855 processor will become tall Tong Xiaolong mark of the product that install eminent matchs, still do not support 5G

Now, each big chip manufacturer and mobile phone manufacturer had represented in succession, will roll out5GChip and 5G mobile phone. It seems that, 5G times has left us very close. Do not give accident word, Connect high855 processor will become brave dragon to install the mark of eminent flagship product to match greatly each next year.

Nevertheless, show according to the message of the closest exposure, brave dragon the 855 support that still won’t add pair of 5G networks. Recently, slashleaks exposure an individual personal details that tells an engineer high, show brave dragon among them the base band with 855 compositive processor is X24.

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Chip of this base band is released this year Feburary, it used 7nm craft to make Cheng, download speed is highest and OK achieve 2Gbps. Nevertheless, x24 of tall Tong Xiaolong still belongs to 4G base band, not compatible and newest 5G makes type.

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From the point of now, 2019, partial operation business will begin 5G to try business to use, but true implementation is enclothed in the round and gain ground, estimation wants when 2020 even more from the back. 855 processor do not use brave dragon 5G base band, it is a kind of practice that compares deal with concrete matters relating to work.

Of course, in the manufacturer people in conduct propaganda, give a person very easily a kind of illusion that can enter 5G period in an instant. Look, sale conduct propaganda is one and the same, real fall to the ground letting 5G is other one thing, the commercial element that needs to think among them is too much.

Compare with 4G network photograph, 5G has an advantage more in the respect such as network speed, defer. But, to operation business character, 5G investment also is very huge investment, in early days can be to sustain losses in business only earn cry out.


Tell an user to serving as general for us, the arrival of 5G times is time problem only. But current and character, when mobile phone of choose and buy, whether to support 5G to still do not calculate going up is the element with a can sufficient decision-making influence. In brave dragon inside the lifecycle of 855 processor, 5G should realize 4G network like enclothe, a little difficult still.

Additional, brave dragon base band of not compositive 5G still has 855 processor a main reason is, below current technology, the bulk of chip of 5G base band still is accomplished very hard very small. Connect high, SamSung, China forWait for a manufacturer may more the chip of 5G base band that apt rolls out independence. The Motolora Z3 that so-called whole world supports 5G first times also comes true actually through another module.

So, whether do you feel mobile phone of choose and buy is necessary to consider to support 5G network now?

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