Be asked compulsively to unite charger interface by the European Union, apple after all bad luck?

After the apple breaks through -727379968 dollars market prise, glad, touch again went up bad news. Intermediary says the European Union is planning to unite the mobile phone charger of An Zhuo and IPhone outside, claim to want to adopt coercive measures to malic propaganda to the enemy at the front line, because the apple was not abided by at the outset the charger interface of main trend of promise use industry. The European Union also is considering to take step in legal level, ” use uniform standard to charge interface ” include legislation, ask a few companies that head with the apple are carried out compulsively compulsively then.

Occupied a few days ago ” Reuter ” report, margrethe Vestager of chief of branch of European Union antitrust expresses, trade is made in hand mechanism specific factitive circumstance is lacked to fall on the action of charger of general to driving mobile phone, the European Union is considering to whether need to strengthen the force that this matter boosts through real operation.

The European Union asks compulsively to unite charger interface, what reason is there?

The reason of the European Union has so a few, one of, apple, SamSung, China for and Nokia inside brand of 14 mobile phones, signed memorandum 2009, the mobile phone charger that agrees to appear on the market after 2011 standardizes —— to use MicroUSB. But these manufacturers were not accomplished, especially the apple does become privileged, and this memorandum also is to be based on freewill property, without very big sanction, drive on not successful. The apple changes Micro USB without the interface of will new product, changed original 30 needles interface to return the Lightning interface that uses on product of newest mobile phone at present however.

It is makes because of contact electron rubbish still is as high as left and right sides of 50 thousand 1 kiloton secondly, bring inconvenience to consumer not only (changeover brand, cost is higher) , adverse to environmental protection also.

These reason hold water. Come round to look from eye, the European Union should unite the mobile phone charger of An Zhuo and IPhone, affecting the biggest firm is an apple undoubtedly. The MicroUSB of the Lightning connector that the charger cent of current smartphone uses for malic place and Android a group of people of same interest or it is USB Type-C connector. Show level to spend competition to form difference, the apiration that the apple integrates a product and demand are not strong, and unite interface, be equivalent to wiping the trait of poor dissimilation character that made the same score it, harmed the interest of its oneself.

And although the charger interface between the current manufacturer that install eminent is not unified also, but mainstream manufacturer is in arrive from MicroUSB transition USB Type-C interface, LG, millet, SamSung, China for, added Type-C a group of people of same interest evil spirit a group of things with common features early. To consumer, if have,taking two mobile phones, android has IPhone, this need is taking many to fill electrical wiring, the experience is poor at the same time floriferous also money.

If use,charge unifiedly interface, so consumer changes another brand mobile phone in the mobile phone from a brand when, change again without need charger. This to consumer it is benefit good. Once the user points out, the 4 USB-C interface on MacBook Pro, make it awkward arrive to want to buy additional flower money to buy converter with IPhone 7 join, the user does not want this kind of trival experience. And unified charge interface, this conduces to not only reduce consumer to repeat the cost that purchases charger to use up, also be helpful for reducing the deserted charger destruction to the environment. From the point of the angle of environmental protection, the way of the European Union deserves commend actually. To mobile phone manufacturer, the commercial increase of pursuit is the biggest change, but the case that ignored electronic rubbish is more and more severe.

MicroUSB interface is moss-grown already, type-C or predominate

But from another angle for, the act and did not consider a technique too much iteration of the European Union and upgrade, current almost all companies are using USB-C of one’s own accord, on mobile phone of the admiral that install eminent, USB Type-C interface already replaced MicroUSB interface to gain ground stage by stage gradually, USB Type-C interface also applies in a lot of electron equipment to go up, install manufacturer of eminent a group of people of same interest to had waited for USB Type-C of product upside arrange in its flat and mobile phone, even 1000 yuan of machine used this one interface.

Undeniable is, microUSB still is to retain the interface with maximum amount and in the mobile phone, charge earphone of treasure, sound box, blue tooth, photograph wait for digital product to go up to be used extensively like recorder of head, drive a vehicle. But if be in,smartphone development falls to today’s circumstance, if had turned round to use MicroUSB interface, the likelihood means the retrogression on industry and technology, if the European Union is strong push unified MicroUSB interface, also meet those who confront numerous Android firm object necessarily.

Say most manufacturer is using Type-C interface, result from it has a lot of profit, it is it solved positive and negative to insert applicable problem firstly. It is transmission speed on the other hand. Type-C interface can be accomplished more fast charge and transmit quickly, of the bigger electricity that it can provide highest 100W charge, achieve the transmission rate of the fastest 10Gbits/s, still can provide phonic message transmission. Additional, it is it when be being outputted to video picture mar degree inferior.

Be Type-C interface again can expand capability is strong, have not only charge to transmit a function with data, still support frequency and video to transmit a function. For instance Type-C can transmit signal of film mail message, expand a variety of sound video output interface to include interface of HDMI, DVI, VGA, can come true even those who reach 4K resolution is patulous. Finally is USB-C application range is wide, applicable at flat of intelligent machine, PC/ , TV, can apparel, the car carries, the domain such as household.

Intermediary Thenextweb Ceng Zhuanwen points out outside, USB-C should be the computer interface with the most fabulous throughout history, above all it is cabinet like Micro USB, can insert anyway next, can transmit frequency to be able to charge quickly, finally is to return compatibility of can compositive Thunderbolt 3, implementation is as high as the data handling capacity of 40Gbps.

These advantage apples also won’t turn a blind eye to. After all, more current USB data line cannot change when use IPhone charges or transmitting data, bring about have IPhone and Android the user of two kinds of mobile phones must carry two kinds of diverse data lines when go out, apparent, what USB Type-C port represents is the another future besides Lighting, and malic author once also showed “USB Type-C on the conference will be ” of mobile phone future. Allegedly the apple can be in next year the interface IPhone also instead USB Type-C, predicting IPad also is met together follow-up is changed this.

Accordingly, unified interface is no problem, but is the key unified for which kinds of interface? The user points out, wanting “ to unite interface ” also is should An Zhuo those charge the head unites an apple, better because of the sort of interface that is an apple apparently. Of course, this is impossible. If,nevertheless the apple did not come follow-up Type-C interface, also have the pressure factor of the European Union apparently, but once the European Union adopts coercive measures, use MicroUSB interface is too moss-grown apparently, and the possibility of the interface that complies with current general trend of events to use USB Type-C is taller.

If unite,be USB Type-C interface, from malic past the favour to USB Type-C is spent for, also be happy to accept apparently, it is Type-C interface and malic IPhone interface on one hand basically need not do big adjustment on the structure, go up in the experience difference is not big also, the whole that also won’t affect malic mobile phone is designed. And to Android manufacturer character, USB Type-C also has been in progressively predominate. If the European Union is compulsive ask all manufacturers are unified use with MicroUSB interface, will naturally suffer a lot of manufacturers object, because from interface upgrade for replacement, microUSB interface is already unwell the demand that upgrades with current smartphone product, USB Type-C just is.

Current USB association, metric system is decided, the gain grounding that the interface chip, tycoon that consumes terminal is advancing USB-C, although USB Type-C already made a current interface level with each passing day now, but it can not offer perfect compatibility actually, should persuade an European Union to agree with all manufacturers to use USB Type-C so this kind of interface has certain difficulty.

But if come from the purpose sex of unified interface,look, interface of unified use Type-C is apparently more accord with current general trend of events and the choice with promotion less difficulty, because persuading an apple to convert above all difficulty of this kind of interface is less, next, if the apple uses Type-C interface to will guide the follow-up of other smartphone manufacturer on IPhone, the rate of unified Type-C interface will be rapidder.

Malic bad luck?

Motherboard of channel of the science and technology below Vice banner issued a report last year, point out malic company indicates tripartite to reclaim business smashs old product. Even if these old products are original hardware was not damaged, still can use at memory data, also cannot undertake be usinged again so. The apple let old IPhone slow last year discuss what caused an apple to plan to discard as useless greatly, go up somehow, no matter be a plan,smash old product, it is constitutionally producing more electronic rubbish artificially. The apple regards a smartphone as the old of the industry, reducing the electronic rubbish destruction to the environment respect make model. Hold to profit always however first principle.

The coercive measures of the European Union has certain environmental protection sense. Electronic rubbish is in today’s grim situation is already shocking. Data shows, mixed 2014 2015 these two years, average and annual big appointment produces rubbish of 41 million tons of electron. This is equivalent to the electronic rubbish that arises every year iron tower of Er of 4500 dust humble. And 2017, electronic rubbish year generates a quantity to exceed 50 million tons. In the generation of electronic rubbish, the smartphone holds very significant proportion.

The course of sales volume is pursued in smartphone manufacturer, the effect that produces to environmental modes of life and relation to their environment is very profound, apparent European Union also needs to assuming the example function with rise particular on social responsibility in allusive apple, namely commerce is decision-making the profit that need considers environmental modes of life and relation to their environment on certain level and is oneself not just. Commerce goes after profit to be changed greatly and do not have a fault most, but how to scruple social interest and reduce pollution to also need to bring into think, because this is in current and most country and the reaction mechanism with effective neither one. From the point of this angle, the European Union aims the main spearhead of unified interface the apple, apple actually also not bad luck.

But, carry out uniform standard, it is the interest that harmed an apple actually. What need knows is, the apple uses Lightning connector alone, a few final examination are measured, it is to differ dissimilation firstly product of charger of divisional and other Android, it is to take next fittings mart profit secondly, after all to the apple, its close the profit of the IPhone fittings market inside zoology also is a big fat, and MFI attestation of the apple also is this purpose, the license that produces manufacturer to must obtain MFi attestation authorization namely Caikesheng produces fittings, and the fittings that did not obtain malic attestation produces a business, will be restricted by attestation chip.

Malic company all the time since can allocate a specific alignment date in the light of these fittings business, contained specific attestation chip, manufacturer of tripartite fittings must add malic MFi item, sign an agreement and pay MFi accredit fee, the gain that the apple also scored high specified number accordingly is divided into (20%~25%) . These year the apple earned many money between MFI attestation. The apple can ensure through MFI attestation and Lightning interface oneself palm dominates fittings market, put an end to mountain fastness, reap a large number of profit.

But if unite charger interface, mean all sorts of Android charger to will apply to malic product, also mean an apple to will not control the profit of market of IPhone charger fittings. If the apple is willing to accept unified charger level, also mean malic or to abandon the cake of this one market, or can find new replacement scheme to father namely dominate fittings market. From the point of this angle, because the apple lost the profit of the high specified number in fittings market by uniform standard to be divided into, also hold out bad luck actually.

In future, unified interface is hasten of general trends place probably, and the possibility of the option that USB Type-C replaces MicroUSB to become an European Union to unite a standard is bigger, if the apple wants to abandon Lightning connector and choose Type-C interface really, be equivalent to chopping profit of one part fittings to get used to an European Union very reluctantly. This accomplishs each to remove one condition between need European Union and apple and Android manufacturer probably, compromise severally, but strong to be being compared all the time the European Union with bigotry and same also very be proud for the apple of charming, its progress did not imagine probably in so successful.


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