ADI company from calibration electric energy metric IC simplifies embedded electric energy is metric

China, beijing——Analog Devices, inc.  (ADI) announces to roll out to be in now single-phase electric energy is metric in application but the electric energy of automatic calibration is metric IC. This new-style ADE9153A uses MSure®Technology, but automatic calibration is metric system, reduce the time that calibration place needs, manpower and facility cost significantly.


ADE9153A is current market the electric energy that goes up to have automatic calibration function exclusively is metric IC, make center of intelligent illume, data, electric car charges and the design personnel of industrial application can be in its product relaxed and compositive the accurate electric energy of plan cost class is metric function. Metric IC has traditional electric energy calibration needs to use source of costly exterior and fiducial voltage and current source, and ADE9153A used MSure technology, be based on metric system electric energy to be measured of metric signal method directly come calibration system. If the project of the product used ADE9153A in the design, in can producing a course automatic calibration, need not build in manufacturing workshop compose, safeguard the calibration with deploy nicety to wear.
ADE9153A supports level of electric energy of have rendered great service, include IEC 62053-21, IEC 62053-22, EN50470-3, OIML R46 and ANSI C12.20. Also support at the same time without IEC 62053-23 of standard of result electric energy and IEC 62053-24. ADE9153A has electric energy quality to measure a function, pass for instance 0 detect, circuit cycle computation, angle is measured, light and jump, peak value and flow too detect and power factor is measured.
ADE9153A product focusing:
Measure implementation what · is based on metric signal method directly fast and automatic calibration
· need not exterior and fiducial electric current and voltage source
· supports 0.5 class and 1 class electric energy metric precision
· 3 the high-powered ADC that SNR is 88 DB, and passageway of electric current of a tall gain
· is advanced and metric characteristic: Watt, VAR, VA, Zx, light, jump, peak value, flow too etc
Quote and offer money

Product Overall volume is produced Initiative and monovalent
(1000 order a quantity)
ADE9153A Already offerred money now $2.97 32ldLFCSP (5x5x0.75mm)
Evaluate board
Already offerred money now $110.00 61.214 X 110.471 Mm

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