Ying Feiling commitment is large border game of master of armour of RoboMaster 2018 machine

In recent years, below the support of national policy, robot industry development of China is rapid, already made market of robot of world the biggest industry. Market of take root China the Ying Feiling of 20 one’s remaining years, quicken layout robot domain, from the technology innovation and talent reserve reach education two respects begin, devote oneself to to drive an industry to last healthy progress. This year in May, ying Feiling announces commitment is large border game of master of RoboMaster2018 machine armour, aid force youth engineer to set sail here with lead semiconductor product and technology.

Regard a robot as the banner supplier of package, the semiconductor product that joint-stock company of Ying Feiling science and technology precedes with its is holding the position that hold the balance in the market. No matter be industrial robot, cooperation robot, automatic,be service robot, intelligent semiconductor is the crucial impetus of function of all and main robot, its are main the function includes to feel measure, security of athletic control, function and security. The drive IC; of the radar of 24GHz of low power comsumption that the pressure sensor; that Ying Feiling includes to be used at diagnosing height for the product that this offers uses at diagnosing distance and speed and high-powered 24GHz radar and drive power parts of an apparatus and help discern the 3D image sensor of object graph. Depend on the opinion of all to robot domain respect, and offerred overall power product and sensor product combination, ying Feiling can help a client answer the newest trend of robot technology, increase value for every robot system.

The Great Master of RoboMaster machine armour that already established 4 years up to now is surpassed by big border innovation is initiated and undertake, it is a robot division that makes for young engineer only achieves platform, those who devote oneself to to breed new era is compound model scientific research talent reachs next generation youth engineers. Sponsor this contest, ying Feiling hopes contest to communicate platform through building global robot athletics, to the world transmission engineer culture, education is mixed disentomb talent of engineer of new generation youth.

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