33 companies accept orgnaization survey orgnaization to pay close attention to semiconductor industry catenary last week

Money collects data of big data terminal to show, last week (came on August 13 on August 17) share 33 to appear on the market the company accepts orgnaization survey 393 second. Look from survey theme, concept of the semiconductor with outstanding achievement declares to behave better in, chip if nimble victory is small,big question of report, division flies, one of Feilihua key targets that become orgnaization survey.

The acceptance of 9 mark survey of 10 above orgnaization

Last week, in big question of new material of star of new competition gram, Wei, division flies, Guozhen environmental protection 9 appear on the market the company accepts survey to be in 10 second above, involve the trade such as the computer, public utility, housing materials. Among them, accept orgnaization survey home before second rank leans appear on the market the company basically is medium communication of newspaper outstanding achievement and survey of business of second half of the year.

On August 13, 5G concept in new competition gram was accepted become fund, Oriental negotiable securities, honest and the orgnaization such as endowment canal greatly 78 second survey, the orgnaization basically pays close attention to, the 5G influence to product of company mobile net; Half annals receives the consideration that Zhang paragraph grows beforehand.

On August 15, 16 days, wei star new material accepted the survey of 71 orgnaizations such as Fu Guoji gold, smooth old negotiable securities in all, company Dong Bi holds plum of Tan of vise general manager concurrently to introduce, the key job since this year includes the company, optimize sale mode, promote outstanding achievement steady growth, strategy of development of ” of drive of double round of retail, project has “ effect be born; Accelerate catenary of homocentric round industry to extend, synergism is highlighted etc. Data shows, spent first half of the year 2018, wei star new material realizes business income 1.887 billion yuan, grow 18.39% compared to the same period, 40.32% of the plan that finish; Vest in appears on the market the net gain of company shareholder 386 million yuan, grow 23.61% compared to the same period.

Orgnaization respect, last week home of illicit collect survey of before second rank 3 appear on the market the company is division big question flies respectively (13) , Wei star new material (12) , Jin He is industrial (9) ; Fund survey home of before second rank 3 appear on the market the company is respectively, new competition is overcome in (20) , Wei star new material (13) , Jin He is industrial (7) ; Home of certificate business survey of before second rank 3 appear on the market the company is respectively, new competition is overcome in (32) , Wei star new material (25) , division big question flies (24) ; QFII survey 2 companies, it is new material of star of heart contest batteries, Wei respectively.

Survey pays close attention to semiconductor industry catenary

Industry respect, orgnaization survey appears on the market last week company measure is more basically is electron, light industrial production industry, accept orgnaization survey respectively 17 second, 14 second, each are involved appear on the market company 4. In addition, computer industry appears on the market 3 times the company also accepts orgnaization survey 151 second. Among them, survey theme looks, semiconductor concept relatively get orgnaization survey attention.


On August 15, semiconductor industry appears on the market small report of company victory triumph accepted the Pacific Ocean negotiable securities, survey that surmounts 5 orgnaizations such as fund, respect of victory triumph small report expresses, company collect casts a project to build a circumstance to look, power semiconductor product line builds a project, at present main project lies check and accept period; Semiconductor defends product line of parts of an apparatus builds a project, formal already 2018 put into production, predict to achieved predicting beneficial result 2020. Product value respect, the company is based on the element influence such as raw material, the price that has circles of pair of brilliant of chip of silicon controlled rectifier and finished product from Feburary 1, 2018 makes proper rise, rise in price extent is between 3%-5% , defend parts of an apparatus carries cost price basically. Data shows, 2018 first half of the year, victory triumph small report achieves business gross earnings 259 million yuan, grow 25.37% compared to the same period, vest in appears on the market profit of company shareholder net eighty-three million five hundred and seventy thousand three hundred yuan, grow 14.99% compared to the same period.

With respect to the research and development of AI chip respect and investment, on August 14, division big question flies held specification of metaphase outstanding achievement to meet, share smooth old negotiable securities, Guo Taijun how to wait for 58 orgnaizations to participate in. Flying respect of division big question expresses, the company can not become specific chip entity, go to a few algorithmic solidify however in chip, it is for example in the product collaboration related intelligent hardware, division big question flies to be offerred for the partner compositive the chip of corresponding front algorithm.

Of product of focusing quartz new material appear on the market Feilihua also enlists the company semiconductor industry catenary, on August 14, when the face accepts survey of wide hair negotiable securities, Feilihua just introduces, product side, frit of report of semiconductor material cent is amiable frit course of two kinds of craft, before Feilihua is given priority to with enraging frit quartz all the time, company future end is make taste completely, whole set quartz enterprise. The company began to had had the development of electric frit product from last year, had produced a product now, basically regard war industry quartz as fibrous raw material. In semiconductor treatment also is this in progressively implementation breakthrough.

Semiconductor board piece investment field, the country fills negotiable securities to express, current science and technology establishs the country, route that can control independently to won’t shake, from talent, capital, system all-around, stereo type such as construction supports strength hopeful to continue to strengthen, combine busy season of stock up of second half of the year, value an electron sturdily, especially semiconductor board piece grow continuously.


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