55Synthesizer of frequency of microwave of MHz~15 GHz broadband realizes 3 big main function to precede in the round

China, beijing ——Analog Devices, inc. (ADI) announces to roll out now compositive pressure accuse an oscillator (the broadband frequency synthesizer of VCO) , its all have a breakthrough in function and flexibility respect, suit dot of aerospace and matters pertaining to defense, wireless infrastructure, microwave to be opposite test of bit of link, electron and measure, a variety of market application such as satellitic terminal. The N of fraction of ADF5610 new-style broadband of ADI divides frequency frequency synthesizer to use odd chip to design, can come in 55 MHz signal of RF of the output inside the frequency limits of 15 GHz, provide the phasic noise performance of industry lowest. Press than asking to use many tape GaAs accuse oscillator and Suo Xianghuan (of PLL) replace a solution, the power comsumption of ADF5610 is low 50% , dimension smaller, framework is simpler, can save stock cost and shorten appear on the market time.


· examines ADF5610 product page, download data manual, application print and order evaluate board: Http://www.analog.com/pr0719/adf5610 
ADF5610 craft of advanced SiGe BiCMOS is developed and become with ADI proprietary, have modulation bandwidth tall, pile up the characteristic with low rate by accident. Its VCO phasic noise is in an industry banner level (below 10GHz job frequency, it is when 100 KHz is maladjusted – 114 DBc/Hz, it is when 100 MHz is maladjusted – 165 DBc/Hz) , normalization is phasic bottom of a confusion of voices (FOM) is very low also, for – 229 DBc/Hz. Compositive PLL function implementation jumps quickly frequency and locking time (50 μs is less than when using appropriate annulus road filter) . Model of n of phasic detector stray is worth under – 45 DBc, and n of RF output power is 6 DBm.
Synthesizer of frequency of scale down of N of ADF5610 broadband fraction can realize a design easily to guide, and the complete support of attainable ADIsimPLL™ . A ADIsimPLL™ is ADI company development PLL frequency synthesizer that uses easily in the round is designed and emulate a tool, use at evaluating phasic noise, locking time, shake with etc the design considers a factor. Through using compositive SPI interface and control software, the client can is opposite process designing of this parts of an apparatus.
The rated temperature limits of ADF5610 is – 40°C comes + 85°C. 3.3V imitate and number can be used already when the job nominal power source, also can use pump of 5 V charge and VCO power source, have compatibility of 1.8 V logistic n. This frequency synthesizer still has hardware and software power source to close mode.

Product Print offers money The product offers money 1000 revise volume quoted price Enclose
ADF5610 Already offerred money now In August 2018 $47.98 7×7 Mm LFCSP

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