ARM company combines father: China will replace market of American dominant chip

According to reference news report, flower intermediary says, before England the biggest appear on the market the collective author of company of An Mouke ability of company of science and technology shows, china can beat the United States easily, dominate global semiconductor market.

According to England ” daily telecommunications signs up for ” reported on August 19, hermann · the trailblazer that lustre of a person of extraordinary powers is domain of Cantabrigian chip design, he ever founded how to seek the company of parent company A Keen of company of science and technology, be in what 90 time engineered 20 centuries how to seek a company to come off, he tells ” daily telecommunications signs up for ” , china can replace ” United States without doubt in this industry “ .

After how seeking company of science and technology to be bought by company of soft silver of Japanese industry tycoon two years, lustre of a person of extraordinary powers expresses regretfully, british “ has global force exclusively (semiconductor) the company belongs to Europe no longer ” .

The report says, received the company of An Mouke ability that puts in soft silver-colored company ‘s charge to build a joint ventures in China recently, founded note endowment the company of 1.5 billion dollar, main fund comes from Chinese investor.

The technology that how seeks company of science and technology is used at the whole world on the smartphone of 90% , this agreement makes China acquired company of An Mouke ability’s popular design and intellectual property, the field of science and technology that develops flourishingly in American custom duty and trade war menace during, china is able to enlarge microprocessor industry.

The report says, china is expanding hard semiconductor, microprocessor and5GWait for an industry. China founded the Inc. of fund of investment of estate of national integrated circuit of 47 billion dollar promotes relevant industry development.

Nevertheless local code encourages the enterprise such as company of An Mouke ability and local investor to build joint-stock company, let China acquire principal intellectual property thereby.

Hold the position of Amadiesi now a person of extraordinary powers of capital company director lustre express, after be being bought by soft silver-colored company, “ of company of An Mouke ability served as a private enterprise to show bigger internationalization apiration ” . In soft silver company management falls, an Mou had considerable investment, bring about gain to decrease, cost raises.


The enterprise that this headquarters is located in Cambridge by the fist company of industry of science and technology of regard as England, since evacuate London stock exchange later, already added 1000 employee, signed value with enterprise of newly established of data of an United States recently the agreement of 600 million dollar.

Lustre of a person of extraordinary powers says: What I worry about “ more is long-term result. (presiding apparitor of soft silver-colored company) Sun Zhengyi hopes to use creation of company of An Mouke ability to give concept of network of large content couplet. To this we wait and see what happens. ”

He says: “ (nevertheless) up to now, everything what what he does is for the strategy that he ever had described to me, he is a person that abides by acceptance. ”

The report says, what content couplet net points to is future thousands of 10 thousand with Internet connective equipment, arrive from the car electric home appliances<gj, progress of technology of this need chip and ability of next communication of generation 5G network are able to come true.

The report says, the joint-stock company that how seeks company of science and technology to support next establishing in China let China gain strategic advantage when developing native semiconductor industry. Lustre of a person of extraordinary powers expresses, meanwhile, menace of tycoon of American tiny chip should cancel to be opposite China agreement, plus current trade war, the United States is in the dominant position of this industry will be browbeaten accordingly.

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