shan Cunfeng is met) the peak is met on, violet optical storage released level of P8160 of product of company level NVMe, P8130, company to the whole world S6110 of SATA SSD product, consumption kind P100 of product of NVMe SSD of S100 of product of SATA SSD of P5120 of NVMe SSD product, channel, channel, embedded product EMMC, UFS is a product completely. The P8160 in fastening a product completely is product of high-powered small delay time, face client of high-end company level; P8130 is product of low power comsumption, face at storage system client; S6110 basically is faced low cost system upgrades the company level client of demand; P5120 is consume kind of product, basically satisfy the applied requirement of the OEM manufacturer such as jotter; S100, p100 is channel product, basically be aimed at individual consumer. Embedded product EMMC, UFS applies at the product such as mobile phone, flat in the center.

In this second exhibit in the meeting, violet optical storage attended 3 technical communication early or late, sufficient showed violet optical storage to be in to international expert, client and partner in the past inside period of time, showing the gain of research and development that puts a domain.

On ChinaSession, violet optical storage was done about ” the NAND structure influence to controller framework ” technical communication. The channel model that basically introduced NAND Cell is characteristic, and the wrong rate that introduces noise compensation to reduce Cell voltage to adjudicate from this. According to the PE Count with current different NAND, choose different Page memory available data correspondingly, prolong the service life of NAND thereby. These use fashion that introduce from the character of NAND itself produced corresponding effect to the structure of controller.

On NVMe Session, violet optical storage was done about ” function of many dishes of aggregate and patulous NVMe ” speech, described MDF controller to be used in RAID 5 in detail on brought profit.

On FlashControllerSession, violet optical storage was done about ” but process designing Flash emulates a system ” speech, the programmable that described violet smooth DERA to be designed independently emulates a system, this system is used at controller function test and verify and analysis, simplified greatly the difficulty of test and verify.

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