An Sen beautiful semiconductor obtains UAES to issue ” supplier of year crackajack collaboration award “

Award commend An Sen beautiful semiconductor is offerred in the light of newest car system mix extensively advanced semiconductor program

The An Sen beautiful semiconductor that — drove high-energy effect to innovate on July 26, 2018 (ON Semiconductor, american accept Si Dake appears on the market code name: ON) , announce to win limited company of system of associated car electron (United Automotive Electronic Systems, abbreviation UAES) issues “2017 year crackajack collaboration supplier award ” . One of semiconductor suppliers that An Sen beautiful semiconductor is on the supplier congress with the closest UAES 3 bear the palm.

This award recognizes the value of the product battle array with Tongan dark beautiful vast semiconductor, these products are used at the program of advanced car system of UAES banner industry. An Sen beautiful semiconductor can offer a large number of crucial parts of an apparatus to be used at driven force assembly to be changed to car function electron, control unit like engine from traditional module (the application of ECU) and ignition system to newest drawing inverter domain. This award still commended to install dark beauty semiconductor to develop ASIC to reach for UAES is the carborundum that the minority on the world has him (one of suppliers of SiC) technology.

Limited company of associated car electron held water 1995, it is medium limited company of couplet car electron and German Rob are special limited company is in • rich world Chinese joint ventures. The development that the company basically pursues system of gasoline engine management, gear-box controlling electron of system, automobile body, mixture motivation and electric power drive to control a system, production and sale. 2017, the company achieves sales revenue 22.6 billion RMB, employee number makes an appointment with 9500 people.

Company headquarters is located in new developed area of Chinese Shanghai Pudong, in Shanghai, without lake of stannum, Xi’an, overgrown with weeds, Liuzhou He Taicang sets manufacturing base, set technical center in lake of Shanghai, Chongqing, overgrown with weeds and Suzhou. The technology with advantage of this locality of company effective conformity and banner whole world is manufacturer of domestic each car to offer Wu of kimono of high grade product, ask to provide technical support to satisfy increasingly strict code.

Depend on strong this locality research and development and productivity, limited company of associated car electron devotes oneself to to be offerred for the client advanced, whole car motivation assembly and solution of system of automobile body control, make contribution actively for managing the sources of energy and protective environment.

Zhou Yongkang of advanced sale vice-president says division of Asia-Pacific of An Sen beautiful semiconductor: The cacique that “ is honoured to capture car territory very much awards this important prize. Acquire a such designs that provide all sorts of advanced car systems and manufacturer approbate, dash forward showed An Sen beautiful semiconductor to be mixed extensively the plan that rigid parts of an apparatus and actual strength push car field in the help. ”

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