Big fund becomes a shareholder Suzhou country core

Limited company of science and technology of Suzhou country core finished equity to change a few days ago, inc. of fund of investment of estate of national integrated circuit becomes a shareholder; at the same time, the company registers capital to be added from 162 million yuan reach 177 million yuan.

Country core science and technology

According to introducing, limited company of science and technology of Suzhou country core held water 2001. 2002, suzhou country core and American Motolora sign formal cooperation agreement, become big China area to acquire the company of framework of M*Core CPU instruction and technical accredit formally, the low power comsumption that accepts Motolora to have advanced level at that time, high-powered 32 RISC are embedded CPU M*Core technology and design method. On this foundation, suzhou country core develops CPU of successful C0/C200/C300/C400 series early or late. Obtained IBM PowerPC CPU to dictate the framework is long-term and permanent further 2010 accredit, the instruction collect that is based on PowerPC and the high end that the framework develops our country own intellectual property are embedded C*Core CPU, develop CPU of successful C2000/C8000/C9000 series early or late.
” of “ big fund namely industry of national integrated circuit invests fund Inc. , it is to be in next what believed ministry, Ministry of finance by labour in September 2014 is directive establishing, its establish a goal is to give aid to industry of Chinese native land chip, in order to reduce the dependence of pair of abroad manufacturers. According to media reported this year in March, ding Wenwu of big fund president expresses, up to big fund accumulative total is effective and decision-making by 2017 invest 67 projects, investment of commitment of accumulative total project 118.8 billion yuan.
According to the reporter not complete this year in April count, establish time more than two years, big fund is held only exceed 5% above appear on the market the company amounts to 11, market prise is aggregate about 320 billion yuan of dimensions, big fund holds the stock market to be worth about 35 billion yuan.
This year June, new capital signs up for exclusive report, yan Dongwei electron adds chip bibcock endowment knock formally calm, big fund combines 3 state-owend enterprises denounce endowment is carried out 2.8 billion yuan become a shareholder. Additional, appear on the market to still make public channel reinvest company electron city through be not 1.2 billion yuan.
According to making public information to show, limited company of Beijing Yan Dongwei electron held water 1987, it is a specializationed semiconductor device chip design, make, the enterprise of wholy-owned and state-owned high-tech of the sale. Own development of Yan Dong company, production integrated circuit reachs chip of schism parts of an apparatus, and provide chip generation machine a service. The company has the product line of chip of 6 inches of silicon that produces per month 20 thousand and the chip of 4 inches of silicon that produce per month 20 thousand product line. Current, yan Dong’s client was covered include an apple, China for, millet the group of each class client that waits for an user inside.

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