Aggravate of competition of price of chip of UV-C, UV-A LED

Say according to personage of the message inside course of study, international UV-C and UV-ALED chipManufacturer is produced through reducing taste the price in order to increase market share, thereby aggravate the industry competes.

Depreciate as LG Innotek after measure, taiwanLED is denotative pieceAlso took similar action subsequently with company of chip manufacturer Epileds Technologies. Accordingly, UV-ALEDThe price of chip fell first half of the year 2018 15-20% .

UV-C (wavelengh 200-280nm) LED parts of an apparatus basically is used at daily sterilization to mix purify wait for application, and UV-A (wavelengh 320-400nm) LED equipment basically is used at industrial solidify to mix dry wait for application.

In UV-C LED domain, japanese day inferior change, the yield that the LG Innotek of Nitride Semiconductors and Ushio Epitex and Korea and Seoul Viosys is the first of all business. It is reported, day inferior change will roll out 280nm UC-C LED 2018, andLG Innotek will 2018 the 3rd quarter rolls out 150mW UV-C LED, rolled out 200mW UV-C 2019LED product.

According to OFweekSemiconductor illumeThe network is small make up investigation, since 2016, epileds with TaiwanLED is enclosedServe parts of an apparatus of UV-C of joint development of provider High Power Lighting, subsequently these products were used extensively by supplier of chinese mainland electric home appliances<gj 2018. AndThe clean water that the UV-C LED product that LG Innotek produces basically uses at LG electron implement; It is reported, LG electron prepares loot to come from supplier of chinese mainland electric home appliances<gj to supply catenary order form.

The data that according to the market analytic orgnaization Yole Development provides shows, the vendibility of global UV-C and UV-A LED parts of an apparatus will rise the 320 million dollar 2020 from the 160 million dollar 2017, will rise 1 billion dollar further 2023.

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