Use brand-new 8 TinyAVR? MCU increases sensor node function

The handy sex that sexual price compares profit from superhigh and carries out, AVR®Odd a machine (MCU) is used at making all the time tall answer sexual sensor node. Use AVR sheet to rise piece of the application of machine answer ability, microchip Technology Inc. (Company of science and technology of American small core) rolled out two brand-new TinyAVR a few days ago®MCU parts of an apparatus. These new parts of an apparatus or appliance have advanced imitate function not only, still have the oldest memory in this series. These two are function of safety of the buy inside the new parts of an apparatus or appliance that stable operation realizes in severe exacting environment and makes only, the help designs personnel to make dovish and safe system.

Use brand-new 8 TinyAVR? MCU increases sensor node function

ATtiny3217 and ATtiny3216 suit the sensor application that is used at including capacitance to feel an interface inside very much, the two modulus converter of the buy inside its (ADC) has a lot of profit, let a system finish other imitate to measure at the same time in executive feeling pilot for example. An ADC can combine peripheral to feel controller (PTC) is used at collecting feeling signal, in the meantime, another ADC can monitor temperature sensor or pressure sensor the input that wait. Both photograph union can be used at raising the sampling rate of different type sensor. The other dominant position of ATtiny3217 and ATtiny3216 MCU includes:

·Raise real time function and accuracy: Double ADC can be used at a variety of imitate signal (like voltage and electric current) synchronous sampling, raise the real time function of whole system and accuracy thereby. In addition, parts of an apparatus provides the incident system that is based on hardware, the communication between peripheral can come true below the case that does not use CPU, reduce delay thereby, ensure the system has faster response speed.

·Dovish and reliable function: Two parts of an apparatus all are deployed inside buy safety function, help design personnel detects and answer power source to change or reduce, include electrify restoration (POR) , but process designing is owed pressure detect (monitor of level of BOD) , tension (VLM) and window watchdog timer (WWDT) .

·Raise the function fighting a confusion of voices below extreme environment and functional sex: Voltage of job of parts of an apparatus is as high as 5V, can work normally below 125°C environment.

·Enhance a function, provide larger space to use program code: Bulk of new parts of an apparatus or appliance is cabinet, take up PCB space is very little, have 32 KB to shine however put, to design personnel to write application program code provides enough space.

Use brand-new 8 TinyAVR? MCU increases sensor node function

The Steve Drehobl of vice president of MCU8 product department of Microchip expresses: We are in “ all the time to roll out new-style AVR MCU ceaseless investment, bring for the market satisfy client demand to be able to simplify again namely the advanced function that develops technological process. Use through be united in wedlock tall answer sexual feeling to pass feeling technology and inside buy safety function, design personnel can be mixed in electric home appliances<gj, car user experience is improved easily in the application such as industrial automation.

ATtiny3217 and ATtiny3216 are the newest parts of an apparatus in the TinyAVR MCU series of Microchip, ATtiny1617 and ATtiny817 still include in this series parts of an apparatus, they are enclosed not only cabinet, and be mixed in efficiency of function, power used sexual respect easily to undertake optimizing.

Use brand-new 8 TinyAVR? MCU increases sensor node function

Develop a tool

Parts of an apparatus of series of all TinyAVR MCU all suffers environment of compositive development of Atmel Studio 7 (IDE) and configuration of Atmel START code implement support. Evaluate to go to the lavatory, ATtiny3217 Xplained Pro evaluates kit to also be offerred along with all the others.

Offer money

ATtiny3217 and ATtiny3216 already all began to offer print and devoted quantity to produce (10000) , ATtiny3217 Xplained Pro evaluates kit (ATTINY3217-XPRO) already also appeared on the market.

If need to know detailed information, contact Microchip please the sale is represented or global accredit cent sells business, also can visit Microchip website. If need to buy the product that alludes in article, what visit Microchip please is all-around service channel MicrochipDIRECT, the accredit cent that also can contact Microchip sells a partner.

Microchip Technology Inc. Brief introduction

Microchip Technology Inc. (Na Sida overcomes stock market code name: MCHP) is the integrated sheet with banner whole world piece parts of an apparatus of machine, mixture signal, imitate and show the supplier that puts patent solution, for the whole world the consumes kind of product to offer low risk product development of thousands of, lower system totle drilling cost is mixed faster appear on the market time. Microchip headquarters is located in American Arizona city Chandler city, offer outstanding technical support, reliable product and outstanding quality.


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