AI chip may be the appendage of FPGA only

Field of chip acting industry, the stage accumulates report to take order form of all 7 accept rice, include to supply malic A12 solely, this also is the stage accumulates report to surmount Intel to become the manufacturer with semiconductor the most advanced workmanship first, like artificial intelligence this kind stresses the number of operation ability kind logistic chip, advanced technology must be used. Say the stage accumulated report to also take order form of chip of all artificial intelligence so, samSung is without ability to grab sheet.


The 7 Nai rice of SamSung of Korea media report takes tall Tong Xiaolong order of chip of 855 mobile phones, the message should be canard. Be connected high or can give a stage to accumulate report 90% order, change 10% products to SamSung only, actual it is to drop the strategy that supplies catenary risk to adopt. Nature of stage accumulating report will be preferential take care of connect apple, high, AMD, Ying Weida, China for, these shipment measure couplet hair division the big client of on 100 million, discharge small client order finally, this is very adverse also to Mobileye.


To stage accumulating report, the energy that the energy that with big client collaboration needs and place of collaboration of a small client need is consistent, nature of stage accumulating report wants preferential take care of big client. SamSung is low grabs sheet all the time, but will look at present, the client is not agreed with completely, for instance China for, originally the outside beforehand appraise, because stage accumulating report is acting labor cost is higher, because 710 processor choose this kylin,the LPP of 10 Nai rice of SamSung makes Cheng a future life produce go to. But, basis China is the result that the government announces nowadays, the Cheng of 12 Nai the metric system that 710 processor remain the same to accumulate report by the stage comes to kylin undertake taking the place of is versed in manufacturing, the SamSung that and rather than comes out formerly Cheng of 10 Nai the metric system. SamSung is passed to grab simple case with inferior value all the time before showing, did not produce any effect. A price exceeds newest EUV exposure opportunity 100 million euro, be price of DUV exposure opportunity 2 times much, and the meeting when batch of opportunity of use EUV exposure is produced consumes 1.5 million made of baked clay electric power, yuan Chao passes existing DUV exposure opportunity. The heaviest if EUV technology is insufficient mature, and cost slightly tall, and SamSung more haste,less speed, accumulate report to surmount a stage, guide EUV technology, the stage accumulates report to remain DUV technology. Of course, wait for EUV maturity, the stage accumulates report to also can be used.


Why can stage accumulating report always be in advanced make Cheng go up repeatedly is battle gotten the better of repeatedly? Also be the most important above all a bit, stage accumulating report won’t try to hop type develops, one step comes, slow do not represent a fault, fast do not represent right. Next unlike is other competitor, the client that with stage accumulating report conflicts without the interest group (apple, Sailingsai, Ying Weida, rich is connected / China Sa of tall, luck, Gu Ge, sea is thought of, couplet hair division, AMD) the amount is huge, go after ceaselessly advanced make Cheng, throw research and development, improvement designs regulation, with stage accumulating report collective improvement makes Cheng Liang rate, reduce cost, will accelerate a quantity to produce rate. That is to say, stage accumulating report is not a person is fighting, backside of stage accumulating report is having the whole world design firm is supporting all the toppest IC. And stage accumulating report has more than 50% to produce can, complete already depreciation, make it is ripe make Cheng; And the new machine equipment of 5 years of depreciation, can use 15 years of above about, can offer enough ready money to flow so, will invest initial stage to gain profit in great quantities poorer the most advanced make Cheng.


And because SamSung and Intel do not have enough brilliant round client, samSung and Intel become the old changeover that make Cheng as far as possible make Cheng newly (machine equipment is used more 3 to 5 years) , use mainstream product (the memory of SamSung, the central processor of Intel) cash flows, come the investment that generation of accessorial brilliant circle is versed in; Accordingly SamSung can appear deficit, the business profit margin of Intel and net lead far can backward stage to accumulate report. The stage accumulates report to use its exceedingly good wiring, come small shrink chip dimension and accelerate rate, is not to seek the dam up water between the brake between the smallest silicon and metal blindly (Metal Pitch Or Interconnects) , those who undertake may browbeating be measuringed smoothly yield is small shrink.


Intel also knows very well brilliant circle generation is versed in this domain and stage accumulate electric competition as good as at committing suicide, with stage accumulating report cooperates is pair of winning ways. Because the FPGA of this Intel is major,still accumulate electric acting industry by the stage.


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