Beauty of response of Department of Commerce upgrades trade war is minatory: Sufficient preparation already just had been made in

Spokesman of news of Department of Commerce expresses, the United States just has two actions two days this, make a statement on one hand, want a levy tax rate that to China 200 billion dollar loses beautiful product by 10% rise 25% , come loose everywhere on the other hand wind, in wanting to mix, just restore to negotiate.


“ beauty just ignores the interest of the whole world not only, also ignore the interest of American average farmer, entrepreneur and consumer even, the two tactics that use both hard and soft tactics just employs in be opposite is politic, this kind of way is right in just won’t have any effect, the country that also makes trade battle fights on the world and area feel disappointed. Spokesman of ” Department of Commerce says.
It is reported, local time on August 1, 2018, american commerce represents the office (“USTR”) issues official statement, indicate the demand according to Telangpu’s president, the consideration will be right China the levy tax rate of detailed list of product of the 200 billion dollar in 301 measure from 10% add to 25% . On July 10, 2018, american commerce is announced on behalf of the office about be opposite the Chinese commodity of 200 billion dollar imposes value the import tariff detailed list of 10% . Levy product detailed list includes 6031 tax items, trading business volume was 200 billion dollar about 2018.
Spokesman of Department of Commerce points out, just rise the menace of class trade war to the United States, sufficient preparation just has been made in, will must make make instead, with defend country dignity and people interest, defend free trade and multilateral system, defend world each country is common interest. In the meantime, square consistent position resolves difference through the dialog in, but premise is equal photograph is waited for and must abide by a promise.
“ is beautiful a variety of square for no reason in just be opposite censure, primary purpose is dozen of peace development that controls China. Spokesman of ” Department of Commerce points out, zhongfangyiguan thinks, evildoing can become an act of charity, the challenge is OK translate into good luck, the target that we develop to realizing economic high quality is confident.
In the light of Telangpu the government puts forward to will be opposite China of 200 billion dollar loses value beautiful commodity imposes custom duty, tax rate from 10% on move to 25% , geng Shuang of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs also expresses 2 days: The first, we offer a piece of advice beautiful square decorous manner, do not try to do what blackmail, this is not effective to China. The 2nd, we offer a piece of advice beautiful square regression is rational, not blindly personal feeling is in power, so final meeting harms themselves.
The reporter learns from chamber of commerce of imports and exports of Chinese mechanical and electrical products, because the United States just imposes the change of tax tax rate, the public is written comment on an opinion refer end time is deferred from August 30 to on September 5; The time delay that applies for to attend a hearing comes on August 13. Chamber of commerce of imports and exports of Chinese mechanical and electrical products concerns chief clew, the order that the enterprise can issue on behalf of office later period according to American commerce is referred object levy opinion, or start American importer or client to refer relevant comment opinion on behalf of the office to American commerce.

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