ADI company and B-Secur develop the biology feature that faces auto industry to identify a technology hand in hand

China, beijing ——Analog Devices, inc.  (ADI) announces to cooperate with B-Secur limited company now, develop complete car biology feature to identify a solution jointly. The cardiogram of the signature grain technology with banner ADI and B-Secur (photograph of metric and algorithmic software ties ECG) live thing, make a distinctive driver and solution of passenger capacity test and verify for automobile industry. This technology imposes any medium unusual conditions through style of monitoring driver life, detect the driver’s spirit and health. Additional, electrocardiogram identifying function can be used at realizing a variety of functions, for instance car is entered, function of guard against theft removes, information recreation individuation, online pay money spelling a car, individuation to be sure to pay etc.


The electrocardiogram biology feature of “B-Secur identifies a technology not only can fast, surely identity of test and verify, still can change data into about the driver / the useful information of passenger health, include pressure and drowsiness. ”Ben Carter of official of B-Secur presiding business affairs expresses, “ we are very glad to can cooperate with ADI company, carry identifies a technology to build a safer world jointly with electrocardiogram biology feature, what be person and technology from core level is interactive escort the Emperor convoy. ”
About B-Secur
B-Secur is the new generation company that biology feature identifies a field, carry identifies a technology to develop solution of software of user identity test and verify with electrocardiogram biology feature, measure health and psychosis index. We develop the distinctive and custom-built solution that is based on safety and healthy monitoring, use corresponding permissive collaboration pattern.

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