Blue tooth Mesh is released be apart from today a year, use an amount to exceed anticipate

Space of floor of illume of intelligence of success of product of attestation of Mesh of more than kinds of 60 blue tooth, intelligence, intelligence lives in future

Chinese Beijing, technology of – blue tooth changed modes of life and relation to their environment of content couplet net thoroughly in going 20 years on July 26, 2018. Functional get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh not only realized innovation, also initiated at the same time arrive from wireless frequency of interconnection equipment brand-new the market. Continue this one trend, nowadays, blue tooth Mesh is mixed in city of industry of intelligent floor space, intelligence, wisdom there is crucial effect in the development of the rising market such as intelligent household. Since blue tooth Mesh releases a year, more than 65 kinds of when come from banner chip, stack, component and terminal product supplier products that introduce Mesh network function already obtained attestation. (consult the complete list of product of attestation of blue tooth Mesh. )

Network of blue tooth Mesh can realize many pairs many (M:m) equipment corresponds, be aimed at mass equipment network at the same time found undertook optimizing. Network of blue tooth Mesh is used at satisfying commerce and industrial environment to but the requirement of expansibility, dependability and security, of industry of space of floor of the intelligence that endow with force and intelligence carry out. In these setting, thousands of stage equipment need effectively mutual communication. It is factory, hospital, airport no matter, still be shopkeeper inn and household, blue tooth Mesh can provide support for floor space service, bring real value for business of owner, operation and resident.

Alibaba artificial intelligence lab (A.I. Labs) it is Alibaba the branch that artificial intelligence product develops responsible spending level below group division, chen Lijuan of this orgnaization controller expresses: &Ldquo; lives in the strategy to our intelligence, using blue tooth to regard communication as platform is inevitable strategy decision-making. Blue tooth Mesh is a kind of wireless agreement, the requirement of the dimensions that helps developer satisfy a client to apply to household, function and dependability. Blue tooth has been a kind of industry is approbated, the wireless standard that is worth to trust and apply extensively, we believe in the near future blue tooth Mesh will make the standard of household and floor space automation. ”

Stuart Carlaw of chief researcher of ABI Research of market survey orgnaization expresses: &Mesh of Ldquo; blue tooth is ode of market of future of net of couplet of numerous other people can person one of, can be in the domain implementation such as automation of space of floor of intelligent household, commerce and industry is powerful, safe and have but the interconnection of expansibility. The mutual application of blue tooth Mesh and blue tooth Beacon, can drive these domains to achieve the automation of higher rate and perceptive power not only, still can realize the real time that has additional value to locate (RTLS) service. To 2022, equipment of space of floor of blue tooth intelligence year shipment volume predicts to will achieve nearly 360 million. ” (more market is forecasted, consult please 2018 ” blue tooth market is newest information ” . )

Illume control system already became a key that promotes development of blue tooth Mesh to use exemple. Itself of architectural lighting system is a network, all equipment in network of blue tooth Mesh can pass information through this one network, and compose builds control of integral floor space, monitoring and automation system. This wireless illume solution still can use as include ground bid the indoor fixed position that solution, indoor navigation, asset dogs inside and the supportive platform that are based on positional service, promote a space utilization rate thereby. –

Mark Needham of vice-president of sale of division of Europe of the rich company that strap Mu expresses provider of energy-saving illume solution: Mesh of “ blue tooth is passed offer complete, high-powered solution, bigger effect is produced in letting illume be able to apply setting in industry and commerce, from go up at all changed us cognitive to interconnection illuminative. Lighting system can help tourist navigation already, also can help personnel of floor space operation decide a position of the capital inside the building accurately, still can pass all sorts of floor space sensor to collect mass data to undertake analyse and be usinged. And this just still begins, future still has more possibility. ”

It is only inside a year, blue tooth Mesh levelled for solution of wireless illume control road, drove “ illume namely of platform ” concept fulfil. According to the data of ABI Research, predict to come 2022, business uses intelligent illume device year shipment volume will rise fivefold.

Alliance of blue tooth technology carries out trustee Mark Powell to express: “ members are in weak point the rapid progress that obtains through blue tooth Mesh inside a year lets us times feeling is excited. Community of blue tooth member devotes into the development at new technology to make with all one’s strength product innovation emerges in endlessly, they will lead the development that in the near future commerce reachs industrial market way. ”

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